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How Does Nykaa Work? Make An On Demand Beauty App Like Nykaa

4279 Views | 1 min | Published On: November 22, 2021 Last Updated: March 12, 2024
app like nykaa

The fashion and beauty business is timeless and ever-expanding. Seasons come and go. Tastes change throughout time. Vagueness and craziness pass us by. Not only are trends changing, but so are fashion businesses’ business models. Emerging technology,  as well as altering regional and economic market levels, have ushered in a new era of online on-demand beauty and fashion app development.

Nykaa is an Indian cosmetics and personal care company that specializes in multi-beauty and personal care products. It began as a solitary e-commerce platform before expanding into a variety of retail shops in several urban areas around the country. The company specializes in providing a wide range of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, perfumes, bath and body, luxury, and wellness items for both men and women.

The portal offers adequately prepared and priced branded items and claims to garner more than 1.5 million visitors every month across India. In this blog, you’ll get to know about how Nykaa works with its advanced features and how an app like Nykaa benefits your business.

About Nykaa App - Beauty And Fashion App

Nykaa app began in 2012 as an online marketplace showcasing beauty and wellness items from a diverse variety of worldwide brands. Soon after, Nykaa opened its first offline store in New Delhi, and it now has 68 offline outlets in 20 cities throughout India. Nykaa debuted its in-house beauty goods range in 2015, and in 2016 expanded into the bath and body care area. 

The company achieved global notoriety via highly publicized collaborations with supermodel Gigi Hadid and Indian actress Katrina Kaif and its girl-next-door marketing campaigns launched on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.


How Does Nykaa Work?

 An online cosmetics retailer- Nykaa uses an inventory-based business strategy to provide high-quality items. Take a look at how does Nykaa work:

  • Products are purchased directly from merchants and manufacturers by online beauty retailers.
  • It stores the highest-quality items in its warehouses in Bangalore, New Delhi, and Mumbai after acquiring them.
  • Nykaa’s website is where the majority of its items are sold.
  • Customers can also shop for Nykaa On Trend, Nykaa Kiosks, and Nykaa Luxe at the offline store.

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Features Of Cosmetic App Like Nykaa

features of app like nykaa

Simple Login

The app should be able to onboard users through it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a user or a merchant. Both of them should be able to effortlessly log in and utilize the app.

The app should provide adequate listing and pricing choices with commission models for the vendor panel so that using the app is simple.

Push Notifications

Notifications are important for fulfilling orders on time. Sellers must be notified when orders are received, and customers must be notified when the items they are tracking become available, when the price has dropped, and when the shipment status of their order has changed.

Filter and Search

The user should be able to apply filters such as price range, brand choice, color, or the type of beauty product to use. They should also include a search bar at the top of the app so that customers can quickly find the goods they’re looking for. This saves consumers time and offers them convenience.

In-App Payment Integration 

The on demand beauty app will be successful only if it can collect payments both online and offline. Your app should integrate conventional payment gateways so that customers may complete checkouts without difficulty.

 Allow customers to pay using their preferred methods, such as Paypal, UPI, debit card, or credit card.

Order Monitoring

Your app should contain a timeline display that indicates the user when the product is anticipated to arrive. It should show when the product was sent, how long it was in transit, and when it will be delivered to the consumer.

This keeps the user up to speed on their order and prevents them from feeling underserved.

Reviews and Ratings

The on demand beauty app will be successful only if it can collect payments both online and offline. Your app should integrate conventional payment gateways so that customers can complete checkouts without difficulty.

Because spontaneous purchases of cosmetic items are common. Furthermore, your delayed payment method may have an influence on your sales.

Wish list

Make it easy for people to spare matters they’re eager on with the desired listing function included in on demand  beauty app improvement and get entry to the entirety of your beauty shop visitors.

Customer Service

Customer service is the assistance you provide to your consumers both before and after they purchase and utilize your products or services, allowing them to have a simple and happy experience with you. 

Advanced Features In An On Demand Beauty App

Seasonal lookbook

Creating seasonal looks depending on customer needs, such as beauty goods for winter, is a fantastic concept.

AI for tailored product suggestions

Including an AI and machine learning function in your app is another excellent way to provide individualized product recommendations to clients.

For quick login

Users should be able to use their social network accounts such as Gmail and Facebook.

Item availability notice

A user might receive a notification if an item they wish to buy is out of stock.

Benefits Of Developing An App Like Nykaa

benefits of an app like nykaa

It Improves The Client Experience

In general, an on demand beauty app enables you to provide higher value to your consumers. They can quickly look through your services, schedule appointments, and discover more about what you have to offer.

While the beauty sector is flourishing, success is not assured, especially among startups, due to increased competition. You’d want to gain a competitive edge by putting your services at your clients’ fingertips.

You can improve and maintain your relationship with them by making things simple and comfortable for them.

It Improves The Income Stream

The absence of imagination and innovation might sometimes be the only thing standing between you and money generation. By restricting your resources and settling for a brick-and-mortar store instead of bringing your products and services online, you are setting your business up for failure.

You may have an extra revenue stream depending on the business strategy of your on demand beauty app. Furthermore, by offering the convenience of an on demand approach, you can attract more regular, paying consumers.

Many consumers prefer to schedule appointments ahead of time or arrange at-home treatments. In these situations, an app comes in handy.

It helps In Marketing Activities

An on demand beauty app can act as a direct line of contact between you and your consumers. While having a social media presence is beneficial, it is not always sufficient. You must tighten your cords even tighter.

You may send push alerts to your consumers about the newest specials if you have your own on demand beauty app.

You can quickly inform customers of new services, discounts, and other special offers. Having an app also provides you with a plethora of chances to thank your loyal consumers on a regular basis.

It Improves Opportunities For Employees

Having an app for your business benefits your employees as well. For starters, people can work from home. They can only supply services when they are required.

They don’t have to wait and sit around all day for people to come in. As a result, individuals can be able to work another job and make more money.

In a typical arrangement, an on demand beauty app also solves the gender wage gap. Despite the fact that women make up nearly 90% of the workforce, men earn roughly 1.6 times as much as women.

Final Words

Inspired by Nykaa’s incredible journey? You can make your own version of Nykaa. 

The platform has a number of big initiatives in the works to make a difference in the beauty and fashion business, and it’s been concentrating on delivering high-quality items and services to customers at reasonable prices.

The platform has a lot of potentials to grow and attain a more dominating position in the future. You’ll need a mobile app development company that will make an amazing on-demand beauty app like Nykaa with the latest technologies. 


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