Case Study



To save you from the trouble of switching multiple apps and performing operations, we are just a little too smarter to bring to you an “all in one app”, featuring an app that collaborates and communicates wherein user can edit any document, draw and update the necessary changes- that needs to be conveyed, chat with single or multiple user at any point in time, share images, videos or audios, initiate a video or conference call and what not!

The idea was conceived by Onepgr Inc.The engineering professionals from Cisco-WebEx, SIebel, Microsoft and Apptunix with their perfect blend of expertise by handpicked developers and designers made it possible to develop an app, that helps in bring pace, simplicity, whim, and effectiveness of short, “hallway conversations” to online interactions by providing an instant-on, always available context for the conversation.

The Partnership:

OnePgr team started looking for the right development partner. Having strong background in engineering, OnePgr team had a high bar in prospecting its vendors. After shortlisting many vendors and holding in-depth interviews, Onepgr team decided to work with Apptunix.


“OnePgr” is a single page app that brings together various communication tools and a persistent context including documents, user list and presence information, chat messages, and comments. It involves real-time interactions, audio and video-conferencing, live chat, notifications, as well as integrations into popular social networks.Apptunix having powerful stage in engineering and development, OnePgr team had towering bar in scouting its purveyor.

After short listing a number of contenders and holding through interviews, Onepgr team decided to work with Apptunix – we managed to impress onepgr company with our expertise and dedication to work hard.

The application had to work flawlessly on a broad array targeting iOS and Android devices. Driving the app from creating a page to starting a call to invite a user to post the Onepgr on social media sites and sorting complex technologies such as audio- and video-conferencing. A general sketch of web app of the company one pgr was more than enough for the Apptunix team to get the specifications for the development and functionality of OnePgr mobile app. After reviewing the gain of information from Apptunix, OnePgr team was very impressed by the thorough analysis of the existing capabilities of OnePgr as well as the proposed milestones and related tasks for each of the development phases.


The One Pgr Inc. wanted a simple interface for a host of communication and collaboration activities such as Create a OnePgr, Share a OnePgr, Invite User, Hold a Conference Call, Start Video Conferencing.

The nature of the application desired by the client was pretty complex because it involved real-time interactions, audio and video-conferencing, livechat, notifications, as well as integrations into popular social networks.

Web app for the same was already done and used extensively. There was no such expansive feature offering app in the market, when the client conceived the app to be developed based on three core features encircling the whole app as: –

  • SHARE.
The Solution

The project was delivered in 3 phases:

Design Phase

After initial agreement was reached with OnePgr Inc, Apptunix started the process of achieving the appropriate design from functionality mapping, wire framing the whole app in order to make sure to offer an engaging experience. The smooth and simple designs were successfully achieved for the interface. The Design interface was very simple. On a single screen there are three options Inbox, Pages and settings.

Inbox :- It contains the pages created by other users.

Pages :- It contains the pages created by user.

Setting :- User can change his settings like Audio, video, password change and contacts etc.

Development Phase

There are two phases

Development Phase-1

Apptunix and OnePgr team commenced analysing the technical feasibility of the development. The intense development of application was initiated of Phase – 1 for Android platform from last week of May. Phase -1 development enables the users to begin the conversation just by creating a OnePgr with a topic, then adding users and share files in that particular page. Simultaneously users can comment as well as can make conference calls which makes it more easy and convenient for the users to communicate.

The project was divided in order to work efficiently, Team iOS and Android divided the project into stages where every stage was completed and after testing it was delivered to client for checking and approving.

The integrations concluded to complete the development of phase 1 in June for Android. As soon as the phase-1 of Android platform was successfully achieved, Some problems were faced in Android version of single media file uploading and Drawing (Undo and Redo). With our talented developers it was a child’s play to resolve this problem.

Development Phase-2

After successfully completion of phase -1, we started working on Phase – 2. Phase-2 of OnePgr was initiated on July 15th for both iOS as well as Android platform simultaneously. Since, basic functionalities were integrated in Phase-1, a new list of some high end features was proposed to be incorporated in the app. OnePgr is an industry ready app that empowers the user with all the features required to stay in touch at one page without switching applications.

The application supports a multiple file upload option, with some more features as of recording audio and video and posting them on OnePgr.

Features:Invitation –The user can invite others to OnePgr via different mediums such as Facebook, Message, Twitter, gmail.

Video conferencing –

One of the most important and useful feature is integrated using OpenTok by the team within the application for a wonderful and a seamless video conference experience. Now while having the documents shared, users can have conversation over video conference calls as well.

Add accounts –

The next great thing in the application that can be experienced is the “ADD ACCOUNTS” feature. One can not only add accounts of SALESFORCE, WEBEX, EXCHANGE and GMAIL with OnePgr but also can have the notifications of the associated accounts showing in OnePgr. OnePgr is one platform for all the mediums required to stay connected.The iOS and Android application’s phase -2 was completed on September 20th. Immediately after the completion of the development phase, the application was put to alpha test by the Apptunix team. The feedback helped in improving and enhancing the application with the minor changes required.

The Result

OnePgr was limited for web users only. After the successful development and flawless performance with mobile devices, it was more reachable and was used number of ten times as before.How is it beneficial for general public?

Now, a lot of you must be thinking how does this innovative app works best for you. This app fits in for all kind of group of people. With you putting up with a bunch of people, there are times you may fail to give time to family or friends. But this helps you to stay connected virtually with your professional colleagues, friends and family at the same time.In this fast growing world where people don’t have time for anything, we understood that they would have a difficult time in making a switch from one app to another and yes, with our creative minds we let people get out of this vicious circle.The ease it brings to you to share documents, send messages, initiate a conference call, group chats, audio-video conferencing, draw and edit any document, send invites on facebook or twitter, add accounts of SALESFORCE, WEBEX, EXCHANGE and GMAIL, customize settings like Audio, video, password change and contacts etc. The list is on going, but this is one of a kind product.

Don’t think twice to get this app because you and we both know that it is a sheen, user friendly and best in class mobile app that has dominated its existence in the mobile app world. Make a smarter choice and be amongst the smartest!