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What is NFT Telegram Marketing? How to Do It?

579 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 21, 2023 Last Updated: June 13, 2023
Telegram Marketing

NFT Telegram marketing services are in huge demand. The factors are aplenty. But what is it?

In simple words, NFT Telegram marketing is an umbrella term for all activities to promote NFT projects over the popular instant messaging service Telegram.

Over 55 million daily active users and 700 million monthly active users make Telegram one of the leading platforms to promote all kinds of business products, non-fungible tokens or not.

With the expansion of Web 3.0, NFTs are becoming a reliable form of digital assets for painters, musicians, and other artists to sell their works online. Telegram, therefore, is an excellent platform to promote investment in such assets. In this blog post, we’ll cover:

  • What is Telegram?
  • What is NFT Telegram Marketing?
  • Why do it and how to do it?

Before we tell you how to do NFT Telegram marketing, let’s start with understanding the popular instant messaging service.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging app that competes with other instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Messenger. Released in 2013, the messaging app focuses on anonymity and also provides features like channels and file sharing.

According to Statista, Telegram was the fourth most widely used instant messaging service in January 2023 with over 700 million monthly active users. This was 150 million more than what it had in 2022.

Instant Messaging Apps Monthly Active Users

Note that Telegram is more than just an instant messaging service. It also allows users to create communities via channels and groups. Moreover, it supports file sharing and the inclusion of hashtags and keywords to reach individuals and groups with particular interests.

What is NFT? How Does It Fit in With Telegram?

An NFT or non-fungible token is a form of digital asset that is stored on the blockchain. It is irreproducible, and thus, a unique asset.

As Telegram has become quite popular among crypto enthusiasts, the instant messaging platform has become an ideal platform to promote NFT-based projects, which is what many individuals and businesses are doing across the globe.

What is NFT Telegram Marketing?

Telegram is a top platform used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors across the globe. NFT Telegram marketing refers to the process of promoting NFTs via Telegram.

To start building a community for your NFT project, you can create a Telegram channel or group. Here, you must share news, updates, and information related to the project with potential and returning investors and buyers.

Perks of Leveraging Telegram for NFT Marketing

There are several desirable features that the platform offers and make it the go-to platform to promote projects based on non-fungible tokens, including:

Perks of Using Telegram Promotions
  • Telegram facilitates targeted advertising by means of hashtags and keywords to reach relevant people and businesses present on the platform.
  • Receive real-time feedback from the audience to accommodate relevant changes to the offerings fast.
  • The encryption feature ensures data safety and security, and therefore, two parties can exchange sensitive information confidentially without the fear of the prying eyes of any third party.
  • Telegram supports faster transmission and processing of information, which includes sharing files that range from videos to text files.
  • It facilitates sharing of bulky files (up to 2GB), which is a desirable feature for businesses to share brochures, product catalogues, and other marketing material with their customers.
  • Telegram channels are communities that enable members to seek information. However, communication over this medium isn’t encrypted.
  • The instant messaging service enables users to create groups that can have as many as 200k members, which is an ideal feature for any business – or individual – to build a community for their NFT project. A group facilitates sharing news and updates, engaging with customers, and receiving feedback on the products and services offered.
  • Businesses can leverage the power of chatbots to perform a number of actions over Telegram, including customer service by offering instant answers to frequently asked queries and collecting user feedback.

Owing to these perks of Telegram, it has emerged as a top platform to promote NFT projects. In the next section, we will explain how to use Telegram to market your NFT project offerings.

How to Leverage NFT Telegram Marketing to Increase the Visibility of Your Business Online?

Businesses can leverage the concept of NFT Telegram marketing to promote their brand online. As discussed above, the instant messaging platform has a galore of features appropriate for community management and engagement.

