Case Study

SeeCam App

SeeCam App

SeeCam Application is designed for those
people who are unable to see and interact with  real world
activities, with the main objective to make their life easy with a
device called  “SeeCam”, connected to their smart phone that can
perform functions over voice commands given by the user, to the

Receiver end – receives a request from blind person to which they can offer the type of assistance required by the blind person.

Client Requirement

Client wanted the feature of Real time Streaming. This feature allows
a person sitting at a  long distance to visualize all that is
being recorded by the blind person.  We can term it as  a
“live view” of the scenario.

Client wanted to help the blind person to walk on the road without
any difficulty, with the  use of SeeCam device and application.

To setup coordination with the application and the device to generate
a perfect data   interpretation commands for the blind.


The biggest question while developing this application was “How will the blind user operate it?”, as it is not possible for a blind person, to look at the screen and perform the various functions.

Another challenge was that, it was difficult to maintain the live session which means playing video on another user’s device. Sometimes due to mismatch of data speed the connection breaks out and it was difficult to start the session with the same person who was assisting last.

The challenges did not seem to just end, as there was another hurdle which needed to overcome was, if the connection is weak how will the user be notified for it and at last if due to the weak connection the signal breaks, how the blind person is going to reconnect it without operation any function on the screen.

SeeCam App

SeeCam App

Design phase

Research and Development was performed for components required to lay down the real time communication in the application. We picked up the idea of voice commands from Google’s voice search feature. By using this feature blind people can give out the commands to hardware device from mobile app.

To give commands we finalize to use a ‘volume’ key long press to activate the commanding feature.

Our team decided to make alert notification, which will notify the blind person with the help of alert tone when the connection is found weak or in case of broken connection.

For changing the functionality of ‘volume key’, the idea of permanent background App was discovered, which will be activated once and will not be turned off until it is deactivated from internal phone setting.

Development phase

First of all, SeeCam App as a permanent background application was developed to change the functionality of the phones key, for giving the voice commands. Then the connection was set-up between the mobile app and the hardware device having inbuilt hotspot feature through Wi-Fi.

After the successful establishment of the connection the ‘infrared wavelength’ calculator was developed in the SeeCam application, to study the wavelength of infrared rays emitted by device and to calculate the time and distance ratio for the in front objects and to communicate them to the user.

The alert was setup to notify the user about the weak or connection broken indication.

With the smooth connection, the user can start video session by giving voice command to hardware device and that will initiate the session.

SeeCam App

SeeCam App


The development of background permanent application that change the functionality of the keys

  • Accessing the hardware by voice commands.
  • Calculating the infrared Wavelength.
  • Communicating the data to the user.
  • Live video streaming.
  • User can capture images


Start up the hardware device and it will automatically search the connected application starts coordinating with it. This also activates the voice command keys.

The wavelength data will be interpreted by the application calculator, and after interpretation will be communicated to the user, without any time laps.

The user can stream the live video sessions to the person sitting on the other end of the globe with this application.