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Dine In - Your Fastest Food Delivery Service

Check out how Apptunix helped this on-demand food delivery business rebrand its mobile presence with better functionalities.

What is Dine In?

Dine In is a food delivery app operating in Bahrain. With Dine In, users can conveniently order food through the app and have it delivered right to their desired location. The app's main objective is to save customers time by eliminating the need to personally visit a restaurant, place an order, and handle takeout. Dine In takes pride in delivering food promptly and reliably, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

How did we contribute to Dine In's exceptional food delivery service?

Our solution helped Dine In to increase customer loyalty and bring its food ordering & delivery business online

Streamlined Ordering Process

We implemented a user-friendly and efficient ordering system within the app, allowing customers to easily browse menus, select items, customize orders, and seamlessly complete the transaction.

Optimized Delivery Logistics

By leveraging advanced algorithms and data analytics, we optimized Dine In's delivery routes, reducing delivery times and ensuring efficient order dispatch to the nearest available delivery personnel.

Reliable Delivery Network

We established a robust network of reliable delivery partners, rigorously vetting and training them to uphold Dine In's standards of professionalism, timeliness, and customer service.

Real-Time Order Tracking

We integrated a real-time tracking feature into the app, enabling customers to track the progress of their orders, from preparation to delivery, providing transparency and peace of mind.

Customer Feedback System

We developed a feedback system that enables customers to provide valuable input on their delivery experience, allowing Dine In to continuously improve its service based on user insights.

  • Streamlined Ordering Process

  • Optimized Delivery Logistics

  • Reliable Delivery Network

  • Real-Time Order Tracking

  • Customer Feedback System

Our Services Provided

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    Market understanding Localization

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    Product Design

    User flow Designing

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    Android App iOS App

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    Quality Assurance and Validation

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    Play Store publishing & App Store publishing

Food Delivery App Features That Fit Your Business Model Perfectly

Admin Panel

Restaurant Panel

Driver Application

Customer Application

Food Delivery App Features That Fit Your Business Model Perfectly

Admin Panel

  • Performance monitoring

  • Order management

  • Broadcast notifications

  • Real-time updates

  • Payment & commission Mgmt


Performance monitoring

Allows the admin to manage the performance of their business.


Order management

A single place to manage everything related to orders.


Broadcast notifications

Send push notifications to customers, drivers, and restaurants.


Real-time updates

Get live updates regarding order deliveries.


Payment & commission management

This feature allows the admin to view and manage payments and commissions.

Restaurant Panel

  • Staff management

  • Kitchen management

  • Social media integration

  • Personalization

  • Availability

  • Live Tracking


Staff management

A one-stop shop for managing all employees of the restaurant.


Branch management

This feature allows the restaurant owners to manage their branches


Manage CMS

Content Management System (CMS) enables you to control your app’s content.


Manage Profile

Allows the restaurant manager to set preferences.


Reports & Earnings

This feature allows the restaurant owner to make reports and manage earnings.



It allows the restaurant to set their availability timings.

Driver Application

  • Login & registration

  • User Profile

  • Push notifications

  • Chat Integration

  • GPS Map Integration

  • Order Details


Login & registration

This feature enables the drivers to register and log in to offer their services.


User Profile

Drivers can add details like name, address, and contact number.


Push Notifications

The driver receives push notifications regarding important updates.


Chat Integration

A built-in chat functionality to communicate with the user and restaurant in real time.


GPS Map Integration

This feature helps the driver in making the delivery to the precise location.


Order Details (accept/reject orders)

This feature lets drivers accept or reject orders based on their details.

Customer Application

  • Search filter

  • Order placement

  • Real-time tracking

  • Payment gateway integration

  • Reviews & Ratings

  • Add-Ons

  • Filters (Cuisine)

  • Customer Support (Zendex)


Search filter

Lets the user search for any meal of their choice from their favorite restaurants.


Order Placement

A hassle-free experience in placing orders by providing delivery details and making payments.


Real-time order tracking

The user can track the order delivery in real time.


Payment gateway integration(wallet functionality)

For a smooth payment experience, the user can load money into the app wallet.


Reviews & Ratings

Lets the users add reviews about their order experience and leave ratings.



The user can add toppings, extra cheese, et cetera to the meals ordered.


Filters (Cuisine)

This feature lets the user search for food items belonging to particular cuisines.


Customer Support (Zendex)

We integrated Zendex into the customer app for superior customer support.

Tech stacks

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Increased Customer Loyalty By Bringing This Food Ordering & Delivery Business Online

Dine In has a very different functionality when it comes to assigning restaurants to any order. Unless a delivery agent is assigned to the customer, the admin does not let any restaurant pickup the order. This is helpful in saving a lot of time of the customers as the cooking time is usually less than the delivery time.



Dine In had an excellent business plan for its food ordering and delivery business. It offered two main services – to let the customers order food from any restaurant of their choice and to let the restaurants get registered on the platform to get their food delievered to the customers. We researched about the current food delivery market statistics and offered the best solution for their business. We built our solution with advanced technologies integrated seamless functionalities.

Through our efforts, we successfully implemented advanced technologies within Dine In's platform, enhancing its overall performance and user experience. Our solution was designed to meet the specific needs of both customers and restaurants, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free food ordering and delivery process.

By combining market research insights with our technological expertise, we enabled Dine In to establish a strong presence in the competitive food delivery market. The result was a highly efficient and user-friendly platform that catered to the demands of both customers and restaurants, fostering growth and success for Dine In's business.

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Why Should You Take Your Food Delivery Business Online?

By 2025, the revenue of the online food delivery segment is likely to showcase an annual growth rate of 13.23%, which may lead to an expected market volume of $19,591 million.
Our food delivery app solution aims to offer:
– Easy Audience Targeting
– Quality Control at Granular Level
– Increased Online Business Visibilty
– Customer Loyalty Cultivation

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Let Us Help You Rebrand Your Food Delivery Business

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