Case Study

Sports App


It is an American Sports App that provides users the news feeds and scores of their favorite sport. Users can have the option to choose their most preferred teams and follow friends to get every breaking update. Moreover you can see the live scores, play by play and news content. In this app we include several teams like NBA, NHL, NCAA etc. More so, it updates the status of teams and matches individually.

It is personalized sports news App from thousands of sources in one social feed. Choose teams and follow friends to get every relevant article from ESPN, Bleacher Report, local papers, and blogs. Live Hub, a smart ticker, delivers scores straight to your newsfeed, with drive summaries, upcoming games, and scoring leaders just one swipe away.

Connect instantly through Facebook to see the stories your friends read in real time. NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL—it’s all here in one newsfeed, curated to show what’s trending with your buddies.

The Partnership:

A small, venture-funded company was looking to improve their product and started looking for the right development partner. Having strong background in engineering, the team of this app had a high bar in prospecting its vendors. After short listing many vendors and holding in-depth interviews, the team decided to work with Apptunix.

Our Role:

Firstly, we followed the guidelines that client wanted in this App. We started the work from score feature, and updated the live scores and news feeds which enabled users to see the information about previous and upcoming matches. With this we added the filters to strain the scores by leagues according to the date.

After this was done we added the feature of play by play in the match that shows every time it will be refreshed when server generates new scores. The summary feature shows the information about previous, upcoming and on-going matches, or displays the score of teams in quarterly manner. User can sort the matches of teams accordingto the date and time.

We performed this task of app for scores updating feature. We worked as a team for some tasks and the task according to the area of expertise of each member of the team. We helped each other when any of us had confusion or were stuck in the task

Challenges Faced:

One of the major challenges was to create an App with Excellent UI and Branding. When this sports app came to us, the client had their first version of app live on app store. This version doesn’t have good look and feel and there were some bugs. The client also wanted to implement some new features in the app and optimize the app for newly released iOS 8.

Some other potential challenges were:

  • Multiple data handling from multiple sources
  • Local Database Handling
  • News formatting according to App version different from web version.
  • Implement the new UI/UX.

Some of the other Challenges faced were:

  • This app consisted of several teams and multiple numbers of matches and because of that there were many formats for the game rules like for scores, Stats and play by play. According to the rules of different games, formats were different and that was a big challenge for us.
  • Multiple numbers of services needs to be shown at the same time.
  • These games need to be shown on the same screen and updated at the same time.
  • The app every time needs to make a connection with server.
  • The app should filter the match according to the leagues and teams.
  • The app is supposed to show the refreshed data every time.
Client Requirement:

  • Live scores updates
  • Scores updates automatically and manually.
  • Multiple matches are showing on the single screen
  • Showing matches details.
  • Showing summary of matches.
  • Play by play change every time.
  • Showing team stats and players stats.
  • Better user interface
  • Better user experience.
Development Phase

  • Added the Filters on the Header of the app
  • Added the Live Hub
  • Made Scores Formats for individual Game.
  • Added Scores Hub.
  • Socket Implementations.
  • Sort matches according to teams and Schedule of the match.
  • Live Updates
  • Implemented Game Detail.
  • Added Summary of the Matches.
  • Added Play by Play of the Matches.
  • Added Teams Stats
  • Added Players Stats.
  • Added News Feeds.

Features of the product:

  • Live Scores, Live Feeds.
  • On-going, upcoming and previous game details
  • Search Matches by Filter
  • Summary of Matches.
  • Play By Play of Match.
  • Stats of Team and Players
  • News Updates of Teams and Matches.
  • Following Teams and friend’s teams.
  • Multiple games scores update at the same time and at the same screen.
  • In-App Notifications
  • Content reading about favorite teams or matches.

After several meetings with management team and marketing team of this Sports App, our analysts and project managers proposed excellent solution to this Sports App on which they agreed to progress. We delivered the new version of app with excellent UI and branding.

  • The new version is optimized according to iOS 8
  • New data sources were implemented to feeds
  • News formatting done according to the app
  • Follow individual, follow team functionality implemented
  • Receive news feed from followed people

The Solution: Design Phase

  • Live Hub
  • Scores Hub – My Teams
  • Scores Hub – Filtered League
Filter Lists:
My TeamsSame list as sidebar
NFL (Division in the Data)NFL All
AFC East AFC South AFC North AFC West
NFC East NFC South NFC North NFC West
MLB (Division in the Data)All
AL East AL Central AL West
NL East NL Central NL West
NCAAFB (Conference in the Data)ACC American Athletic Big 12 Big Ten Conference USA IA IndependentsMid-American Mountain West Pac 12 SEC Sun Belt

Filter Lists 2:
NBA (Conference in the Data)EasternWestern
NCAABB (Conference in the Data)Atlantic Sun Big 12
Big East Big Sky
Big South
Big Ten
Big West
CAA Conference USA Independents Horizon
MAAC Mid-American MEAC Missouri Valey Mountain West Northeast Ohio Valley Pac 12
Southern Southland SWAC
Sun Belt
West Coast WAC
NHL (Division in the Data)Atlantic MetropolitanCentral Pacific

Other Display:

  • Detailed Game View – Summary
  • Stats
  • Play by Play
  • News
The Result

The app has 5 star rating over App store and has featured in various recognized online magazine as best sports news app.

How is this app useful for users?

It is a perfect fit for the Sports Lovers. The communities of sports lovers and other fans have the option to choose their favorite team and follow friends to get every new update. This Sports app is considered as one of the best way to share sports with friends.