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Analytics drives your digital marketing efforts in the proper direction. Absent its invaluable insight, you wouldn’t know where you stand and what should be the future course of action. Analytics provides with data that let you measure your performance, track the source of traffic to your website, set goals, learn user’s behavior based on demographics and so much more. With all that info you can mold your website, product, and services to your user’s taste and preferences to turn them into loyal customers. Analytics is all you need to make your digital marketing a noteworthy success. We make that happen for you.

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Google Analytics Services We Offer


Google Analyticsaccount setup

Account setup is the first step in getting up and running with Google Analytics. We set up everything for you to simplify the tracking of targeted KPIs and other campaigns.


Reliable Google Analytics Audits

By understanding your business requirements we prepare detailed audit reports highlighting areas of improvement. With our reliable data, you can never falter from your objectives.


Insights, Analysis & Reporting

Data is power and Google Analytics offers plenty of that. With our expert assistance, you’ll be able to leverage the full potential of Analytics and gain a competitive edge in your market.


Expert Consultancy

As Google Analytics Specialists, we do possess some secret tricks up our sleeves. Our team consists of Certified professionals and we’re always ready to lend aid to your digital marketing efforts.


Conversion Optimization

Hoping for increased conversion rates? We have you covered. With our expert insight, we can suggest changes needed in website flow, customer touchpoint etc to see better conversions.


Dashboards & Reporting

We keep an eye on every kind of activity on your website, from how visitors are coming in and exiting, pages they’re spending more time at and so on. You can see that on the dashboard and other related reports.

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Why Choose Apptunix
Why Choose Apptunix
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Why Choose Apptunix
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