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The Amazeballs – iPhone 7 and Plus Taking a Million of Breaths Away  

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4437 Views | 7 min | Published On: September 9, 2016 Last Updated: November 13, 2019
iphone 7 plus review

The big announcement about the launch of iPhone7 and 7 plus is a big sensation and is blowing away minds of users with its new, improved and enhanced features. With the motto of “Another Year – Another iPhone” Apple Inc, has left no stone unturned in making this wait worthy. This year’s handset is pretty remarkable and with its super amazing features it is practically impossible for users to turn their eyes away from this ultra sleek beauty.

The launch has pulled the interests of half of the world. Following its conventional approach of releasing two models, this year Apple has come up with some bold changes whereas some of the tweaks were quite foreseeable. Let’s take you over the details and features of these two much talked about and awaited handsets.


A Good Design Means a Good Business

As expected, Apple has engendered modifications with the designs of the handsets. Although, it is a known fact that iPhone 6S Plus was considered the best looking phones among the iPhone Family iPhone 7 Plus is fundamentally a slightly enhanced edition of that design. The overall look and feel of the phone is similar with a circular home button in the front and a slim metal.


It still sports a slim metal shell with a circular home button on the front, but the unsightly antenna lines from the 6S Plus are slightly less visible this time, as they run along the top and bottom edges, rather than straight across the back of the phone. iPhone 7 is 4.7-inches and the 7 Plus is 5.5-inches but the striking difference in the newly launched 7 generation and the last one is their finish: a glossy jet black and a matte black, known aptly as ‘black’. Some other tweaks on the back of newly launched generation 7 is a newly redesigned camera near the top. Joining the usual space of colors – Space Gray, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold models, Jet Black has new joined the league.


Apple Broke the Ice – Ditched the  Audio Jack


The new iPhone has a revamped audio feature. This much talked about iPhone comes with dual stereo speakers ditching the 3.5mm audio jack. This handset comes with a high dynamic range and offers volume twice than the previous phones. This year Apple, was pretty clear with their vision regarding wireless audio experiences of their users.

Iphone 7 airpods

Similar to Samsung’s Gear Icon X, Apple Inc has introduced true wireless earphones – AirPods. With Apple-designed W1 chip, AirPods are tailored and delivered to deliver wireless audio experience. Compatibility of AirPods are with Apple Watch and iPhone 7-series smartphones. This change doesn’t bring an end to using costly wired headphones – Apple is rolling in an adaptor which attaches to the lightning port – the usual spot from where you charge your phone so that you can use it uninterruptedly.


This wireless audio feature AirPod use infra-red technology to sense when they are in a user’s ears. If you remove one of the AirPods, it will automatically pause your current number and if you double tap one of the pairs it’s in your ear it will connect you with Siri, digital assistant of iPhone. The sound quality delivered by AirPods is commendable and you won’t hear any surrounding sound once they are in your ears.


With a single charge, each pod lasts five hours and they can be charged by plugging them into a small white carry case. This small white case in turn is charged via lightning connector. Apple will also give an adaptor that allows traditional headphones to slot into the iPhone, but it will not allow to charge at the same time. The AirPods can also be connected to Apple watches, laptops and iPads and will soon be launched in India.


Home Button has Nailed it

The home button doesn’t need to be clicked. iPhone’s in built Taptic Engine is used for making this non-movable home button. The re-engineering of the new home button is similar to the working features of the older phone but some additional functionality has been added to the top. A user will just have to touch the home button to get access to the wide range of features. Some of the features are – Quick Actions, Messages, Notifications, Ringtones, Apple Pay will work as Touch ID, and the button activate Siri, multitask, work with “Reachability”,  to activate Siri, Multitask and work with “Reachability”.

The Upgraded Camera and Display

The camera in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is totally renovated to increase the low – light capabilities and take more sharper photos. It will be having two cameras with different lenses that will improve the zoom capabilities of camera. The camera will now zoom up to 10 times the native size of the photo. Both the camera will take 12 megapixel photos. Both the lenses will sense the depth and will allow the user to blur the backgrounds in images, mimicking and effect that typically changes the lens in the stand – alone cameras. A 5.5 inch version of the phone has its dual – lens camera.

Iphone 7 Camera 6 Lens use

This dual – len will allow a huge increase in quality while zooming on a photo, a big problem that has troubled Apple for years. The best Things – Now movies will be just like the movies in cinema: With the help of optical image stabilization and the new f/1.8 aperture the videos shot in dark will look remarkable in iPhone 7. The camera with 12 MP will capture the high – resolution video up to 4k. So the best thing is one can easily shoot in the dim light and can capture the epic moments.

