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Learn How to Create e-Wallet App | Make An App Like PayPal

7651 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 19, 2021 Last Updated: June 3, 2024
e-Wallet app development

Technology has made everyday chores easy for everyone. Whether it is getting the grocery from an online app or getting an appointment with a doctor online. All the industries are benefiting from modern technology. Everything is just a click away. It was in our imagination that, one day a time will come when everything can be done by sitting at home. And app developers have made it possible. Want to order food? Login to the food delivery app and get the order at your doorstep.

Busy with the office schedule and want a beautiful dress for an urgent date or party? Switch to a fashion or e-Commerce app and get the dress delivered to your address on time. But do you ever wonder how the payment is done for such an online purchase? All online payments are done by digital payment apps. In this blog, you will learn how to create e-Wallet app and what features must be added to the app to make it more convenient for the users.

Now users just have to think for service and they can find the app for the respective service. But have you ever wondered how users pay when they use any such online app?  The online money transaction takes place through the eWallet apps or through digital payment gateways. These digital payment apps brought a new revolution to the latest or modern world. Such apps are gathering the attention of many investors because of their high demand in the market. Let us see how these e-Wallet apps work and what to do if you want to digital wallet app development services. Through these digital payment apps, one can do all types of transactions, and that too with complete safety and security.

Hire skilled e-Wallet app developers

Market of Mobile Payment App Development

Mobile wallet app development is helpful for many industries. It is not just confined to any one sector. Therefore if we talk about how much it is going to benefit you, if you invest your money to create e-Wallet app. Then let’s understand this through the statistics. Reports show that the e-Wallet apps will have great popularity by the year 2023 and are claimed to generate revenue of $4574 bn by the year 2023. It will benefit many industries by easy payment transactions.

Scope of e-Wallet app in the future

It is not always possible for us to carry cash, but it is always convenient to carry a mobile phone. So now whether you have to pay to a vegetable vendor or you have to pay for any heavy electrical appliance. All you have to do is, take your mobile phone download the app, and make the payment with the e-Wallet mobile app. It is really easy to use a mobile wallet app.

Especially due to the Covid-19 breakout, digital payment apps got even more popular. If there were no such app or digital payment mode available. Then definitely the covid-19  have shown us the worst phase. If there were no digital payment or money transfer mode present, then it would have created big trouble in getting salaries and other daily requirements like medicines, groceries and etc. There would have been a complete mess and imbalance. All such situations made e-Wallet apps development more demanding.

Some of The Leading eWallet Apps

In this part, we will discuss a few popular mobile wallet apps. How these apps work and how much it costs to build such apps. There are many popular e-Wallet apps. The three most popular eWallet apps, are mentioned below:

Highly used e-Wallet Apps

All these three apps are very popular among users when it comes to online payment. Users find these apps very secure for online payment. What makes these three apps so popular, let us understand this with the points mentioned below.

Safe and Secure

Whenever it is about money, every person is really concerned and worried. He wants to confirm complete security and safety for his hard-earned money. And already there are so many scams and hackers around, therefore security become the primary concern when you think to create e-Wallet app.  Always make sure that the safety and security policies are very strong and strict. Because security is the major reason why these mobile wallet apps gained so much popularity. If you want to learn how to create a safe and secure app like PayPal click on the link.

Easy to Use

There is no rocket science when it comes to using these digital payment apps. There are three simple steps: Download the app, Login with the app, add bank details and start using. Whether you want to transfer money or want to receive money. Everything is possible with a single app. There is one more thing that has been introduced in this digital payment world “Code Scanning”. Through this, you just need to scan the code with the help of your mobile app and your transaction or payment is done. It is really very convenient to use. Whenever you are buying anything online then also you can use the e-wallet app. All online apps provide their users the benefit of paying by using e-Wallet apps. 

Flexibility of Policies

Users can change their details anytime. If users want to change their bank details which are added with the eWallet app and want to add another bank account. They can easily do that at their convenience. The policies are really flexible, depending upon the user preference and choice they can add or remove the details. Users can pay through NFC, QR Code Scanner and etc. 

Sectors Uses Mobile Payment App

Almost every sector uses this e-Wallet app for receiving and sending money. Whether we talk about healthcare, eCommerce, banking, etc. Everywhere we can see the importance of digital payment. It is the demand of every sector and hence it is the highest revenue-generating app of this time. The e-Wallet apps are so trendy because they have two major features. First, it saves time and second, it is easy to use. Whether it is a small payment of $10 or big payments like $10,000, both can be done in a few minutes with one simple app.

sectors using e-wallet apps

In hospitals mostly people need urgent money for surgeries. So it becomes easier for them to do immediate payment through e-Wallet apps rather than getting into the hassle of cash. Similarly, if we talk about an e-Commerce app or any other fashion app. Users make payment for the product which they buy on the eCommerce app through these digital e-Wallets only. In banks and other financial institutes, people use e-Wallet apps for money transactions very often. Now  Whatsapp and other apps are also offering their users money – transfer feature. Which allows users to transfer or receive money from their contact list directly to their bank account. If you are planning to create e-Wallet app then you should definitely go for it, this is really a nice business to start nowadays.

