Babl Books

The Joy Of Reading In Your Palm

Industry : Start Up

Product : App



Babl is a book reading app for children. It contains a rich library of Spanish books for children from the most noteworthy authors and illustrators. Babl Books has a Read To Me service that’s ideal for children aged 2-7 learning to read and speak Spanish. It also offers parents an opportunity to learn Spanish as they practice the exercise with their children.

The app offers 6 free books initially to help users get an overview of the app and explore its various features. To gain an unlimited access the users can purchase an affordable subscription for just $2.99/month. The library is updated with new and exciting books on a monthly basis.

Besides that, the app is very professional developed. The interface is super-interactive and the features are flawless. It’s an ideal learning app to give a head start to your kids in mastering the Spanish language.

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