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How to Develop Game Streaming Mobile Apps Like Twitch?

478 Views | 1 min | Published On: May 24, 2023 Last Updated: May 6, 2024
develop a game streaming app like twitch

Launched on the 6th of June 2011 as a subsidiary of Amazon, Twitch has earned global recognition in the video live-streaming industry. Whether it’s average concurrent viewers & concurrent channels, monthly broadcasters, or so on, Twitch has experienced tremendous growth.

Develop an app like twitch - Growth

Moreover, so far Twitch has been watched for 490 billion minutes. One of the reasons why game streaming mobile app development is in trend these days.

By the way, if you are planning to take advantage of this growing trend and want to develop a game streaming mobile app like Twitch, you have landed in the right place. This blog will take you on a  journey where you will get to know everything, you must know about the development process.

So let’s dive straight into the topic.

Twitch - Is it Only a Game Streaming Mobile App?

Twitch is a video streaming network that enables users to upload videos, live stream games, watch other people’s live streams, take part in gaming tournaments, and communicate with other players & content producers via instant messaging throughout the world. 

Apart from this, users can watch live broadcasts without even signing up for an account. However, they must register for a platform account in order to chat with other users and broadcast their own material.

Moreover, apart from providing specialized apps to enable users to broadcast their content and engage with the community, Twitch is compatible with a personal computer, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Sony’s PlayStation console. It means more fun.

Not only this, on Twitch, users can stream their activities live for others to watch, including gamers and those interested in other genres like music or food.

Users can browse via different categories to find a video stream, and they can subscribe to a particular channel to receive updates on that channel’s activities.

Additionally, it offers browser support so that users can enjoy its capabilities. Twitch is very well-liked among young people because it also provides video-on-demand and audio-video broadcasting services which are in trend these days.

develop or build alive streaming app like twitch

Business Model of Twitch - How Does Twitch Work

After going through what Twitch is capable of, you might be wondering how it works. Well, here is the complete working process you must know.

The home page of the Twitch website lists the various types of content and games that are offered under its banner. Users can choose what content they want to watch from the trending or most popular games that are typically hosted on the home page. Once decided, users can start live streaming by simply clicking on the chosen content.

A person can easily view the “Broadcast” or live stream on a mobile app. A split-screen display provided by the smartphone app enables users to check what the video streamer sees from their end. Moreover, users can hear and see the players play through a small window on the edge of their live-stream broadcast as they compete.

On top of that, there are links in the video feeds that allow viewers to purchase games. Affiliate connections allow streamers to sell things, and this is where Twitch and the streamers split the profits.

Users can also communicate with other users and players while watching a video feed. They can converse with others, ask questions, give feedback, and get responses because of this. 

Live streams can be saved by users so that they can watch them at a more convenient time in the future.

7 Steps to Develop a Game Streaming Mobile App Like Twitch

When it comes to developing a game-streaming mobile app like Twitch, you are required to make a strategy, divide it step-by-step, and follow the same while keeping room for some changes if the situation warrants so.

how to develop a live streaming gaming mobile app

Step 1: Select the Right Team

You are required to look for a development company that has the knowledge and skills necessary to create streaming apps from scratch.

The best way is to outsource the project to a team that offers you flexibility if the situation demands it, completing the project on time and within your budget. Additionally, go with the team that keeps you informed about the development and work being done on your project.

Step 2: Go For a CDN

Building a streaming app and server scaling demands the right CDN. If you don’t think your app needs it now, consider it from a future viewpoint and you will see its value. CDN is essential for delivering streaming content without any hiccups.

Step 3: Choose a Hosting Provider

To provide users with seamless streaming services, you must choose a reputable hosting partner. Hosting service quality is crucial especially when you have massive traffic and thousands of users are simultaneously watching your content.

Step 4: Storage Management

Users must be able to readily access all of your app’s data and streaming material in order to view and stream their preferred media content without any interruption or failure. The best platform for live streaming apps is the cloud platform as it offers scalable, affordable, and manageable services.

Step 5: UI/UX Design

Even if the content that your users are seeking, is not there in your app, still appearance can get consumers to utilize it. Therefore, it is essential to hire a development company with talented and imaginative UI/UX designers to develop your app. They can give your app a pleasing appearance that users will love to interact with.

Step 6: Features

To ensure that the services and features you offer will earn the user’s attention, start by developing an MVP version. You can also experiment with various features that are unique and not offered by rival apps. For a better idea here is a list of essential features you can go with.

Essential Features of Game Streaming Mobile App

must have feature of live streaming mobile app like twitch

Although there are many other apps like Twitch, still it holds a novel position. One of the reasons behind the same is the cutting-edge features it offers. So if you are all set to take the video live-streaming market, Onboarding, User Registration & Login, Video Library, Live-Streaming, Instant chatting, Search Bar, Security, Watch Lists, Ratings & Reviews, etc. are some of the essential features you can go with.

Advanced Features of Game Streaming Mobile App

Add on features of a video streaming gaming mobile app

Apart from the basic features, there are also advanced features that can help you beat the cut-throat market competition. Social Login & Sign-Ups, Push Notifications, Monetization, Screen Mirroring, Analytics, Cloud-Based DVR, Loyalty Program Integration, Scheduled Live Streaming, CRM Integration, Voice Assistance, Behavior Tracking, Enhanced Security, etc. are some of the add-on features you can go with.

Step 7: Quality Assurance Testing

When it comes to users, interactions with your platform are all that matter. Users will turn to other apps on the market if they encounter any problems, therefore you must make sure they don’t. Quality assurance testing is therefore necessary before making your application accessible to users by any means.

What is the Cost to Develop a Game Streaming Mobile Apps Like Twitch?

After going through the development process you must be curious about the development cost and time for your game-streaming mobile app. Well, here you need to know that there are many factors that determine the overall cost. Which features you want to add to your app, the location of the development agency, your specific business requirement, and so on can affect the overall development cost by a huge margin.

But if we consider an average range, an advanced version of an app like Twitch will cost you anywhere around 60,000 USD to 1,000,000 USD.

Moreover, if you partner with a top mobile app development company like Apptunix, you can not only save a lot of money but can also get your project on time. This is so because Apptunix has spent enough time in the live video streaming mobile app development market. It can not only provide you with workable suggestions but can also guide you with cost-cutting while maintaining the quality of the app.

So the ball is in your court now, and it’s up to you, what you want to do with the same.

cost and time to develop a video streaming app like twitch

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