Iphone 7 Plus Dual Camera

For Selfie Lovers – 7 MP front – facing camera, what else one will demand more now? This FaceTime HD camera will not only have higher resolution, but will also have wide color capture. No need to worry about lighting – the Retina Flash matched the ,ambient light for a click shot with natural skin tones. Colours that will be available for this smartphone are : Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black and (for just 128GB and 256GB options) Jet Black (New Addition) but wave goodbye to Space Grey.


Double Storage and Improved Battery Life

Talking about the storage capacity, this time Apple has announced that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will have 32 gigabytes, 128 gigabytes or 256 gigabytes options rather than 16 gigabytes as it was before. Now Storage has been doubled, so Apple joins competitors in making the starter models.

Iphone 7 Battery Performance

However, from now the 16GB is no longer available, this means that the option to cheapest model is almost gone now and the phone is more expensive. In the event, Apple didn’t announce the battery capacities of its new launch, but it said that iPhone 7 owners can expect up to  2 additional hours of usage compared with iPhone 6S.


iOS 10

With the launch of iPhone 7, iOS 10 is also ready to be launched which was announced in the event itself. This software will add more intelligence to services like Maps, photos, iPhone keyboard and Siri and the voice – activation digital assistant. It is a new home app to control appliances, this big change for Apple is also opening Siri and its iMessage services to work with apps created by freelance developers.

The iOS 10 also features a redesigned lock screen with a 3D – touch to enable notification that will offer more information with an easier accessible camera and a widescreen.


In iOS 10, Apple’s Quicktype keyboard is way much smarter with contextual predictions and Apples – Pay is available on the web. Game Center has been substantially abolished with many other apps like – Notes, Clock and Phone that has been updated with new features.


Lock Screen Redefined

The Lock Screen is now all new in iOS 10, with the new Widgets side panel, a redesigned control center, renovated notifications and a removal iconic – “Slide to Unlock” Feature. It also has a bright, brittle new look as an incoming notification.

Slide to Unlock – this feature will let the user swipe to access the passcode screen and it has been eliminated and from now onwards the iOS lock screen will instruct the users to “Press home to unlock on the device that has to be unlocked with finger registered to touch ID, to open a device that has been unlocked but still the  Home Screen is not opened.


New Mario Game

Mario in iPhone 7

The best gift for Super Mario Game lover’s, now a new game is added to iOS that is called Super Mario Run. It will be the first iOS game that will be featuring Nintendo’s Mario character. Nintendo has long resisted in bringing Mario to the phone world. Still, the price of the game is under wrap but will be soon launched in holidays.


Performance – Main Speed Ameliorate

According to the iphone App Development Company – iPhone 6 and 6s plus were the fastest smartphones in the market but Apple didn’t stood behind and created  iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus with Apple A10 Fusion chipset: Quad Core CPU, 2GB of RAM. And the biggest news is this that these are the first ever launched phones that are equipped with quad-core processors. Apple claims that both iPhone 7 and 7plus will deliver 40% faster  CPU performance.Adding on: Apple upgraded the 4G modem to support the speed of it up to 450 Mbit.


Apple Pay

Felica, a new addition to Apple Pay, that will be launching in Japan in October with its new wireless technology, that will be the part of iPhones and Apple Watches.


iWork in real time

This software will include word processing, processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs for real-time collaboration. This is already being experimented by Google and Microsoft. Even Though iWork package helps in syncing through iCloud and it’s been the primarily for a person on the document at times. This software is available in iPhones, iPads and Mac computers. Apple has created a remarkable history in the world of gadgets with this unbeatable product.


Water and Dust Resistance

With an IPX67 rating, iPhone 7 is also water-resistant which means that handset can be kept in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. This new generation iPhone 7 is also dust resistant.


40% Faster Processing

In spite of having the considerably high processing power, the iPhone 7’s cores are substantially efficient, as Apple claims that ⅕ of the power of those found in the previous iPhones is used for iPhone 7. This has also given birth to an improved battery life. The new phone brags an Apple-designed performance controller and better graphics performance. Many iPhone App Development Company is now getting motivated to build iPhone 7 compatible Mobile Apps.

Iphone 7 Graphic Performance

The graphics performance of iPhone 7 is 50 perfect faster than a9 and 3 times faster than A8, this is another reason for users who are particularly into mobile editing and playing. Apple claims that iPhone 7’s graphics are 240x faster than the original iPhone.



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