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E-Scooter Mobile App Development: Process, Features, and Cost Involved

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115 Views | 5 min | Published On: April 26, 2024 Last Updated: May 6, 2024

Huge rounds of funding, well-planned financial metrics and collaborations characterize the thriving market segment of e-scooters. Between promising potential and industry giants like Lyft and Uber stepping into the e-scooter mobile app development, it’s evident that the E-scooter market growth rate is for the long haul.

To say, the e-Scooter market’s assured high growth has caught the attention of numerous entrepreneurs, who are falling victim to FOMO.

The number, which you’ll be leaving behind in just 7 minutes! Herein, we’ll walk you through how micro-mobility vehicles are the missing piece of the rewarding puzzle, what entrepreneurs like you must know to cement your footprints in the promising domain, and lastly why investors are inclined towards partnering with E-scooter mobile app development, compared to other things.

Let’s start with a quick sneak peek of the on-demand e-scooter market, bracing our key findings!

On-demand E-scooter App Development Market

From 2024 to 2032, the e-scooter app market shows projections of a consistent and positive growth trajectory, presenting a hotbed of opportunities for the segment.

  • In regions like India, the on-demand e-scooter market is anticipated to grow to 2463k by 2027, with user penetration rising to 0.2% in the same period. In the USA, the electric scooter companies minted $255 million by just renting their e-scooters on-demand to users.

These growing numbers are propelled by the increasing consumer awareness of health and wellness. Furthermore, technological advancements within the electric scooter industry have paved the way for the emergence of more efficient and sustainable production approaches, further improving market growth.

In essence, growing consumer demand, technological advancements and investments from key players are poised to drive growth and innovation within the market.

on-demand E-scooter app development

How On-Demand E-Scooter App Solves Real Life Challenges?

Before embarking on e-scooter app development, it’s crucial to comprehend why e-scooter apps are gaining immense momentum. The biggest factor contributing to this surge is its easy-to-use nature and heightened security. Plus, its affordability is another factor why people love e-scooter apps, along with other advantages:

  • Skip the Traffic: E-scooters avoid traffic congestion helping drivers save time which might have been lost in long snarls.
  • Sustainable Option: With people becoming aware of health and wellness, opting for an e-scooter emerges as a sustainable choice powered by rechargeable batteries.
  • A Green Initiative: The use of e-scooters contributes significantly to curbing environmental destruction by minimizing carbon fuel usage.

In addition, using e-scooters induces physical workouts thereby contributing to keeping people healthy and physically active. All in all, these advantages lead to increased demand for e-scooter apps.

Must-Have E-Scooter App Features

Before we pen down a ballpark cost estimation for e-scooter app development, it’s important to talk about the feature set that plays a significant role in cost estimation, especially for the two versions – User and Admin

Let us dive into the specifications of the e-scooter app.

User Side Features

  • Registration

A well-planned registration process is among the most important features of an on-demand app. Moreover, it’s something that you should be cautious about, as it asks for users’ credentials, leaving them wary and sometimes making them drop out of the app. Therefore, it’s recommended to ask what is necessary, else you can provide social account integration to save users time in filling up the information.

  • In-app Payments

Integration of in-app payments is a must-have feature that should be in an e-scooter app. With this users can easily and securely pay for the ride within the application.

  • Push Notifications

Keeping users updated while riding the vehicle or being offroad is important. After all, reaching out to them to inform them about new discounts or plans of the ride, payment schedules, ride details, security notifications and much more is an inevitable part towards success. All these can be seamlessly achieved with push notification integration.

  • Navigation

With the help of GPS integration in the app, it gets a lot easier to track the vehicle and see the nearby spot to park the vehicle. This is the most crucial feature as the whole purpose of the app is to save time and get convenience.

  • QR Scanner

QR scanner is a feature facilitating users to scan and unlock the e-scooter. But, it’s equally important to mark an e-scooter with a special QR code which unlocks the vehicle after every scan. Moreover, the user can lock the vehicle with the same scan.

  • Smart Lock

So, if the above-mentioned features let users unlock the e-scooter in the app, this one is about locking it. This smart lock feature enables users to lock the e-scooter at their destination point or hold it, in case they want to continue using the e-scooter for commuting. This way, it gets a lot easier and affordable for users to complete their trip in a hassle-free manner.


Admin Side Features

  • User Management

The first and foremost functionality that must be present in the app’s admin side dashboard is user management. With this feature integration, the admin can easily track the rider’s details, location and other credentials – how they are using the app, problems and challenges faced, etc.

  • Rider Management

This feature integration in e-scooter app development assists admins in managing everything about the rides – history, locations, navigation, speed limit, pickup point – all parameters in coherence with government regulations.

  • Dispute Management

A dispute is unexpected, but resolution in minimal time is expected. There can be numerous instances where disputes may arise. Having dispute management will help the admin to understand the gravity of the scenario and resolve it within the stipulated time.

  • Payment Management

Payment management features will help the admin to keep a close eye on the payments made by the riders. Also, it provides them with insights to improve their payment methods to keep users hooked on their app.

Now that you have explored the features driving the surge in the e-scooter app market, it’s time to unveil why it’s a go-to choice for entrepreneurs navigating the urban hustle.

on-demand E-scooter app development

What Makes eScooter Mobile App Development An Instant Hit Among Entrepreneurs?

  • Quick Return on Investment

For entrepreneurs, the Return On Investment (ROI) is a quality metric inspiring to take baby steps in the e-scooter market. Thus, the ROI for the e-scooter market is pretty high compared to other ventures.

Simply put, it has the potential to become a passive income source of earning with a one-time investment.

  • Untapped Market with Immense Potential

There’s no doubt, that global on-demand electric scooter opportunities are immense. Plus, there are numerous features that businesses can offer amalgamated with the present pick-and-drop features. The app can be integrated with Beacon technology to present discounts in nearby regions or they can be established in collaboration with mom-and-pop shops delivering goods in nearby regions.

In a nutshell, the potential to use an e-scooter is endless, and this is directly proportional to app market growth.

  • The Readymade Demand

The e-scooter market solves the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs – “what if there is no demand for my sustainable solution?”.

In a short span of 2 years, e-scooters have carved a huge demand for themselves in the market – something that makes a boon for newbies stepping into the market.

  • The Low Competition Rate

The other side of the story is, being the marketplace 2 years old it’s still home to a limited number of players.

With competition that can be counted at their fingertips, the scope for businesses to test the water and create a brand of their own is very high. Though the reasons are basically understood, the outcome for users and entrepreneurs alike has created it as a lucrative market segment.

Simply put, the growth tangent that the on-demand e-scooter segment has seen itself on is partially the doing of the investor’s interest which is now at the brink of ever since the launch of an on-demand E-scooter app like Bird. It’s really a thing that has played a big role in bringing the e-scooter statistics to the upper side of the graph.


Now that we have a fair idea of factors that are designed to fall on your debit side, do explore the ways you can earn money on your application.

The primal way is to have a competitive set for the last-mile rides. However, there are myriad choices to pick when it comes to the monetization model. The next can be, what the Bird app model followed – create a marketplace.

If you have any queries or are looking for a trusted partner to create an on-demand e-scooter app for your entrepreneurship, just drop in Hi. The rest will be taken by our experts at Apptunix.


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