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Pay-per-click or more commonly known as PPC in the Digital Marketing circles is a quick and effective way to reach your potential customers. As the name suggests, it’s a paid service wherein you’re charged a certain fee every time someone clicks on your ad. The more popular form of PPC Search Engine Advertising where advertisers bid to get their ads placed in the sponsored links of search results for a certain keyword that defines their business services. We have all the expertise in creating successful PPC campaigns and drive more traffic towards your website.

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PPC Audits

We perform a thoroughgoing PPC audit to find out areas of improvement to make them more effective. Audits also provide an opportunity to measure performance against competing PPC marketers.

Pay-per-click Audits

Social Advertising

In our premium social network advertising, we leverage the demographic information to maximum advantage. This ensures your message reaches the audience that’s more likely to respond to it.


Google AdWords

With our smart and effective Google Adwords service, you’ll be able to reach your audience in a hassle-free free. Our expert analysis gives you maximum return on investment.


Bing Advertising

Bing is second only to Google as the most popular search engine. With the aid of our PPC specialists, you’ll be able to advertise, promote and gain popularity through Bing’s PPC platform.


Display Advertising

You can promote your biz on popular websites, Social media or even mobile apps via Display Advertising. Using text, images and videos, we employ it to attain desired results.


Remarketing & Retargeting

Constant engagement with potential leads increases the chances of turning them into loyal customers. We ensure that with our top-notch Remarketing & Retargeting services.

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We take delight in performing mobile wonders. Apptunix is a group of talented developers, designers and marketing experts with a reputation for getting things done.

Why Choose Apptunix
Why Choose Apptunix
React Native App Development
Why Choose Apptunix
React Native App Development

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