Features of Mobile Payment App

Are you looking for the best feature to integrate into your e-Wallet app ? Then given below are few pointers which you should consider if you want to create e-Wallet app which is easy to use and also loved by users. 

Develop e-Wallet app with advanced features

1.Login/ User’s Profile

This login feature means the user will download the e-Wallet app and then he/she has to get themselves registered by entering their basic details like name, place, and photographs. You can also provide users to log in through GMAIL or FB. This way you can reduce the log in process for the user and the accessibility will also get quick and easy. 

2.Sync More Than One Bank Account

When you create e-Wallet app then this is the main thing that you will ask the user at the beginning. But before that make sure your eWallet app is completely secure and safe. The privacy of the user’s data is very important when you create e-Wallet app for the user’s convenience. Here are a few steps which will help you develop safe and secure software every time.

Now when a user adds his/her bank details, they can add more than one bank account detail on the app. Allowing users to add more than one bank account, make your app more user-friendly. Because nowadays people do have several accounts with different banks. So this “Sync of more than one bank account” is really another nice feature to add to your eWallet app. 

3.No Minimum Transaction Limit

There are few e-Wallet apps that limit the transaction amount. Let us understand this with an example, if a user wants to do payment through the eWallet app then he has to pay the minimum amount which is set by the app owners. Like if there is a minimum limit of $50 then users can only do the transaction if they have to make a payment of $50. If the amount is below $50 then you cannot do any transaction. Which creates too much problem while doing the payment and this also irritates the user. So to avoid this problem when you create e-Wallet app for your business then do remember to provide this feature of “No minimum transaction limit” for convenient and easy payments.

4.Bill Splitting Option

Many eWallet apps are providing this feature. With this feature, users can easily split the bill among each other. For instance, think if three friends are out for lunch and after lunch one of them made the payment. Now rather than taking the cash. The user can set the bill through the e-Wallet app and can easily split it among three. All the other two can transfer the amount to the one who is actually doing the payment for the lunch. This feature again makes the payment easy. This is also one of the important features to get into your e-Wallet app development. 


e-Receipts is the message or the detail which users receive after making any transaction through the eWallet app. If the user made a purchase of $10 then immediately the deduction will be sent to the user through an alert message or as an e-Receipt from the app or bank which is added to the app. This makes the digital payment method more easy, safe, and secure.

6.GPS Tracking

The reason for integrating this feature in an eWallet app is that users will be able to track the location where they used the app. It will help you have details of all the purchases where and when you spent the money. In situations of any doubt or confusion, users can immediately refer to their last transaction’s details and know where he/she used the app for the payment. This works just as e-Receipts where users get the details of deduction in addition they also receive the name of the place or location where the app was used.

7.Reward Points

Give users some cashback offers while using the app. This will attract more users to the app. This is one of the marketing strategies which is been used by many app owners to attract more and more users. In order to receive more cashback and offers users make maximum use of the app.

8.Privacy and Security

This feature is about the safety and security of user’s bank account details and transactions. When it comes to money everyone is extra conscious and alert. They want complete security and safety while accessing the apps. In e-Wallet apps money is directly involved, users add their bank accounts details on the app. So the app’s software should be really advanced and the latest technology must be used to protect the app from any hackers or fraudsters. For that, you can add or provide a fingerprint scanning option in the app. That means, whenever the user wants to access the app, they can only open it with the help of their fingerprint. You can also provide OTP options. When the user will use the digital payment app, then for making any transaction he/she will receive an OTP, and then after using that password, the transaction will be completed. 

9.QR Code Scanner

This is an advanced feature of e-Wallet apps. QR codes are scanned by the user’s mobile and direct the money gets transferred to the payee account. You must have seen vegetable or fruit vendors or shopkeepers having a board with a QR code on it. The customer just scans the code with his mobile and the shopkeeper receives the money.  This is how the QR scanner works, easy and so quick.


If you are looking forward to create e-Wallet app then I hope this blog was helpful to you. In this blog, we have mentioned features, scope, and sectors where this eWallet app can be useful. If you are looking for mobile eWallet app development company you can contact us today. 

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