Firebase for Startups-The Goods vs the Bad

Published In : Technology February 7, 2019

Tech world today is filled with a huge variety of server-side technologies; mobile solution developers have a tough time zeroing down the most suitable back-end for their application.

We are trying to make your work a little easy by exploring one of the fiercest choice that has become the talk of the tech world within no time, Firebase 🔥. Furthermore, we will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages it brings along with it.

What is Firebase?

Around a decade back, when Firebase was not Firebase it was known by the name of a startup called Envolve. The startup was all about providing the developers API’s which enabled the integration of an online chat setup into their website. The tech geeks started using Envolve for much more than its basic functionality, that was to pass app data which was a lot more than just chat messages, they used the product to sync app data such as a state of a game across its users in real-time.

State Of Firebase

Seeing the hype, James Tamplin and Andrew Lee, the founders of Envolve separated the two uses of the app i.e. the chat system and the real-time architecture. In April 2012, Firebase was made as a separate identity which just provided backed as a Service with a real-time functionality.

Google acquired Firebase in 2014, this helped the product to rapidly evolve into a versatile behemoth of the web and web platform that it is today. This acquisition helped the developers to make a connect with the key cloud tools such as a storage or database through a bunch of software development kits (SDKs). With this, it has added on refined functionality like monitoring in order to fix the performance issues and get access to analytics in order to see the user engagement, among all the other things.

Firebase Apps

While Google boasts 1.6 million apps monthly running purely on Firebase, the company is rigorously working on making every developer using the solution a smoother one.

The Why & Why Not’s For using Firebase

Just like anything else Firebase comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, let’s discuss them in detail, let’s start with the great features.

Real-time Database

Isn’t this awesome, yes it is. With some scrutinization and some data binding spells developers can connect their views with the data and  wizardry change when the information/data changes. This functionality is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database which lets the developers sync and store between the usages in real-time. Firebase database uses a single API to provide your application with the present data value as well as any updates that happen within the data. This real-time syncing helps the users to access the data anywhere and from any device, be it be mobile or the web, it allows the users to collaborate with each other all in the real-time.

Firebase Database

The cherry on the cake is that real-time database ships easily with the web and mobile SDKs, thereby allowing the developers to make the apps without any specific servers. This way even when the app users go offline, this functionality lets you use the device to serve and store all the changes. And when the devices are back online, the information is synchronized automatically.

Static hosting on steroids

The solution gives its developers a free CDN and SSL hosting- all this running on the Google Cloud Platform. This leads to zero problem(s) when it comes to serving the files to numerous users across the globe.

So, if you are looking for a zero-configuration hosting for the next single-page app or a static website invests in Firebase, it will work great even if you don’t make use of any other Google service.

Auto-magical Scaling

Firebase is efficient enough to do scaling with the help of its Real-time Database feature, but things may go haywire once your app starts getting popular among the users or in case your database becomes huge.

Cloud Firestore is based on Google Cloud infrastructure, this lets it to scale out a lot more with all ease and to a much bigger capacity as compared to Real-time Database.

Some More Super-Powers

Firebase has a big bag full of more services and SDK’s which are not only very easy to integrate but also make the whole development process a cake-walk and smooth, some of them are-

Some Firebase features which may be good, but not that good

The Console

The Firebase console lets the developers do a lot of things, but it has its own flaws. The database manager is basically an elevated JSON editor; it does some great work but it is not a completely seasoned solution which the crowd was hoping it to be. This will be a great toy to play with for folks from Mongotron, WorkBench, Postico or PHPMyAdmin.

The console also lacks analytics or detailed logs, this is so unlike data-obsessed-Google’s product feature. So, unless you implement a functionality in the app, there is no way through which you can know the number of times a file was downloaded from the storage.

Defining security rules

The Google solution uses a JSON file with a JavaScript code in a string(s) when it comes to defining rules over storage and database.

This may sound little problematic but since you can use other exterior solutions like Bolt this process becomes little easy. But working with Bolt is easy till a few rules after that it becomes unattainable.

