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Experience the Future of Technology with a Top Leading Blockchain Development Company. Evolve Your Enterprise with our Blockchain AppDevelopment Services!

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Embark Success with Scalable & SecureBlockchain App Development Services

Get the best consultation and solutions to achieve your vision with transparent & decentralized technology. Apptunix strives to bring you innovative applications that are accessible, appealing, and functional.

  • Blockchain-Powered Metaverse Development

    Blockchain-Powered Metaverse Development

    Get your business future-ready for interactive virtual and artificial space with blockchain-powered metaverse solutions. From frontend development to hosting your project, our blockchain development company handles everything.

  • NFT Marketplace Development

    NFT Marketplace Development

    To make it simple to buy, sell, and bid on multi-chain compatible NFTs, our blockchain development company builds NFT marketplaces that are both transparent and feature-rich.

  • Blockchain Wallet Development

    Blockchain Wallet Development

    Enabling the interchange of multiple digital assets & currencies through the creation of cryptographic wallets with both hot & cold storage capabilities

  • Smart Contract Development

    Smart Contract Development

    From finance to insurance, we create solutions tailored perfectly to empower enterprises with a secure smart contract aligned with their business requirements. We provide services for diverse industries and business models.

  • dApp Development

    dApp Development

    Creating and restructuring the traditional mobile application processes with enterprise-grade decentralized applications from planning and designing to development and marketing to maximize ROI.

  • Real Estate Tokenization

    Real Estate Tokenization

    Make global real estate investments much easier with the top blockchain software development company. Tokenize your real estate properties with fractional ownership and offer them to potential buyers by significantly reducing the barrier to entry and increasing the security simultaneously.

  • DeFi 2.0 Development

    DeFi 2.0 Development

    Create decentralized platforms and financial products with the power of DeFi 2.0 to stand out in the crypto space. Utilize the most trusted DeFi protocols backed by the Ethereum blockchain using our premier DeFi development services.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

    Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

    Our Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Development service is an all-inclusive, institutional-grade framework with numerous exchange connectors and 24*7 operations to render first-class outcomes.

  • IDO Development

    IDO Development

    Raise capital in crypto tokens with End-to-End IDO Development solutions and efficient real-time digital asset trading systems. We offer strategy design, token development, token listing advisory, and more.

Blockchain Networks We Support

Blockchain Development Support
  • Polygon

    Simplifying Interoperable Networks to Minimize Network Fees.

  • Solana

    Streamlined Handling of Thousands of Transactions with a Proof-of-History (POH) System.

  • Cardano

    Enhanced Security and Scalability with Proof-of-Stake (POS) Timestamping.

  • EOS

    Swift and Cost-Effective Transactions.

  • Chronos

    Proficient in Accurate and Reliable Geolocation

  • Telos EVM

    Robust and Scalable Platform for Web 3.0.

  • Avalanche

    Lightning-Fast Transactions Empowered by the Consensus Protocol.

  • Aurora

    Top-notch Encryption with Isolated Networking

  • XinFin

    Ideal for Tokenization and Digitization

  • xDai/Gnosis

    Offers a Stable, Fast, and Affordable Transaction Network.

  • Fantom

    Rapid Transactions with Minimal Network Fees.

Elevate Your Industry with Our Leading Blockchain App Development Company

From healthcare and finance to video games and dating apps, our blockchain software development company flaunts expertise in every business niche.

Couldn't Find Your Industry?

Don't worry, our expert will reach out to you with relevant & robust blockchain app development solutions.

Our Blockchain App Development Process

Take a look at our Blockchain Development Process that Have Created an Impact on the Industry

  • Blockchain Consultation

    Your business, goals, pain points and priorities are understood at this point. Multiple brainstorming sessions sketch out existing workflows and future goals.

  • Strategy and Solution Design

    After gathering your requirements in a whiteboard session, we start developing, creating, and testing your platform or product with real users.

  • Future-Ready Development

    This step involves programming and coding depending on your designs. Alpha, Beta, and Release are the stages of our development lifecycle.

  • Aggressive Quality Control

    Each version of your product or platform undergoes a data-derived validation and in-depth QA testing to assure market readiness.

  • Launch and Maintenance

    We launch your product or platform launches. The developers at our blockchain development company publish your product once approved. Cloud and on-premise hosting are our speciality.

  • Support and Upgrades

    We maintain and optimize products and platforms, launch market strategies, and provide support to ensure continual improvement.

We Practice What We Preach, We Deliver What We Promise.

Witness the Revolution with Apptunix and Innovate Your Business.

Let’s Hear What Our Clients Say

David Ams.

