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Droob - On-Demand Transportation, Moving & Delivery App

Check out how we helped this Kuwait-based Pickup & Delivery business conquer the market!


What is Droob?

Droob is a Kuwait-based app that offers on-demand pickup and delivery services by connecting customers with local truck drivers, movers, and packers. The app focuses on providing convenient moving and packing solutions for personal, construction, or business needs.

Recognizing the potential of expanding its services to the online marketplace, Droob aimed to increase its customer base significantly. Our main goal was to optimize the user experience and ensure the app's simplicity for seamless interactions, ultimately attracting a larger user base.

How did we help Droob achieve booking times of less than one minute?

Our integration of advanced features streamlined the user experience, enabling Droob to achieve booking times of less than one minute.

  • Multi Drop Off Points

  • Multi Trips

  • Instant & Schedule Booking

  • Delivery Proof With eSign & Package Image

  • Auto Driver Assignment

  • Real-time Booking Tracking

  • Share Live Booking Details With Anyone

  • Guest Login

  • Fleet Management Panel

  • Customer Management Panel

  • B2B Business Management Panel

Multi Drop Off Points

Conveniently add multiple destinations for deliveries in a single booking.

Muti Trips

Optimize efficiency by planning and executing multiple trips within a single booking.

Instant & Schedule Booking

Flexibility to make immediate or pre-scheduled bookings based on preference.

Delivery Proof With eSign & Package Image

Capture proof of delivery with electronic signatures and package images.

Auto Driver Assignment

Automated assignment of drivers for efficient order fulfillment.

Real-time Booking Tracking

Track the status and progress of bookings in real time.

Share Live Booking Details With Anyone

Easily share live booking information with relevant parties.

Guest Login

Enable users to access basic functionalities without requiring a dedicated account.

Fleet Management Panel

Efficiently manage and monitor the fleet of vehicles for optimal operations.

Customer Management Panel

Streamline customer management processes for enhanced service.

B2B Business Management Panel

Effectively manage business-to-business operations and relationships.

Our Services Provided

  • 01 Conceptualization

    Market understanding Localization

  • 02 Product Design

    User flow Designing

  • 03 Development

    Android App iOS App

  • 04 Testing

    Quality Assurance and Validation

  • 05Deployment

    Play Store publishing & App Store publishing

Deliverables: Empowering Seamless Operations and User Experience

Admin Panel

  • Detailed Dashboard

  • User Management

  • Driver Management

  • How It Works

  • Booking Management

  • Delivery Pricing

Detailed Dashboard

Contains information regarding orders, revenue, and users. Reports can be exported into CSV format.

User Management

The admin can add, edit or delete user profiles and user details. They can also assign roles to users.

Driver Management

A single dashboard to manage all drivers and vehicles.

How It Works

This feature lets the admin add demonstration videos that are displayed under the How It Works section.

Booking Management

The admin can see and edit bookings from here.

Delivery Pricing

This section lets the admin set the cost of deliveries from point A to point B.

Driver App

  • Agent Earnings

  • Auto Delivery Dispatch

  • Instant Notifications

  • Order Status

  • Route Optimization

  • Real-Time Chat

Agent Earnings

A single place for the delivery agent to keep track of their current and previous earnings.

Auto Delivery Dispatch

Deliveries are scheduled automatically to reduce delivery times.

Instant Notifications

The driver receives instant audio and visual notification when a new task is assigned.

Order Status

Allows the driver to close the delivery task and record order fulfillment upon successful delivery.

Route Optimization

The app provides the shortest and fastest route for making the delivery.

Real-Time Chat

The delivery agent can connect with the customer for additional delivery details.

Customer App

  • Set Preferences

  • Walkthrough

  • Login

  • What Can Fit?

  • Booking Options

  • Add-On Services

  • Order Tracking

Set Preferences

The user starts with setting their country and language.


Helps app users to get accustomed to the droob app.


The user can either sign up and log in or log in as a guest user.

What Can Fit?

A feature that lets the users see the dimensions of the vehicle to get an idea of what can be stored inside.

Booking Options

The user can choose between single-drop, multi-drop, and instant booking.

Add-On Services

The user can set the number of drivers and trips, and request extra helpers, wrapping material, and return trips.

Order Tracking

This feature lets the user check the status of an order or multiple orders and drivers in case of multi-driver and multi-trip.

Web App

  • Vehicle Selection

  • Booking History

  • Pickup and Drop-Off

  • Error Sheet

Vehicle Selection

The admin chooses a vehicle to make a single booking.

Booking History

Allows the B2B user to view all the completed and canceled bookings.

Pickup and Drop-Off

The user needs to select a pickup and drop location for their delivery.

Error Sheet

The user receives an error sheet detailing the error with the row number and error message.

Admin Panel

Driver App

Customer App

Web App

Tech stacks

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Recreating Offline Pickup and Delivery Experience to Digital

Customers are the backbone of a business. Maintaining exclusivity and personal communication with them becomes even more difficult when you take your business online. But, this problem is easily solved when functionalities like chatbot, ratings and reviews system, push notifications and others are integrated with your platform. When the needs of your customers are addressed, effective communication and customer loyalty easily follows.



After partnering with Apptunix, Droob got an outstanding online presence with an efficient pickup and delivery app powered with robust technologies. We developed their application as per their vision and business requirements. We integrated advanced features and functionalities in the same to offer the best user experience.

This mobile presence has helped them gain a lot of new customers and generate higher revenue. As a result, premium buyers all around the world have become more aware of the brand. We have also seen a noticeable increase in site traffic and average purchase value, as well as a large increase in sales.

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Droob Bloomed in the Pickup & Delivery Industry with Automatic Vehicle Detection

We integrated an outstanding functionality in the Droob application – automatic vehicle detection.

With this, customers only had to enter the number of package and the package dimensions in the application. The platform automatically detects the vehicle that would be appropriate for the pickup and delivery service. This helped Droob save a lot of time of the customers.

With automatic vehicle detection, we also integrated route optimization functionality so that the drivers can reach the destination without any difficulty. This also helped the customers to track their package to ensure safety and security.

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Choose Your Pickup & Delivery App Development Company Keeping the Future in Mind

Taking your pickup and delivery business online is not an easy task. There are various things that should be taken into consideration like ease of use, brand consistency and flexibility to the latest trends and technologies. Starting from scratch and choosing the wrong app development company is the last thing you would want!


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