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A Serial Entrepreneur Hits Big Again With Chairish App, You Can Do It Too! 

4151 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 12, 2019 Last Updated: October 3, 2019

It took Eric Grosse a few moments to decide on the success of the Chairish App. Is this true?

Co-founder, Hotwire; CEO TaskRabbit; and Executive in Residence, Matrix Partners; Eric Grosse has been recognized for his abilities to make smart business and startup choices. In fact, he has been entitled to being a serial entrepreneur for this very reason.

Apart from displaying the joyous roller coaster experience that seems never to ride down, he has recently invested his talent in his new venture, Chairish.

It is no wonder that Chairish is thriving at an extraordinary pace in the market considering the person behind it, Eric Grosse. Before we proceed to answer how you can also make millions, let’s discuss a little bit about who Eric Grosse is?

Following is why Eric Grosse is entitled as a Serial entrepreneur?

Eric Grosse, based in San Francisco, Harvard Business School Graduate, is one of the popular names in the startup industry today. The reason for this is his amazing career choices on the Internet and e-commerce market. Before he became the CEO and Co-Founder of Chairish in 2013, he was Co-Founder of Hotwire, the leading online discount travel website. Not only this he made a mark in the market when he served as the President of Expedia Worldwide. This is not it, he also is recognized for his work as the CEO of TaskRabbit and Executive Residence at Matrix Partners.


What the genius entrepreneur has to say about his new star project, Chairish, an online marketplace for design lovers. To be exact Chairish app provides the e-commerce platform to the design lovers to buy and sell.

In the TechDay interview with Eric Grosse, he was asked several questions about what kind of strategies he has opted for, which led to the instant success of his new baby project Chairish.

1st – What is the set of strategies that he used for each of his companies that made all the names so successful?

In answer to this question, he mentioned how his experience of 15 years in starting and scaling consumer marketplaces by tech-standards helped him. He also reflected on the fact, how the tactical strategies keep on varying with time. While stating all this, he also mentioned that he has always trusted and endured the assured recipe for success for which the ingredients were great product & PR.

2nd – How growing Chairish has been different than other projects you have handled?

To this, he mentioned how technology startups are always scrappy. Unlike startups before, these new tech-based businesses are not only capital-efficient but are quite interesting. Okay! Fine, I added the interesting part. Don’t judge me, it is interesting.

3rd – What are the primary marketing strategies of the Chairish app?

Answering this question he must have won the hearts of every digital marketer out there. He mentioned how the multi-channel marketing strategy worked well for Chairish. Explaining further he mentioned that his strategy included PR, SEO, Paid online promotions, content marketing, social media marketing, and the old school print media. He also elaborated on how his marketing is so data-driven.

With data-driven, he meant how they scrutinize the data and replan everything on the basis of the data collected. To this point, he mentioned how one needs to be adaptive as the online strategies are quite fluid.

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4th -Although Chairish is a digital platform, still how important is face to face engagement with users?

To this, he mentioned how proud he is for his efficient customer service strategy. He believes that the customer service associates are who represent the Chairish brand, so it is important to have a strong customer service for your brand. Not only this, but he also stated that Chairish’s customer service is also responsible for collecting valuable feedback that further helps the marketing, product, and design teams.

These were the questions that Eric Grosse was asked in an interview with TechDay.

Now, let’s come to the point because of which you actually are here. How can you make millions using what we discussed above?

How to be a millionaire using the example of the Chairish app?

What we gathered from this interview of the famous serial entrepreneur, Eric Grosse, is that digital businesses are on the rise. So, if you have a business idea, make sure you go for the mobile app development for the same.

He also mentioned how fluid this mobile business arena is, which makes it a bit flexible for one to try multiple stuff and figure out what works the best for great returns.

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Becoming a millionaire is not easy, but Eric Grosse has proved how it is possible with a simple e-commerce mobile app.

So, don’t wait up, and bring your business to the digital world of success, (mobile app) and enjoy the ride to success. All it takes is one step and that is to contact the best mobile app development company and share your business idea.

Seems Easy, doesn’t it?


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