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Why Mobile App is Better Than Mobile Website

A great number of audiences are of the view that if you have a mobile website you don’t need a mobile app for your business. Some people feel that it is utterly important to have a mobile app and a mobile website.
The fact remains that in today’s world where 80% of people have smart phones and you need mobile apps to satisfy your customers.
What is a Mobile website?
Mobile website is a website which fits and runs smoothly on different devices. Mobile callers should be able to access most of the content one have on their full website, but in a way that is advanced for smaller screens.
Why choose Mobile App over Mobile Website?
There are many things that mobile apps can do but websites can’t, like push notifications and offline access. Mobile App development is the new upcoming business and with latest technology used, users get the best in return. Let’s look at the list of advantages it has to offer.
Push notifications – One can easily send text messages to their subscribers
Offline access – One can read articles, listen to podcasts, or browse a product catalog while on an airplane.
Great performance – it is observed that any mobile app nicely built provides greater performance in comparison to the mobile website.
Less cluttered – this bank on the website design, but apps contribute to have fewer stuff
Get on the app stores – it’s additional way to get forward and represent to your customers, you can also get a button on consumer’s home screen.

By looking at all the above advantages that a Mobile App has to offer, we advise you to opt for a mobile app.

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