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What Are Stunning App Designs Like?

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5494 Views | 3 min | Published On: February 28, 2017 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
list of stunning app design

Designs in apps are becoming ever more significant and ever more demanding.An app at first is judged by its designs than anything else.Great designs have become a necessity.The better the design you can offer to the end user, the better your chances of impressing them.The perceptions of designs have also undergone quite a considerable change.The design is no longer defined by good looking themes, shapes and color combinations.Designs are now judged by the purpose they serve, they action they help accomplish.


The designs keep undergoing changes and being a creativity fan and practitioner in mobile app development.Apptunix has on most occasions unleashed designs that go on to define the designing conventions.


How apps are becoming a way of life


There are apps for every possible purpose these days.No wonder people have taken a great liking to them.Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus keep everyone buzzing while on the go.These apps are increasingly used through the smartphones and tablets now.


People want these apps at their fingertips. That’s a huge stride ahead from the days of desktops.For those who’ve come to use these social networks and banking services on their desktops, using them on their smartphones almost offers a life-changing experience.Apps have improved since they first emerged.They’re much faster, responsive and above all – very elegant.Yet, they continue to evolve. There are apps not just for the ubiquitous mobile phones, but for TVs, watches, and cars too.


That implies app users are converging from all walks of lives and from all age groups.Whereas teenagers and adults made up the majority of the mobile-audience earlier, the older generation is making an appearance in the app-audience too.That means a mobile application development company will have more people to please.Designers have their hands full.


Designs – From personalization to relating with emotion


There are apps, in fact, there are tens of thousands of apps.But people have their favorites and they only keep them on their devices.Everyone likes a bit of personalized feel on their phones.People want their apps within phones to reflect their personal taste.App designs come into the frame again. Designs have to relate to the users on an emotional level.As more and more businesses start embracing mobiles, they will all have the challenge of offering the same user experience in their apps as it exists in the real world.


Brand loyalty dictates that users stay connected with a particular product/services because they’re able to relate themselves to it.That may be either through their message, actions or mere appearance.The design aspect of mobile apps has to do with the latter and that’s where any android application development company can cash in.


It’s about how you offer the experience


Fortunately, a mobile application development company has a lot of tools at their disposal to offer that personalized experience to the end user.Apps have crossed major frontiers and beside smartphones and tablets are being made for watches, cars and even TVs.Hotels and Restaurants are increasingly making use of iwatches and ibeacon technology to offer a surrealistic experience to their users.It’s not just reaching out to the users, but reaching them in the way they like it.


Designs-game has undergone some change


Designing even the simplest of apps these days is considered to be a brain-wracking task.Different platforms, demographics, the guidelines of the platforms themselves and then the concern of various screen-sizes just go on to make matters complex.App designing has just got a whole lot difficult and it’s no longer a trade that anyone might try their hand at and succeed.The services of an expert android application development company are the need of the hour.


Luckily there are tools available that make the designer’s job easier to a degree or two.Marvel and Invision have equipped designers with the power to create sumptuous designs by doing away with the obstacles to animation.Zeplin is another great utility, allowing developers to accurately visualize the look and style of the designs as is intended through the codes.


The sketch provides designers with everything of their need to start their designing endeavor.These tools are of invaluable help to the designers.ColorSafe has taken the accessibility concern out of the question with precise color and contrast tests.The app designs are the life of an app and we can be glad that the crevice between mediocre and beautiful apps is closing down.The designs are taken more seriously than ever.The way you present, communicate, express yourself through your app designs can be the make or break game.

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