Enjoy The Extended Video Feature With Instagram

Everyone wants more than what they have today, they want to earn more, see more and display more….. So while keeping this more strategy Instagram has also begun to record and post the videos to the limit of 60 seconds from the android and ios Applications.

Users with the Instagram app on their smartphones will soon be able to record and post the videos of sixty seconds long and will be allowed to share the happiness with others.
The rapidly growing in the craze of watching and sharing videos online have encouraged the Instagram to update their video feature.

As per the analytics of the Instagram, there is a growth of 40 percent of the people in past six months in spending the time on watching online videos.For the time being, new extended video feature will be available only for few users and in the coming next month it will be available for every Instagram user.

Instagram have extended their video recording length by 4 times than it used to be when the app launched in 2013.But there is one drawback which narrow’s the scope for the video functionality as the app still lacks the video editing functionality in it, which limits the user to post the standard videos only without adding any creative artistic effects.

The video editing feature on the app can surely become a new update from Instagram but for now there is a little addition to the extended video feature for the iOS users as the iOS App will have the video clipping feature that will allow the users to combine two different videos. Enjoy the new updated Instagram with new features.

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