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Media and Entertainment is a booming industry and a source of employment for millions of people. With continuous advances in technology, we see the M&E industry revolutionized top to bottom. Being a technology firm ourselves, Apptunix stays on top of all the developments taking place in M&E to ensure our clients get only the best and updated solutions that are future-proof and guarantee maximum success. We offer the most comprehensive solutions covering every M&E aspect from consulting, development and maintenance. So if you have an M&E idea on your mind, you can count on us to turn that into a top-notch solution that’s bound to give your business a competitive edge. We are a complete technology partner for your M&E solutions.

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  • integration across multiple platforms

  • monetization of content

  • user experience

  • retaining customers

  • pension funds

  • Welfare Institutes

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Process Excellence

We pride ourselves on the quality and effectiveness of our process. Our team is highly expert in their respective fields and their aim is to always impart a professional and unique touch to every solution they lay hands on.

Secure Infrastructure

A software solution can only be as strong as the infrastructure it’s set upon. As veteran web & mobile app development experts we’re well aware of that and ensure our clients are provided with only the most secure infrastructure.

Multi-Channel Approach

When you’re involved in the Media & Entertainment industry, it’ll soon become clear to you that a single channel is never enough to get desirable results. That’s why our experts follow a multi-channel approach that offers a seamless experience to the end-user.

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