With iOS 10 Build More Powerful Apps

Recently held WWDC 2016 in California had some big announcements to make this time. In this event, the announcements included renaming OS X to macOS, is the new version’s name is Sierra and several updates to iOS 10, watchOS 3, and tvOS 10.

It is said that iOS 10 is the biggest release of Apple till now and has a lot of amazing features with Message and incredible designs for Photos, Maps and Apple Music.

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The new update of iOS has been crucially beneficial for developers and designers. Some of the updates are:

­Various apps can be integrated with Siri allowing people to use their voice to perform different actions. Siri can perform the function of initiating a call and to search call history; send and read received texts; send payments; manage photos; book rides and check its status; manage workout. For the automotive apps which are integrated CarPlay – users can ask siri to perform actions such as change the audio source, defroster settings, climate, seat temperature, and radio station.

­Now users can add widgets (which they like) to Search Screen which can be easily accessible by swiping Home and Lock Screen right. Widgets are extensions which offer functionality related to an app and saves time by providing useful information readily available. By Using 3D Touch when a user applies pressure on app icon of Home Screen the Widgets appear over the quick action list. For making tasks simple to perform and to get quick brief updates, users use widgets. The amount of interactivity for a widget is very crucial.

­The user can share app related content via messages with other users by integrating an app with messages through the implementation of a messaging extension. text, photos, videos, stickers etc can be shared via the app. The content that is shared with all the users of the conversation is visible to them despite the fact that they have the app which has the extension.

­Even if the device is locked or is in use users can have access to notifications and important information regarding apps. An expanded detail view of notifications is also available for users which can be used when users use 3D Touch to press notifications or notification is swiped down when the device is unlocked.

­An added facet has been added to the touch-based interaction with the help of 3D touch. Users can get access to the various add-on functionality by putting on the pressure at various levels of touchscreens.

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Time To Wipe Out Siri – Viv is Here

A good news people who love technology – after Siri now co – founders Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer, who are the essential assistant now built into all of Apple’s iOS devices, are all set to reveal their latest artificial intelligence project – Viv. As the name of the AI bot, is more facilitated than Siri and is able to carry out complicated tasks by imitating the “inclination and awareness base” of a human companion.

Let’s talk about Viv – Via can be used in many ways, for example – One can set up a dinner reservation and purchase movie tickets all based on one query, and if the movie is sold out or a restaurant has no seating available it will let you know beforehand and if we will Complete this same task with Siri it will be requiring different commands and human synergy.

There was a live example given by one of the leading newspapers that Viv team used it to order pizzas from a nearby restaurant, with Viv determine numerous voice-based topping and side dish orders without even opening the app. Viv’s maximum functionality is enabled through association with third party apps like: Uber, Florist One, Seat Guru, ZocDoc, and Grubhub, similar to Amazon’s Alexa. The team is now looking forward for more partners and plans to bring the Viv in more connections with devices like cars and TVs.

Chief executive of Grubhub – Mr. Matt Maloney, said that will is impressed with the idea of Viv that is allowing consumers to perform in different activities without having to toggle between services. According to Kittlaus, the goal of Viv is to offer a way for humans to interact naturally with services through complex human-to-human style conversations.

Big tech giants like Google and Facebook have already made offers to purchase Viv, and there are many Mobile App Development companies which are also seeking but it is not clear if Kittlaus and Cheyer have plans to sell the technology.

The team Viv wants it to be Labs where they want to see the technology built with the wide range of devices, and as said by Kittlaus the company will “pick the path that gets us there.”

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