Create Your Own Powerful Job Portal Like CareerBuilder

We Can Build A CareerBuilder Like Solution For Your Business

CareerBuilder is a world-renowned job-portal, operating in the United States. It has a considerable 30% share of the overall market. There’s no reason there are a number of people looking to build similar solutions to cater to the business and job seeker’s requirements. That’s where Apptunix comes in. We have a talented and experienced mobile and web development team that can build an equally powerful and effective solution as the original CareerBuilder. To top that up, our solution would be highly customizable, allowing the client to include/exclude selected features of their choice.

Bridging the gap between the job-seekers and reciter with the power of technology

  • Search/Create Job Posts
  • Cater to the human resource requirements of the enterprises worldwide.
  • Take Your Business Global and Beat Your Competition Like a Pro

Here’s What We Offer

Unlimited Job PostsL

You don’t want a solution that’s limited by the number of job posts. The more job posts, the better your chances of success. That’s why our solution allows for unlimited job posts giving you the best chance for the expansion of your business.


Marketing & SEO

It’s no good having a powerful and potential bearing solution is no one hears about it. That’s why we offer quality Marketing and SEO services to give you the best chance of gaining popularity and go viral in a jiffy.


Advanced Search & Filter Volume

With a huge database, it’s obvious the users will want to filter through the results. With our advanced search functionality, that job will be made a whole lot easier. Find various filter to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Search By Resume

Most of the times a job application just isn’t enough. There’s something needed by the employer to consider the application, that’s where a Resume comes in handy. Our solution allows employers to search by resume.


Rich Text Editor

Many times it’s not the quality of the resume but the style of fonts, their size, and placement that just looks bland from the outset. Our rich text editor will allow users to edit everything to their liking before they proceed further.