To keep your sanity intact while development you can use services like Graph Cool, Dream Factory, etc. for an efficient working in this case

Can We Develop Locally? NO

If you have poor connectivity every now and then or if you travel and work Firebase is not for you as it can’t work with a local installation. You cannot just open Node or Docker  and start working on your API.

Firebase’s few completely No-No pointers…

Limited JavaScript SDK

Firebase has a few features which can only be implemented in iOS and Android SDKs.
The strongest one of the lot is the lack of offline commitment while working with JavaScript. All the React Native, the web or hybrid app solution will keep on working even if the gadget goes offline for some moments. But just when you close the tab or the app, the data will be unavailable. It’s the developers call if they want to carry on a cache with all persistency. This is really important concern, especially in case on the mobile.

The JavaScript SDK has no way to cache the data(unsure about Android or iOS). With Firebase if you upload the data /products and then everytime you want to make a change you have to reload it except for times when developers manually keep connection running in the background.

It isn’t very hard to implement this, but can’t the Google peeps give us a magical way out to do this?

Querying Data? No Way!!

The Firebase system just allows you do just a little filtering and some pagination and nothing more. This is very unusual that Google is providing the world a data service but without any filtering or searching possibilities.

If developers want to execute any search functionality, they’ll have to download all the existing data and further use a server(like I wrote above) or effectively carry out the process using a third-party service like Elastic.

Data modelling? Please improve it Firebase

One big JSON file, that’s what a Firebase Database exactly is. Developers have no way out in case they want to mention one to many or many to many more connections. This is let them just duplicate the data over and over again every now and then.

Doesn’t sound that bad, after all its all about putting the name of the app user in the chat message. Right?

The real problem arises when you have to edit a given name since developers have to modify the name from all the places its been used and not just in /users.

And telling the app users that they can’t change their names doesn’t sound good, therefore:

  • The client code for writing and editing data to Firebase will be like a messy salad.

  • Documenting the complete information about where all the data has been duplicated will be pretty difficult.

Several NoSQL databases like RethinkDB or MongoDB have answers to this problem, It should not be grueling for Google to find one for Firebase also.

Concluding note

Market share of Firebase

With all this being said, Firebase is a powerful tool especially for small organisations and individuals who are not very experienced when it comes to developing back-end of an app.  Firebase has its fair share of disadvantages also, but they can be overcome with a little tweak or help from external sources. What’s your take on Firebase? Let us know in the comments below.


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How To Take Control And Excel As A Startup Entrepreneur

Published In : iOS September 1, 2017

In the recent past, we’ve seen a sudden increase in the number of entrepreneurs. The fact that many people are preferring to put their ideas to work is an encouraging one. But there’s a harsh truth that goes along with that – 9 out of every 10 end up in failure.

Starting a business is not easy. There’s no magic trick to make it succeed. Most businesses fail due to the negative cash flow. But there are obviously a lot of things such as incompatible business model, poor management, and inferior product/service quality that add up before you reach the final precipice.

Therefore, it’s important to keep a close check on minor details right from the word go. Learn what are the common culprits that can deal a serious blow to your ambitious startup hopes:

1. Solve Some Problem:

No idea could ever be big enough if it isn’t fulfilling any purpose. You need to be solving some kind of a problem. If you’re not solving anyone’s problem, no one will hear about you or take interest in your service. It’s just as simple as that.

But even if you are solving some problem, ensure that its solution is a good one. Every business has a certain kind of USP to lure customers in. The USP could be anything from cheaper prices, quality solutions, swift product completion or as something as simple as active customer support.

2. Makeup of Chieftains

Your co founders are obviously going to be the most crucial people for your business. There’s always a debate about how many are too many? Ideally, you want to have 2-4. Any more would just create trouble. There would be disputes, arguments and a number of times you’d find yourself in the middle of a situation where decisions making would be hampered by lack of agreement.