Founder & CEO of Luxbubble

I was impressed that I could raise any concerns directly with the CEO and receive prompt responses, follow-up and action. The project team were great to deal with and it often felt like we were one collaborative team. Delivery manager and QA lead were professional, diligent and highly competent.

Jocelyn Pettitt

CEO of HiViibe

We hired Apptunix to build an app for connecting our clients in this niche environment of healing and they provided us with more functionalities than we could have ever expected. We have been working with them for about a year now, they team is fantastic with testing and I would highly recommend their work

Abdul Basith

Founder & CEO of Riksho

I am working with Apptunix since August 2021, the company has been very supportive from day one. They are well-equipped with their strategic approaches and planning and handled all my queries with precision and needful insights. Throughout the project, the team members were highly collaborative and I am highly contented with the firm.

Kenneth Kammersgaad

Founder & CEO of BikeFit Challenge

I have worked with more than 30 companies now and Apptunix turned out to be one of the best companies, with stable velocity. I was certain about the specifications and details of the project and the team delivered the solution by implementing all those specifications thoroughly. The team was very supportive and available for communicating whenever needed.

Reece Willamson

Founder & CEO of Willamon Fitness

I would like to thank Apptunix for all their hard work. The team had a huge contribution to get everything completed on time. The team communication with the team has been very quick and transparent. Apptunix understood my project very clearly and worked according to that. I would recommend them for mobile app development services as they are the experts in the market.

Manny Saverio

President & Owner at Siverio Stunts

“When I first went to Apptunix, I wasn't sure what to expect from them, but learning of their experience on similar projects gave me a real confidence boost. They fully delivered on their promise. My project was completed on time and with total satisfaction.”

Landon Battles

Landon Battles

Co-Founder & CEO of Relief Play

Apptunix has shown commendable dedication to my project. The delivery got pushed back a bit due to COVID but they worked continuously in those circumstances. I appreciate all your efforts and hard work. Thanks!

Saad Khan

Saad Khan

Co-Founder & CEO of SK Tech

The teams are very responsive and understanding. They managed to understand my business idea well and I am highly satisfied with the quality of work they deliver. I appreciate all the assistance you guys have offered and I would definitely recommend Apptunix for transforming your business.



CEO , Co-Founder

Thank you so much for the efforts exerted in completing my project. Your follow-ups and feedback have played an important part in perfecting this application and we would definitely continue to be in touch regarding any modifications or whatever that might need to be fixed.

Ahmed Tarig

Ahmed Tarig

Co-Founder & CEO of MTGARGK

A big thanks to team Apptunix for their efforts and expertise towards our project. Their services have been excellent and outstanding. They have always impressed us with their precision and professionalism. HIghly recommend them for getting digital solutionss developed for other businesses.

Daniel Ohale

Daniel Ohale

Founder & CEO of HTH

I appreciate all the efforts of your team towards the project. Apptunix team has responded effortlessly to the changes I requested any time of the day. I would definitely recommend Apptunix for mobile app development services.

Aleia Mims


I have had an amazing experience with Apptunix, when I decided on building a website, I had a very vague vision, but the company understood my vision and gave me varied templates & designs to choose from. They maintained great communication and I received my project much faster than it was anticipated and that too with complete precision.

David Ams.
Jocelyn Pettitt
Abdul Basith
Kenneth Kammersgaad
Reece Willamson
Manny Saverio
Aleia Mims

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Why Choose Us

More the years, the better the solutions! We have been partnering with brands and offering our expertise for more than a decade.

  • Quality

    We aim to deliver high-quality products. Hence, we take care of everything at the granular level.

  • Reliability

    Our teams are made up of highly-skilled and certified engineers with industry-specific domain knowledge.

  • Flexibility

    Our team keeps the requirements of our clients on priority & the development process transparent.

  • Competence

    Our team consists of expert developers who have knowledge of domain expertise for all business industries.


There is no one-size-fits-all blockchain solution. Therefore, the cost to develop a blockchain solution – and hiring a blockchain development company – varies. Availing blockchain app development services starts from $5,000 and goes up to $200,000 or more.

Although the exact time required for blockchain application development varies depending on several factors like the scope of the project, the type of technologies used, and the platform chosen, the development of a blockchain application will require 6 to 8 months.

There are several types of blockchain technologies that can be used for building different types of applications. A blockchain app development company may provide Blockchain development in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, EOS, and other blockchain networks.

Identification of your business niche, workflow design for blockchain integration, developing a POC, choosing a blockchain network, deciding between public and private blockchains, selecting a consensus mechanism, and final development are the seven steps that a blockchain development company follows.

Apptunix is a leading, web3-ready developer specializing in blockchain, metaverse, Defi, and NFT dApp platform development services. We are a reputed blockchain app development company offering services around the globe.

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