Evolving mobile enterprise application
development to your complex business problems


“Stay mobile-Vigilant to Stay Competitive!”

Apptunix offers scalable mobile enterprise application development solutions to enterprises. Our apps are designed in such a way that each enterprises gets maximum ROI. Mobile Apps are transmuting the style and capacity of industries today. A lot of technical and not-technical people are now on the verge of understanding the role that a mobile app plays as a marketing tool and how it is essential for a business strategy. Mobile app not only makes lives of enterprises by monetizing everything. Your business can very smoothly boost customer engagement and offer a huge array of online transactions such as – Loyalty points, coupons, e-commerce, payment gateways etc. It is a known fact that today users prefer ecommerce mobile apps rather than websites.

“Direct Marketing Channel”


By our mobile enterprise application development solutions you can be visible to your customers all the time, not only this you can a larger audience with ease via a mobile app. We have developed many apps in our past experience where customers used to get push notifications for any stock update or any other useful information was sent via mobile apps. Enterprise mobile app development can act as a direct marketing channel for you business. To figure out the correct technical partners that will build your app as it is very essential for mobile strategy of your enterprise and for your app to be successful. Designing, engineering, integrating enterprise backend and managing an enterprise app calls for a high end expertise that every development company cannot accomplish. That is why you have to choose the pioneers of this field and choose Apptunix.

“Scalable End to End Solutions”


We have developed many business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C) and machine to machine (M2M) and business to enterprise (B2E) mobile apps. We provide with innovative, scalable end-to-end solution for immune enterprise productivity apps for our enterprise partners at global level. Our solutions are customized meeting all the requirements of the business and offering tailored solutions that is a perfect fit for your business and project. For scalable end to end solutions trust our mobile enterprise application development services.

“High Level Security”


All the sensitive information about the sales, data of accounts, list of customers and other confidential are exchanged and most of the times and this information often leaves the confines of the office via employee devices. An mobile enterprise application development solution potentially offers great level of security to the enterprise and to the employees. It maintains the security standards of an organization and make sure all the sensitive information is secured. In today’s age it is must for an enterprise to have Enterprise mobility. It is not only the most preferred choice of businesses now but also comes along with many advantages. The industries and enterprises have now realized the importance a mobile app has to their business and are now willing to make investments for getting their own enterprise mobile solutions build.

“Enterprise Mobility as big as Internet”


Over two third CIO and IT Professionals believe that mobility will impact their business as much as internet did in 1990s. Mobile enterprise application development is considered to be the next big thing in the world of internet. We reckon the possible constraints that you may face and make sure to build apps meeting their requirements along with compiling with the necessary obstacles. The process followed by us for developing the mobile app for our enterprise partner is Idea → Evaluation → Kick Start. At the idea stage, we fix up meetings wherein our clients discuss their requirements and purpose of the app. At the Evaluation stage, we assess your project and then share our response and we set plans for the further steps.

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