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Jeff Bezos & His March To Dominance

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5441 Views | 3 min | Published On: January 23, 2019 Last Updated: October 4, 2019
success story of amazon ceo

How wealthy is Jeff Bezos?

Research by Oxfam showed us a little sneak-peek into Everest of wealth Bezos owns, it denoted that one percent of the world’s richest man’s wealth is equivalent to the complete health budget of Ethiopia. The 55-year-old Amazon founder has witnessed a meteoric rise his wealth in the last few years, according to Bloomberg Billionaire Index his total worth has crossed $135 Billion (around Rs.9,96,180 crore).

Talking about some more amazing numbers, Bezos’ wealth is a lot more than the GDP of more than 131 standalone nations. If Mr. Amazon was a nation, he rank would be approximately 57 out of the 188 countries when it comes to total net worth. He has garnered a lot more wealth than a lot of nations including Jamaica, Iceland, Estonia, and Tunisia.

A Page From The Book Of Inspiration

Bezos was not born with a golden spoon, an inspiration for the world today he grew up with his step-father and a craving for knowledge in school. As a kid, he spent most of his summers fixing windmills and repairing everything that stopped working on his grandparents’ Texas ranch. The entrepreneur credits these tiny tinkering with ranch tools for his inclination towards experimentation.

Jeff Bezos

The Princeton graduates’ drive to push the boundaries and goals is what’s helped Amazon to sore high and maintain its reign as the world’s biggest and the most successful online retail business. He has gone on record that his recipe for success includes taking up bold risks, welcoming the change and rebounding from the setbacks.

In an interview by Vanity Fair last year Bezos remarked that “You need to be nimble and robust so you need to be able to take a punch and you also need to be quick and innovative and do new things at a higher speed, that’s the best defense against the future.”
Bezos has taken a keen interest in adopting new and enhanced technologies he further says that “You have to always be leaning into the future. If you’re leaning away from the future, the future is gonna win, every time.”


Trailblazers like Bezos see the world as a workshop. He is always up to find answers to all the “what-if” questions which the world passes on.

The entrepreneur has a substantiate track-record for dismantling and shaking up the various businesses he steps in, so much so that the world has dubbed him as “disruptor-in-chief”.

Jeff Bezos Success Story

This ultimate disrupter has turned and toppled the book industry and displaced the electronics merchants. Now, Amazon is pushing into selling everything big 7 small to making feature films to manufacturing iPad-worthy tablets for readers. Bezos is willing to step into deep-waters and lose money, yet investors from all around the world have embraced him open arms, taking Amazon at a position where every company just dreams to be. As Amazon experiments and expands, Bezos continues his zealous approach towards delivering a great customer experience.


From working in McDonald’s to becoming the richest man on the planet the most fascinating thing about Bezos’ story is his undoubted commitment to implementing a long term vision, all this while the world around could not apprehend it.

Amazon showed no signs of development for 20 years and it was criticized by the media now and then. The business pundits termed Amazon as a growing e-bookstore which couldn’t become profitable. In between all this, they missed the bigger picture.
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And while everyone debated over the company’s polarizing nature and aggressive expansion, team Amazon lead by Bezos focused just on execution. The world never envisioned the “ everything store”, it didn’t mean Bezos could not build it.

He was ready to be misunderstood for a very long time just to follow his vision -the one that he roughly drew on a napkin once-


His vision and haters-gonna-hate attitude have brought him to a position today where his profit numbers make the same people jaw-drop.

Entrepreneurs should have the courage to fail and learn new lessons every time. So, whether you are remodeling a product like Jeff Bezos did with his grandpa’s farm, or testing a new idea which the world discourages you to undertake, remember’s Bezos funda about experimentation and the spirit of doing-and-learning. The more you experiment, the closer you get to positive, powerful results.

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