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When Is The Right Time To Opt For Automation Testing?

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4467 Views | 2 min | Published On: February 5, 2018 Last Updated: October 4, 2019
Automation testing ideas

If you are thinking – ‘Why Automation Testing?’ Then, this is the right place to learn about ‘Why Not Automation Testing’. Automation Testing is a type of testing which uses automation tools to write and execute test cases. There is no manual involvement while executing an automated test suite.


Now, the answer to our question of opting for automation testing can only be given after thorough analysis of multiple factors that affect the testing.


These are the following scenarios in which one could opt for Automation Testing:


1. When More Efforts Are Required In Regression:


When the application is quite complex and large, it requires more time and efforts in the regression test to the complete software. In such cases, we can generate an automation script to automate the repeated functionality of a software that can save the time and efforts required in testing.

2. Increase In Cost Of Testing Due To Manual Errors:

If some bugs cannot be found in testing in the initial stages due to manual errors, it can cause replication in other modules and then the complete application. Such bugs, when found at the time of deployment, can increase both the time and cost of overall app development. We can cover the whole functionality in the initial stage by using automation script and avoid such manual errors.

3. The Software Has Multiple Versions And Releases:


When we have to deploy the product in multiple releases or in new versions, then rather than checking the same functionalities, again and again, we can create an automated script that can reduce the time, efforts and cost required in testing.

4. When You Have To Test An Application For Multiple Users:

Suppose you are testing a software that will be used by thousands of users simultaneously. How would you go about testing such a software? If you are testing it manually, it’s going to be very tough. To avoid such situations, there are several open source automation tools available in the market that can create virtual users to test the load, stress, and performance of your software.

5. When The Same Type Of Functionality Needs To Be Tested Multiple Times:


Suppose you have an application that contains multiple forms or links. So instead of testing the same thing manually every time, we can create an automation script to reduce the time, cost and efforts required for testing.

6. When QA Have Less Time To Generate Reports:

Sometimes due to critical deadlines, QA team has less time to generate the bug report. In such scenarios automation tools like Qtp, Rft and testNG can be used. They can generate the reports in the form of results derived from automation script.


In short, if your automation scripts don’t provide a good test coverage then they aren’t really going to be that useful. Automation tools aren’t used that much in negative, penetration and UI testing. So Instead of relying 100% on either manual or automation use the best combination of manual and automation testing to reduce time, cost and efforts.

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