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Fifa Mobile Launch

“wOO HOO !!!!, It’s the second consecutive goal by Messi, he is on fire today”, no more waiting to hear these stunning commentary lines after hitting a goal against your rival teams.

This coming 22nd September, EA Sports is about to launch their new Fifa edition i.e. FIFA Mobile for the mobile devices and with their main aim to deliver the real football experience to fans of the game.
By interpreting the wave of smartphone users in the market EA sports will try to attract the millions of game lover through this new edition. The game is designed with the new features of gaming console.
EA sports have enabled the players with the energy meters in the game just like that use to be in the Play station & X-Box 360, the gaming console is designed in the flexible manner that keeps on changing with respect to the player condition i.e. with or without the ball.
The one thing that EA sports has really improved in this version is, now the user can give the manual celebration gestures to the player, that will allow you to make your players do roll overs on your fingers.
FIFA mobiles is based on the concept of the last version “The Ultimate Team”’ and the console is based on the virtual D-pad concept, usually used for smart phones.
So just get ready to feel the new FIFA fever from 22nd September and for ‘Free’.
“Yes, this is going to be a free to play app”

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