For the same reason, irrespective of the number, the co-founders should be able to get along with each other alright. If they know each other for a very long time or happen to be college-buddies, then even better. That way there’s lesser risk of disagreements and most obstacles can be easily tackled with a collective effort of all.

3. Hobby vs Profession

Start making money as opposed to funding money. Business can’t survive if it isn’t making money. A lot of people think they can turn their hobby into a self-styled profession, but not many of these ventures go on to be really successful.

Business is about earning more than what you’re spending. It’s pretty clear if you’re not making any revenues, your biz won’t be around for a very long time. You like to call it a biz, but in reality it’s more or less just a pastime.

4. Spend Wisely

Don’t rely too heavily on funding. What happens with a number of startups is they initially succeed in generating huge amount of funds. But once they have the funds, they end up spending most of it on irrelevant and unimportant things.

Think of things like fancy office apartment, and a portion may be to fulfill some personal wishes – That can prove to be a fatal mistake very early on in the startup’s run. Color’s failure is the best example in modern times.

You don’t want to be doing that. Look to spend your funds as judiciously as possible. Make the best of the resources you’ve got in your hands.

5. Know Where You’re Headed:

Since the very early days, you’ve got to be really certain about where you’re headed. Many startups end up pursuing an altogether different path from the one they embarked on initially.

It could be because of a change of interest or a realization of better gains in a different field. As long as the route somehow takes you back to your core business’ purpose, everything is fine. The reasons are that business should first be allowed to mature.

We haven’t heard of an entrepreneur that just wakes up one day and sets up a business. There’s a great deal of thought-process, planning, money and effort that goes into any startup.

The pre-planning is actually a huge time-investment for any entrepreneur. So take all the time you need before kicking things in motion. Diversion should only be considered in very exceptional cases.

6. Build Process and Systems

Process and systems are the frameworks within which everything happens. You want to make sure that your framework is a sturdy and workable one.

A process that defines the flow of work and everyone’s responsibilities is a bare minimum. Your aim should be to continually improve it and go from strength to strength and make things more fluid and streamlined.

7. Success Doesn’t Come Guaranteed

As mentioned earlier, there’s no guarantee of success whatever your endeavor. You can only do so much to make you business a success. But the harsh reality is about 90% of startups eventually fail.

Still, that stat hasn’t discouraged any budding entrepreneurs from pursuing their goals. Most successful entrepreneurs swear by how much focus is essential for any startup. So focus, spend long hours studying the market trends, identifying problems and devising simple solutions is the way to go!

In the end, as is with the failure, success is a mix of many components. It happens when all those components come together. They could be the timing, the mood of the customers, or your solution itself. Be sure to get everything right to stand the best chance of success.

If you think we’ve missed out any significant point, please let us know in the comment section below:


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How To Master The Art Of Running a Startup

Published In : Android August 1, 2017

Running a startup is a challenging task. From setting up milestones, meeting tricky deadlines, understanding the market shift, to keeping a check on your competitor’s moves, a startup just has too much on its plate.

No wonder, the stats coming out of the startup arena don’t really inspire confidence. Almost 90% of the startups fail. But at the same time, one has to acknowledge the fact that most of the billion-dollar multinationals in the Silicon Valley once began as startups.

It clearly indicates that although running a startup is no walk in the park, there is a success to be had if you get your act right.

So what does it take to keep your startup going in the right direction and overcome the bumps and slides that come along the way? Following points should be of help if you’re running a startup and need some guidance:

Never Let The Goal Off Your Sight

As a startup, nobody is really expecting anything extraordinary out of you. Instead of assuming a relaxed approach, go for a proactive one. Take this as an opportunity to shine and make a name for yourself.

In a startup world, the challenges you encounter prove to be like nothing of the sort you’ve experienced before. So it’s important you keep a watchful eye on the goal you’re working towards. Believe strongly that you’ll achieve it sooner or later.

Given you’re a beginner, there’ll be plenty to learn from people around you. There’s no point in staying aloof and self-centered. From time to time, take note of how your competitors are performing and what’s their modus operandi to get things done. This way your rivals can act as a source of inspiration for you.

