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How Much Does it Cost to Build an App in Saudi Arabia?

98 Views | 5 min | Published On: March 14, 2024 Last Updated: March 14, 2024

Wondering about how much it cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia? 

You're not alone. With millions of users embracing mobile apps daily, cities like Riyadh and Jeddah are witnessing a burgeoning app development scene among entrepreneurs and businesses. 

So, let’s answer the most pressing question: what is the average cost to develop an app in Saudi Arabia? Well, it's a bit like purchasing a new car - you have the option to choose a standard model or customize it with additional features that suit your needs. 

The cost of app development in Saudi Arabia mirrors this scenario, where the price tag varies depending on your preferences and project requirements. Often, creating basic apps starts from $5000, while more intricate projects incline towards hundreds of thousands of dollars, approximating around $190,000 or more. 

In essence, it all boils down to factors like app type, functionality level, desired features, and development time that play a crucial role in determining the final cost. To your surprise, even seemingly easy app ideas can entail weeks or months of continuous development effort.   

But, before you make a decision and consult a mobile app development company, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your app’s requirements and desired functionalities to get a fair cost estimation.  

Even seemingly straightforward app ideas can entail weeks or months of continuous development effort. When consulting a mobile app developer in Saudi Arabia, it's essential to have a clear understanding of your app's needs and desired functionalities to receive an accurate estimate. 

Let’s explore what exactly influences the cost of app development in Saudi Arabia! 

Android or iOS App

Of all the decisions to be made in creating a mobile app in Saudi Arabia, the first and foremost is whether you want your app for iOS or Android devices. Your decision to choose one specific platform depends on these 5 major factors:

  • Your target audience
  • App features 
  • Project Timeline
  • Revenue goals
  • App maintenance budget

The fact is, there is a huge difference in the user types that Android and iOS apps cater to. Globally, there are more Android users but Apple dominates the lion’s share in terms of app spending. Thus, it’s crucial to consider the geography and demography of your target audience before choosing a platform to develop an app. 

Moreover, app development time for an iOS app is ~30 to 40% faster compared to Android. As a result, you spend less on an iOS app in the long run. Whereas, an Android app offers more flexibility and better features, because it’s an open-source platform, allowing you to add more features and functions that will appeal to your audience. 

Even if your objective is to roll out the app on both platforms eventually, it’s recommended to start with one platform of development first. After all, developing both iOS and Android simultaneously can be a daunting task. Also, it’ll add up in the cost of making your app. 

Thus, to harness first-mover advantage, it’s important to weigh these facts against the characteristics of your audience and lower-cost myths to make the best choice. 

Hybrid or Native App

The next crucial step in creating an app in Saudi Arabia is choosing between a Hybrid or Native app.  

A hybrid app uses web tools like HTML, Javascript, or CSS and complies with different platforms. Whereas, native Apps are crafted with platform-specific languages, like Java for Android and Swift for iOS. 

Here’s a Scoop: Choose Native app development if all you want is simplicity with basic features. Besides, for high-performance requirements like 3D or HD games and graphic-intensive apps, the native approach is the go-to.

Native app development may sound pricier because of different development efforts for each platform, extending development time. Plus, specific skill sets are needed for native app development and maintenance, further adding up to the cost. 

But, if you have budget constraints and your app isn’t performance-heavy, a hybrid approach should suffice. 

App Features 

The app's complexity is directly proportional to the development cost.

A simple app with standard buttons, CTAs (Call To Action), graphics, and other aspects that comply with the platform of your choice costs less compared to an app with more complex functionalities. 

But, if you are developing an e-commerce app, payment feature integration is inescapable to ensure app security. Besides, third-party integration is another feature that adds up to the development cost as a whole. 

Moreover, the development cost also increases if you involve any functional service in the app. Don’t worry, if you are a rookie to the term “Function service”, we got you covered! 

It’s a function service required to execute some specific functions and features of the app. Though your development partner can develop specific features for your app, functional services can be easily leveraged through a service provider on a subscription basis. 

Customization or Generic Design

There’s no doubt that customizing your app design to your specific needs incurs additional costs in the average cost to develop an app in Saudi Arabia, as customization contributes significantly to app pricing. Conversely, opting for a generic design results in lower expenses. On average, crafting each custom interface can take nearly 16 to 29 hours, with unique screens requiring up to 3 hours each, which significantly impacts design and development costs.

To save on designing, opt for a blended app design approach. Herein, you only select elements that are customized, minimizing the overall cost compared to the complete customized design. 

Development Time

The app development time in Saudi Arabia depends on numerous factors, like app type, complexity of the app, project intricacy, etc. 

Considering these aspects, an app takes anywhere between three weeks to twelve months to complete. Plus, surveys show that nearly 10% of the project is completed within three months, whereas, it involves 18 weeks to build a native app version. 

For better understanding, let’s take an example of creating a Boeing 777 airplane or digging 3 oil wells each 3000 feet deep. Considering this, it’s fair and square to say that the project timeline varies according to the project’s complexity and requirements directly impacting the cost.

Who Is Developing Your App

Last but not least, selecting your development partner significantly impacts its price. 

You always have two options to decide who will develop your app - hire an app developer in Saudi Arabia or a trusted app development company in Saudi Arabia. Freelancer app developers offer lower costs and direct communication, but mostly they have a slip-up on quality metrics followed by voluminous paperwork, plus finding the right fit can be challenging. 

On the contrary, a reputed AI software development company is also an ideal choice as they dwell with a bespoke experience in the tech stack. Though, it may seem pricier but simultaneously assures quality and comes with an experienced multi-talented coders team. So, if for you quality is second to none, partnering with the development company makes a healthy investment. 


Stepping into the dynamic world of app development bustling with innovation and creativity is no rocket science, especially when it funnels down to the cost to build an app in Saudi Arabia. Once again, partnering with the right app development company helps you navigate a rich tapestry of services, from essential features to cutting-edge enterprise solutions, all at a price that is second to none in the industry. 

Though riding the bandwagon in Saudi Arabia may seem daunting, remember choosing the right app development company is the key to unlocking success. A trusted app development company like Apptunix is ready to walk the extra mile to create a bespoke and cost-effective app that perfectly aligns with your business goals. 

So, why wait? Let’s build something incredible together! 


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