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Social Media Apps Getting Banned In India – An Opportunity In Disguise?

4221 Views | 1 min | Published On: May 26, 2021 Last Updated: September 15, 2022
social media apps ban

After the release of new rules and policies, social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are getting banned in India with complete reasons and details. The announcement of Intermediary Guidelines regarding the social media platforms requested these apps to follow the guidelines.

This unexpected ban over social media apps has given a thought to what if we do not have to depend on over-the-edge policies and opt for social media app development of our own. These apps should be made keeping the general policies in mind, hence the functioning should be easy. 

Let us first learn why these apps are getting banned and which strategies you should consider while getting a social media app developed of your own.

Why Are These Social Media Apps Getting Banned?

You must be wondering why these social media apps are getting banned in India. Well, here is the answer – the Indian Government released stronger policies for big social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. 

India issued Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code Rules, 2021, instructing these platforms to delete any information reported by authorities, deploy an official in the nation to establish a complaint redressal process, resident grievance officer and nodal contact person.

This was not an easy task, which is why the Indian government gave 3 months to follow these policies. These guidelines are to be in effect from 26th May 2021 and the social media platforms which have not yet complied with the policies are facing the ban. 

Following the guidelines, the Indian app Koo has taken the necessary steps and complied with the instructions. American social media organizations like Facebook and Twitter have requested a six-month extension while waiting for instructions from their US headquarters.

Facebook Ban

According to reports, if Facebook does not comply with the policies by May 26, it may lose its intermediary’s status and protection. The Indian government can also take criminal actions against Facebook according to the law and order of India.

It has been out that Facebook aims to comply with the recent IT policies and they need collaboration and support from the Indian Government. Facebook has asked to extend the deadline to 6 months as they are waiting for their US headquarters to respond.

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social media app CTA

Twitter Ban

Celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other influential members of society use Twitter the most. Twitter, like Facebook and Instagram, has been asked to comply with new policies. According to sources, Twitter has not revealed any information about compliance with the new IT regulations. This might be the cause for a Twitter ban in India shortly.

Twitter was mainly used as a news sharing platform where people post their problems as a tweet and others retweet the post to let the authorities know. If Twitter gets banned, this will result in a revolution for news sharing platforms.

Instagram Ban

The majority of the population is confused if Instagram will get banned or not. Instagram is owned by Facebook and both these apps have not presented their compliance with the new IT policies. Hence, there is no doubt that Instagram will technically get banned in India.

If we look on the brighter side, this is a great opportunity for many people. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are leading the social media app market. If these apps get banned, there is a possibility that their replacements will be in demand. It is a great opportunity if you are planning to get a social media app developed. 

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Strategies To Make Your Social Media App Successful

There are a lot of social media apps in the market upgrading their functionalities and services every day. While the majority of individuals are committed users of these well-known social media applications, this does not rule out the possibility of a new inventive app gaining traction. Some of the factors you should consider while making your app successful are – 

  • Unique Purpose: If you look closely at the popular social media apps, they all have a unique purpose. For example, Instagram is for sharing photos, LinkedIn is for career opportunities, etc. Hence, your social media app should have a unique purpose so that it can gain traction.
  • Easy Communication: The main usage of social media apps is because helps to connect with other people. When consumers seek a new social media app, they opt for one that allows them to communicate. 
  • Sharing With Other Platforms: In today’s world, when there are several applications and users have profiles on the majority of them, the ability to share material from one platform to another is critical. People would want to publish their Instagram photos or YouTube videos on Twitter. It simplifies their lives and assists them in gaining popularity.
  • Changing With The Times: Users’ needs and tastes vary as the times change, as do the technology. The social media app you create should be able to adapt to changes and expand over time. Take a look at Facebook to realise how critical this is for business success.
    Facebook has remained popular because it is constantly updating its look, functionalities, and features to keep up with current trends.


With the social media apps getting banned in India concerning the new Intermediary Guidelines, it has created a lot of doubt among the population. You must use this opportunity to get a social media app developed of your own.

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