Telegram can help businesses to attract more customers, gain leads, and generate revenue. This is how to do it:

Ways to Promote NFT Projects on Telegram

1.Airdrops, Bounties, and Referrals

Airdrop is a popular phenomenon in the crypto space for bringing new members and rewarding existing ones. Additionally, freebies like airdrops will encourage your Telegram community members to talk about your group with potential new members.

A bounty is similar to an airdrop but differs in the aspect that it rewards a user for accomplishing specific tasks, which can vary from sharing posts to a specific number of people to visiting and engaging with your Telegram channel daily for a distinct number of days.

Another way to incentivize membership in your community is to introduce a referral program. It motivates the present members of your community to market your community to their friends, families, and acquaintances.

2.Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing has become a staple of digital marketing. Its effectiveness lies in the fact that an influencer already has an existing audience that they can easily motivate to support your cause.

In addition to just recommending your business – or business product – to their audiences, influencers can educate potential customers about your offering to help them form informed decisions.

You need to identify relevant Telegram influencers to market your NFT products. Else, you can hire an NFT marketing agency to help you with the task.

3.Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Social media is a tried-and-tested way to increase brand recognition and brand loyalty. Many NFT and crypto users are active on social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter. Hence, you must be present on these platforms to reap the benefits.

You should join social media groups to develop an active relationship with like-minded people and communities over these social media platforms.

One way to promote your NFT Telegram community over social media platforms is to add informative comments. You can also add references to your Telegram community for particular information. Hosting Q&A and AMA sessions will also help.

Remember to make your content rich by adding videos, photos, and infographics to clarify things for your audience.

4.Keep Your Community Hooked

There is no point in growing a community if you can’t engage it. There are several ways to engage your community, including AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, giveaways, contests and Q&A sessions.

Participating in these activities provides a sense of belonging to your community members. A community is generally diverse, therefore, the events must also be diverse to suit different tastes. As your community grows, its diversity will also grow, and so shall the variety and frequency of your events.

5.Generate Rich and Interactive Content

Compelling content is something that entices consumers as well as drives them to perform particular actions. Content can also be used to educate your audience about your offerings and the objectives that you wish to achieve.

Adding visuals – video and graphics – is an effective way to make content attractive and rich. Another way is to add emojis and stickers to your content to make it more user-friendly and less business-oriented.

You can also integrate the mascot of your brand – if any – in your stickers other than your logo and the jargon of your community.

6.Define Community Rules

Setting clear rules is important to harbour a healthy community environment. There should be certain limits and restrictions regarding adding content and behaving in the community.

If someone disregards these rules, then you must warn them. For repeat offenders, a ban can be the most effective option.

7.Leveraging an NFT Marketing Agency

Creating and managing a community is a complicated task that demands a team of multi-skilled professionals. Also, the demand for more people to manage the community increases with the increase in the size of the community.

As such, it can be a great idea to hire an NFT Telegram agency to help you with managing your Telegram community. Such an agency can also help you to cater to the expectations of your group.


Telegram has emerged as one of the most suitable platforms to promote NFT projects as evidenced by the rise in the demand for NFT Telegram marketing.

Features like file sharing, a 200,000-member upper limit for a group, and end-to-end encryption further facilitate promoting your business on the massively popular instant messaging platform.

Apptunix is an experienced NFT marketplace development company that has worked on and delivered hundreds of blockchain development projects around the world. We have a diverse team of professionals with experience in working with numerous trending technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1.What is NFT Telegram marketing?

NFT Telegram marketing is the process of promoting non-fungible tokens or NFT projects via Telegram, which is a popular instant messaging service.

Q 2.How to build an NFT Telegram marketing strategy?

There are several parts of an NFT Telegram marketing strategy. This includes social media promotion, developing effective ad campaigns, using blockchain advertising networks, and guest posting.

Q 3.How does NFT Telegram marketing help businesses to promote their products?

Telegram is a leading platform preferred by individuals as well as businesses around the globe. It offers features such as real-time feedback from the audience and hashtag and keyword insertion to help businesses promote their products.

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