Corona Development

What makes Corona the most preferred development Kit?

Allowing developers to put together graphically amazing applications that are also light in terms of their size and fast in development time corona is the most preferred software development kit.Our loaded cross-platform mobile app development knowledge provides bendable business model, and perfect processes can render to improved quality, quicker time and are cost effective i.e. contented clientele and bigger profits for your business.Multiplayer game development with Apptunix, gives you an opportunity to personalize your game at different stages.


The most unnoticeable features that corona application possesses are:

Integration support.
Good Community Support.
“flagship” apps in the top ten lists.


Advantages of Using Corona Development SDK

It provides a compilation feature for both iOS and Android.
Based on Single Code.
Delivers the huge range of Designing options.
Easy To Monetize.
Easy Integration of Gaming API’s.
Faster Frame per Second that allows several screens frames to change easily.
Measures graphics vividly.

Why choose us

Because our passion is to provide innovative, highly functional, appealing mobile applications and websites.


24*7 Support

We promise to be available to assist our clients even after their project is complete.


Project Management

All the projects are managed properly with the help of personnel who keep a close eye.


Responsive Layout

Easy and efficient way to create responsive web design for devices like desktop, tablets, smart phones.


Creative Design

We offer creative designing and building of mobile apps and websites to provide better accessibility.