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Transform your grocery business by tapping into a vast online audience using our exceptional grocery app development services, revolutionizing your reach and impact.

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  • Rapid Launch in 3 Days

    Rapid Launch in 3 Days

  • Code Confidentiality

    Code Confidentiality

  • End-to-End Customization

    End-to-End Customization

  • Exclusive Features

    Exclusive Features

Experience Our Robust Tech Suite Behind Grocery Delivery Solutions

We help businesses enter the $268 Billion online grocery market by using the right technology. Experience live working of our grocery delivery apps.

Backing Diverse Grocery Business Models

  • The Inventory Model

    The Inventory Model

    The grocery delivery app owner manages its own inventory of groceries. They procure products directly from suppliers, store them in warehouses, and fulfill customer orders from the available stock.

    • Bigbasket like Grocery App Development

    • Walmart like Grocery App Development

  • The Marketplace Model

    The Marketplace Model

    The grocery delivery app acts as a platform that connects customers with multiple grocery sellers. The app serves as an intermediary where customers can browse various products from different sellers and place orders.

    • Grofers like Grocery App Development

    • Shipt like Online Grocery App Development

  • The Shopping Model

    The Shopping Model

    The grocery delivery app enables customers to shop directly from the application without choosing the shop. Customers can select groceries through the app, and the app facilitates the ordering and payment process.

    • Instacart like Grocery App Development

    • FreshDirect like Online Grocery App

  • The Hyper-Local Model

    The Hyper-Local Model

    The grocery delivery app provides fast on-demand delivery of groceries from nearby sources. This model emphasizes speed and convenience by offering swift delivery to customers within a specific geographic area.

    • InstaShop like Online Grocery App

    • Postmates like Grocery App Development

Why Trust Apptunix To Build Robust Grocery Delivery Apps?

Our USPs
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Agile Processes
Reliable Resources
Dedicated Support
Code Ownership & IP Rights
Advanced AI Integrations

Custom Grocery Delivery Apps Developed By ApptunixWe’re Your Trusted Partner, Period. Don’t Believe Us? Explore the Success Stories



Groofy is a 10 minute delivery app where users can order groceries, ice-creams, sweets, and more. The success of Groofy is a testament to Apptunix's dedication to creating apps that prioritize user convenience and provide swift and reliable services.

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Apptunix helped Jeeb an All-in-one Grocery App to strategically acquire more users and offer a versatile grocery shopping experience.

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  • Million Revenue


  • Rating




Our team worked dedicated with Rafeeq Picker a grocery delivery platform to efficiently pick grocery orders, manage inventory, and track order status.

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  • Million Revenue


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Confused About The Feature List For Your Grocery Delivery App?

Our team is here to provide expert guidance and support in crafting the perfect solution.

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Let’s Dive into DataHow Apptunix Became The Catalyst Behind The Success Of 30+ Grocery Aggregator Startups In The World!

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With 75% Repeat Clients, We're a Much-Loved Grocery Delivery App Development Company

  • My experience with Apptunix was amazing, when I decided to build a website, I had a very vague vision, but the company gave me varied templates & designs to choose from. I received my project on time and that too with complete precision.


    Aleia Mims


  • I have worked with more than 30 companies now and Apptunix turned out to be one of the best companies. I was certain about the specifications and details of the project and the team delivered by implementing all those specifications thoroughly.

    Kenneth Kammersgaad

    Founder & CEO

  • When I first went to Apptunix, I wasn't sure what to expect from them, but learning of their experience on similar projects gave me a real confidence boost. They fully delivered on their promise by completing my project on time.

    John Smith

    Manny Saverio


Get A Complete Tech Suite And Grow YourGrocery Business To New Heights

Allow users to seamlessly place orders from the best apps for grocery delivery designed by best–in–class developers at Apptunix.

  • Advanced Search

    Effortlessly discover and choose your desired groceries with our advanced search feature, simplifying your shopping experience.

  • Schedule Booking

    Empower your customers to schedule grocery order deliveries at their convenience, ensuring a seamless and flexible service.

  • Personalized Push Notifications

    Enhance customer engagement by automating tailored push notifications to make sure your enticing offers reach the right audience.

  • Multilingual Support

    Break language barriers with layouts that adapt to your customer's preferred language, accommodating both LTR and RTL orientations.

  • Order Tracking

    Enable real-time tracking of grocery deliveries through an intuitive map interface, offering transparency and peace of mind.

  • Secure Payments

    Provide a secure and diverse range of payment options for a premium grocery ordering experience making your customer satisfied.

Customer App

Our on demand grocery delivery app development solution offers an admin panel for administrators and managers to have seamless control over their operations.

  • Seamless Access & Control

    Elevate admin’s experience with monitoring & tracking the revenue and orders on the go with no fuss of sitting in the storefront.

  • User Management

    The administrator can allow users to create and manage their accounts to leverage the services offered by the online grocery application.

  • Share Availability

    This feature offers agents the flexibility to manage and update their availability at any time via their app, ensuring smooth operations.

  • Multi-Store Management

    Get store-wise insight into sales revenue and stock details, to gain control of the store planning & investment decisions with intuitive reports.

  • Feedback Management

    With this intuitive feature of our online grocery store application, we manage the user feedback and improve to enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Daily Earning Reports

    Monitor daily earnings based on the number of deliveries and working hours, allowing to keep track of the financial performance effortlessly.

Admin Panel

Our grocery shopping app development services include tools for delivery agents to provide exceptional service for swift grocery delivery.