Nothing Strange In Working Overtime

As mentioned earlier, life as a startup is really a hectic one. There’s always a huge backlog of tasks piling up and you consistently find yourself running a race against time Even working overtime or on weekends doesn’t prove enough.

But that’s the startup world for you. You have to accept it and keep the energy levels up as much as possible.Time-utilization becomes quite crucial. Mulling over a task for too long isn’t an option. Since there are always tasks to take care of, spend time on those that can be best handled in a given time-period.

You’re Busy – No Shame Admitting That

It’s easy to forget about your commitments to family and friends when you’re so absorbed in taking care of the startup affairs. Irrespective of the nature of your loved one towards your newfound endeavors, it’s best to communicate your situation to them as soon as possible.

You won’t want the people closest to you beginning to believe that they don’t have a place in your world now. Often in tough circumstances, these are the people we look towards for motivation and support. It’s best to convey your work-schedule to them. That way they’ll know when to reach without disturbing you.

Talk Things Out


Plans, requirements, deadlines, and estimations can change within a short span of time. To ensure that everyone is abreast to the latest info, communicate it often. However, avoid those long and dull discussions where there’s a lot of talking around the bush but no attempt to address the nub of the issues.

In an ideal world, you’d always have someone taking care of a job. But the startup is far from an ideal world. You can’t expect things to work out on their own. If you’re unsure about a task’s status, learn to ring the alarm bells and ask around if anyone is taking care of it. Don’t expect things to work out on their own.

Initiative – A Must Have Quality

When you’re in a startup, one thing that’s got to come naturally to you is the ability to take initiatives. As startups are still trying to figure out the best methods that work for them, it’s a good idea to always be trying and testing things out.

You’d be amazed how this sort of attitude can rub off on your colleagues.These are the values that once instilled in your workspace can go on to define the nature of your company as it starts to mature and gains recognition.

Know When To Stop And Relax

break from work

At last, learn to draw a breath of relief when you’ve given everything on the field. From time to time you need to sit down and see where you’re headed. Depending on your progress, revise or follow the plan in motion.

If everything is going as planned, you could hang out with your friends and family whom your busy schedule hasn’t allowed to catch up with. Once you’ve recuperated your strength and got the batteries recharged, it’s time to take another dig and pursue your goals.
The startup journey is always a tricky one. You’re never quite sure what will work out of a given course of action. But if the mindset is right, things tend to work out in your favor more often than not.

Following the aforementioned tips is sure to help any startup stuck in the quagmire of uncertainty and workload achieve stability and get back on track.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Smart Tips To Raise Capital For Enterprise

Published In : Technology October 24, 2016

Raising capital has always been a challenge for enterprises and more so for startups! You want to approach investors? But don’t know how to reach out to them? Do you need certain as death and taxes, capital raising game plan?This blog is going to offer you some of the coolest and tested tips about raising capital!Unbelievable… Right?


Get amazed by just spending 5 crucial minutes of yours and know even the tiniest of details about Capital Raising. Still, in doubt why should you believe us? We are APPTUNIX, we are known to explore the deepest, buried and darkest of secrets and present it to our audiences. Capital Raising has always been considered as a fundamental act for enterprises.Most of the time, efforts, and energy of the startup owner is spent on building strategies that will gain traction and attract funds.I know… Right?


Various processes are also evolved with a view to get funds from venture capitalists, angel investors and by attending conferences (for the sake of impressing important people to join their enterprises as investors).


Apptunix, a smart iphone app development company knows how important it is to raise capital for your project.With a belief to procure some capital in their hands, these entrepreneur spend countless hours pondering how to refine their models of business.The startups need empowerment to reform their game/business plans, build strategies and intentions to move ahead with the right attitude in the market.


A structured approach is also called for to help them spot their prospects and potential investors – the ones who are in search of ventures, which are worthy of their investments. Here are some steps to ace your strategy for young entrepreneurs seeking capital acq uisition.


