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Just hear what you actually want to hear!

Yup! The above written statement is really true and it doesn’t mean just to play a particular sound or a song to distract your self from out side world’s noise but it means to hear that outside world’s noise in the way, you actually want to hear.

Now its on you to manage the pitch, bass, or the loudness of the sound around you, either it’s the high pitch sound of the honking horns, crying babies or the bass boosters in the live music concerts, the control is now in your hands.  

What? You don’t believe it, actually its “Dopplers Lab”, who is really close to change the whole concept of listening by their upcoming product. The company is about to launch a pair of small ear buds that will gives you a unique experience of listening in your own way.
This product is named as “Here Active Listening”, it is just like fixing a ‘Mini Robot’ in your ears that will listen the out side sounds, converts them into your preferred way, and then passes to your ears.  

Here Active Listening is featured to entice you with perfect sound, the volume can be controlled to the level we want to hear, the frequency of the sound can be managed through the equalizer just like we do in our music systems but, this time its really going to be cool, to change the frequencies of the live sounds and hearing them without any time delay.
Well these buds are synced with smartphone application through Bluetooth connectivity and will be controlled by the users very easily.

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