  • Agile Delivery

    View the assigned orders pointed on the map, with the best-suggested route that enables quick delivery and gains happy customers.

  • Plan Your Trip

    View the customer's desired delivery time slot for each order against each order (each order) and select the eligible orders for your trip.

  • Real-time chat with customers

    Get guidance for each order from your customers with in-app chat & call features to make the delivery on the desired time.

  • Notify Customers

    Keep customers informed by notifying them when their order is on its way for delivery and providing an estimated arrival time.

  • Delivery Status & Details

    Equip your delivery partners with comprehensive information, including customer details, delivery location, order status, and more, for efficient order management.

  • Route Optimization

    Enable drivers to select the shortest and quickest routes with our grocery delivery apps in usa and other countries, ensuring timely service for your customers.

Delivery Partner App

Our vendor app dashboard is a powerhouse of features that are designed to make grocery store management hassle-free with the best grocery app for iPhone and other platforms.

  • Store Detailings

    New grocery shop owners can showcase their stores with detailed information, including the store name, image, and other essential details.

  • Grocery Listings

    Once the grocery store is registered, customers can explore the items available in the store, enhancing their shopping experience.

  • Cancellations & Refunds

    As a leading grocery delivery app development company, our app empowers vendors to manage order cancellations and process refunds for exceptional service.

  • Store Locator

    This feature allows customers to easily locate the specific store, simplifying the process of selecting grocery items for doorstep delivery.

  • Store Pickup

    Provide flexibility to customers by enabling them to opt for in-store pickup, giving them the choice to pick up their ordered items at the grocery store.

  • Inventory Management

    Streamlines inventory effortlessly through our vendor app panel, and keeps customers informed about item availability, minimizing inconvenience.

Vendor Panel

Mobile Apps Developed By Apptunix Have Been Featured In

Grocery Feature

Equip Your Grocery Delivery Software With Automation

Our cutting-edge mobile grocery delivery application integrates automation, bringing convenience to every aspect of the process. With a user-centric UI/UX design, customers are engaged through seamless interactions for a hassle-free shopping experience.

  • QR Code Scanning

    QR Code Scanning

    Implement a QR code scanning feature that integrates with your grocery delivery software. This innovation streamlines order processing, allowing for quick order verification and tracking through QR code technology.

  • Contactless Delivery

    Contactless Delivery

    Incorporate contactless delivery mechanisms within our grocery delivery application development. Utilizing advanced protocols and secure communication channels, this feature ensures the hygienic transfer of grocery orders.

  • Bill Estimation

    Bill Estimation

    Integrate an automated bill estimation system into your software infrastructure. It employs algorithms and data processing to calculate precise order costs, providing customers with detailed billing information during the checkout process.

  • AI-Based Delivery

    AI-Based Delivery

    Leverage the capabilities of AI within our grocery delivery app. Our solution optimizes the entire delivery process, from route planning to delivery speed, using AI algorithms to enhance customer satisfaction.

Do You Plan to Create the Next Success Story Like Instacart & Big Basket?

Expand your grocery delivery business online with Apptunix’s expert assistance!

More Reasons To Choose Apptunix For Grocery Delivery App Development Solutions

Being a leading grocery delivery app development company Apptunix provides end-to-end development services to keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Fully Customizable Solutions

    Fully Customizable Solutions

    Our online grocery store application is completely branded and customizable with advanced features, integrations, and enhancements.

  • Highly Scalable

    Highly Scalable

    The grocery delivery software is built using emerging technologies and is fully tested to handle the high volume of grocery orders.

  • Global Solution

    Global Solution

    You can launch our online grocery application solution globally as it comes with multi-language and currency support.

  • Dedicated Support

    Dedicated Support

    We guarantee that you will get maximum ROI with full support & maintenance with our grocery delivery service app.

From Inception to Launch, and Success.Check Out Apptunix’s Laws Of Scaling A Business In The On-Demand Economy

The on-demand economy is getting bigger and better with each passing day. Checkout the laws that Apptunix follows to build and scale successful on-demand apps.

What’s Inside?

  • What do you need to set up a business in the on-demand economy?

  • How Apptunix’s digital flywheel can help you scale a business?

  • 4 Laws that Apptunix follows to drive success for mobile app startups

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What details do you need to develop a grocery delivery app?

Before developing an app, you must know the exact details of your business model, features you want to add, competitors, target audience, and deadline. If you are clear with the objectives, the fewer chances of changes and modifications. This will also help you save resources, time, money, and effort.

How much time will it take to create a grocery app?

The time to build the best grocery app for iPhone or Android mobile depends on various factors like complexity, features, and the tech stack used. It generally takes less time for a basic app to develop. However, a feature-rich grocery app can take 9 months or more to develop.

How do I build a grocery delivery app?

The Grocery App Development process includes several steps:

  • Ideation: Define your goals, app features, and target audience.
  • Market Research: Analyze competitors and identify gaps in the marketplace.
  • Wireframing and UI UX Design: Create wireframes and design prototypes for your app.
  • App Development: Develop the grocery app using programming languages suitable for your platform (iOS, Android, or both).
  • Testing: Rigorously test the app for performance, functionality, and security.
  • Launch: Deploy the grocery app for users to use.

How much does It cost to develop a grocery delivery app?

The cost of grocery app development depends on various key aspects of your project. Generally, it can cost up to $80,000 or more. Factors like UI UX design, updates, and maintenance, and the location of the development company influence the overall cost.

Reach out to professionals like Apptunix for precise cost estimation.

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