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Gabber-Run - A Competitive Endless Running Mobile Game

Gabber-Run is an endless runner video game that promotes competitive gameplay. The gamer has to collect coins that award them points, which can be used to purchase various in-game items. The user can also earn at the end of a month depending on the points accumulated.


What is Gabber-Run?

It is a mobile game based on single gameplay. Gabber-Run allows the user to choose a character and then run as far as possible while collecting rewards and avoiding obstacles. The primary aim is to run as far as possible and collect keys (to unlock parties), coins, and rewards.

To complete a mission in Gabber-Run, the gamers are required to win a final fight. The gamers can also purchase boosters via the in-game shop.

About the Project

Project Idea

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Gabber-Run is a video game that promotes competitive gaming. It is an endless runner game where the players need to collect coins, avoid obstacles and run as far as they can

Throughout the run, the player will come across several kinds of rewards and obstacles, each with its own specific features.

The gamer has to collect different keys to enter parties. The more rewards a character collects, the more it can sprint. Powerups and boosters are also available.

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Project Challenges

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As the project was intended for mobiles, it was essential to strike a perfect balance between graphical performance, features, and performance.

The game is meant to be a live service and thus modules have to be designed in such a way that content can be easily added to it in future updates.

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We used the Unity game engine and best design patterns to provide profiling and other gaming features.

We were able to enhance game performance on older devices without sacrificing animations, features, and graphics

Our tech experts leveraged the Addressable and other features of Unity to make it easier for administrators to add content to the video game.

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How does Gabber-Run Work?

Gabber-Run is a single-player mobile game. It is an endless runner where the player controls a character - Sem - running through the 3 cities of the Netherlands; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague.

The player needs to collect keys to clubs and gabber music notes to unlock parties. The player also collects coins that can be used to purchase skins and buy boosters and powerups.

The mobile game features many missions and some special missions. To complete a mission and advance in the game, the player needs to win a boss fight.

Main Features of The Project

  • Social media login .

  • Payment gateways.

  • Profile creation/Signing up.

  • Singleplayer.

  • Competitive gameplay.

  • Online play.

  • Social sharing.

Services We Provided

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    Product Design

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Tech stacks

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An Endless Runner Set in theLand of the Dutch

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