An Idea Is Not Enough, Dig Deep!


Merely having an idea is not going to make funds fly to you. The deeper you dig your idea the better it is going to be for you. Food for thought – always break your idea in small bits and parts so that you could engineer the uniqueness of it.You have to be on the ball about the solution you are bringing to the problems.


It is very important to identify the USP of your idea and how does it make you stand out from the crowd.You will have to find out what is your ‘Most Unique Feature’ that helps you stand out from others.Apptunix, best Mobile application development company can assist you in doing all the extra homework required for you to dig deep.


A Prototype That Catches An Eye!


After identifying the ‘X Factor’ of your idea, now it’s your turn to build a prototype to grab the attention of your potential investors.This doesn’t mean that you splurge your money and make a final product out of your idea.Just a Minimum Viable Product with functionality detailing its use would do. A piece of advice – investors always appreciate things that are tangible as it gives them a fair understanding of the product and its functionality.


So putting together your ideas on a desk, photoshop or by wire-framing on paper will make you take the first step on the ladder to impress your investor.The developers are no longer tech savvy nerds sitting in their basement and coding.Many iOS developers now build MVP which clearly explains the features of your future product.

The Verdict of Your Loyal Ones!


Your audiences have been your biggest critic as they will give you their unbiased thoughts. Approach some of your loyal customers and users to get their opinion about the new prototype.It is very important to examine their reaction and also to know if they’d like to use your product or not.Our smart strategy as being world class android app development company is that we always take our users’ feedback seriously.


Gaining Traction!

Spreading the word out to the world about your product is the next big challenge.

Being fully prepared to win the battle and making sure that all the weapons are in your arsenal is a must.We are the leading mobile application development company, and we have promoted Apptunix with the help of various social media platforms.Shouting out loud about your product on various social media domains, by press releases or even by blogs, you can help your startup or product amongst the ‘most talked about topics’. A good chunk of users making a worthy customer base for your product is what you need at this point.


Unfortunately if even after putting in so much of efforts you fail to get potential users then you would have to walk the road of “reassessing – redefining- recreating and restarting” again.


Monetizing Strategies!

Monetizing Strategie

At this point of time, you are confident about your product has legs of its own and also that it has managed to walk a mile or two and attract a good chunk of customers on the shoulders of its uniqueness and convenience.This is that stage where you have to move your idea along the continuum for it to now establish itself into a business.

It is also about time, to figure out different categories of your stakeholders.Monetizing your idea by considering various parameters and to negotiate your way through different hindrances in order to make profit is how you are going to roll your ball.

Prepare An Elevator Pitch!

Elevator Pitch

Herein you have to prepare a simple pitch touching on points like – product description, product features, the result obtained by the market research, traction levels, size of your market and about your team – as investors are going to buy your concept only if they bestow their trust on you.If you’d touch them at personal level mentioning about your team – they will feel they know you, trust you and will be easier for them to invest their money on you.


Finding your Funds!

Finding Funds

Look out for investors in the incubation center of universities, on angel investors networks, linkedIn, by attending seminars/conferences or by simpling joining an accelerator programme.Nowadays many Mobile App Development Company are doing very well in finding their angel investors and building top-notch mobile apps.

Delivering Your Pitch!

mobile app development company

Getting money from someone else’s pocket is not a cake walk.Trust plays a vital role in convincing investors to believe in your idea and put their money in it.This is the phase where you have to act all smart.When you are finally in front of the investors, try to showcase your thoughtfulness, intelligence, and diligence to gauge trust of your investor.Be prepared with the possible questions that investors may ask and with solid answers.


Equal efforts need to be done on the product.Keep on improvising and refining your product, because if your product looks good, so does your speech, so does your idea and so do you.These are the major steps that a startup can follow to raise capital for your product. In this whole approach, an entrepreneurs has to have a lion-heart, if he fails once, he should not give up.The motto is – if you have fallen down, get up, wipe the dust off and walk again. These are just tried and tested methodologies which can be of immense importance and a great guideline for young minds!

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