We observe, analyse and build
the perfect App Strategy for you


“An app without a strategy is on a journey unknown!”

Apps simply don’t take the market by the storm, in fact, some may, but you don’t always know the whole story behind them. It doesn’t work like Abracadabra and woosh – success! Your apps need a solid strategy to tackle the pitfalls along the way. Apptunix isn’t just a mobile-app development company, but the ‘caretaker’ of your app throughout its lifecycle. Our top-line team of expert marketing strategists knows what it takes for an app to get noticed and create a buzz! By getting a gist of your business, we create an app plan covering every aspect of your app for its purpose, Web & Graphics Design, to features and functionality. That’s how we make sure you get full value for your money.

Business Analysis: “Where you stand and where we can take you”

App Strategy

App strategy gets underway with a thoroughgoing business analysis. How your business has fared so far in its respective market, and pointing out key areas of weaknesses and improvements is one. We perform SWOT analysis and try to understand your current business scenario. As we get more and more detail about your business model, a rough sketch of the mobile app is designed simultaneously. We also take into consideration the needs and preferences of your target audience. Never short of ideas, we’ll keep suggesting features and technologies that offer an advantage to your business. Once we’re in agreement, a prototype of the app could be finalized. Our aim would always be to satisfy your organizational goals in the best possible manner.

Development – “Here starts the magic work”


The development phase is all about putting the pieces together for a bigger picture. At this stage, we’ll learn about your platform choice. Mostly iOS and Android apps are the first choices. But if you’re in the mood for a responsive web-app, that’s no problem either. The development phase can now start to take shape. Questions such as how you wish your app to perform, what the interface should look like are addressed. Based on this much information, our development team will set about their work. Pixel by pixel and code by code your app will start to take its final shape. But we won’t leave you at that. We want to see you dominate your competition and for that, we’ll always keep you updated with latest developments in your app!

Brand and Design: “Time to add a bit a spark now”


Branding sets your business apart from the others. So as part of your app strategy, we lay huge emphasis on giving your business a unique identity. Having a brand that your audience could recognize you with will serve your long-term business goals. We’ll take care of that for you. Your app would be designed in such a way that it’ll act as the perfect embodiment of your business. Stunning UI/UX coupled with ease of navigation will give your app a glorious look. A brand that’s unique and design acts as the trademark of your business. Thank us after we’ve taken your app to the heights that you only saw touching in your fancies.

Marketing: “Getting your App noticed”


You can’t just make an app and expect people to be following it without doing a thing. The modern world feeds on the information through means of digital media. Launching your app in the market by creating a buzz is a challenging task. We’ll be glad to lend a helping hand here as well. Our marketing strategists would use all the tools and tactics at their disposal and give your app a rapturous opening. By analyzing your target audience and the prevailing competition our team would give a direction to your marketing efforts. In this way, we don’t just make an app, we make them be noticed and become the talk of the town!

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