2d Animation Services, 3d Animation

Animation is the swift presentation of a series of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions. It is an effect of visual delusion of movement founded because of the observable fact of persistence of idea.


Our objective has been to produce and foster a society of brilliant animation artists. Via the essentials of customary animation and the accessibility of fresh advances in technology, Universal has melded classical techniques and high tech computer power to create a wide choice in visual styles and imagery.


We provide services in 2D/3D Animation in:

Children Rhymes and Cartoon Character animation
Animated visualization for advertisement
Character Animation
Object Animation
2D Graphic Animation

We are pioneers in creating animated videos, story boards, logo and Character design and much more related to field of animations. We deliver designs and concepts that simply did not exist before.


Whether it’s creating an animated character, 3-D virtual prototypes to pre-sell items before they are manufactured, or integrating computer animations into your training materials to speed comprehension, we can help you communicate more effectively.


Why choose us

Because our passion is to provide innovative, highly functional, appealing mobile applications and websites.

Customer Centric

We go by the fact that if our customers are growing then even we are growing.

Value based System & Process

All our approaches, methodologies, systems and process are completely based on values.

Innovative Approach

We have a very creative and innovative approach in what we do and how we do.

Project Management

All the projects are managed properly with the help of personnel who keep a close eye.