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HiViibe Connect - A Single Platform to Find Your Soulmate and Heal Spiritually

HiViibe Connect is an unconventional health and fitness app that also happens to be a dating platform. It focuses on the spiritual healing of the user by focusing on the emotional, physical, and psychological development and well-being by means of professional therapy sessions. The app provides Body Code (physical fitness), Emotion Code (emotional wellness), and PSYCH-K (psychological well-being) modalities. These are provided by HiViibe Connect’s Practitioners, who are certified professionals specializing in spiritual healing.

What is HiViibe Connect?

HiViibe Connect is a dating platform that is meant to connect users based on their set preferences. It is also a health and well-being app that enables users to get spiritual healing sessions from verified practitioners available on the platform.

Users on the platform can connect with their matches over audio and video calls. They can also communicate via instant messaging. Practitioners offer particular timings for sessions that the users can choose from and make payments. These sessions are usually delivered via video calls.

About the Project

Project Idea

Project Idea

HiViibe Connect was meant to be a dating application that facilitates connecting users as per their set preferences and also offers spiritual healing sessions. In addition to dating and meeting applications, the app also facilitates business communication for spiritual healing professionals.

The app is available in three modules, one each for admins, users, and practitioners. A user can either look for a match and/or book one of the many emotional, physical, and psychological therapy offerings available over the app.


Project Challenges

Project Challenges

Developing a dating app with spiritual healing sessions was a unique and challenging idea for us. We were required to develop separate modules for business owners, service providers, and users looking for dating and spiritual healing sessions.

Also, the app experienced issues when both users were from different regions. We were required to fix them as well. Integrating a secure and fast payment system was also required to facilitate transactions.




To meet time zone challenges, we implemented GMT Handling. Other than that, we developed different modules to facilitate accessing the app by users and practitioners.

We combined geolocation with a match-making algorithm (based on preferences) to connect users across different parts of the world. Moreover, we integrated a payment gateway into the platform to facilitate making payments for spiritual healing sessions via different modes, including cards and online banking.


How Does HiViibe Connect Work?

Like any other dating app, HiViibe Connect leverages a matching system - based on a matching algorithm - to match different users with similar sets of preferences. The user receives a pop-up message stating “It’s a Match” when a profile that is liked by them likes them back.

Upon successful approval, service providers (spiritual healing professionals) have to add their services, which include the type of the service, session durations, and session timings on their profiles. Users can go through all the sessions available on the platform and book and make payments for the ones they like.

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Main Features of the Project

  • 1.

    Communication (audio/video call/chat)

  • 2.

    Subscription for providing spiritual healing sessions

  • 3.

    Match-making based on user preferences

  • 4.

    Booking spiritual healing sessions

  • 5.

    Payment gateway integration

  • 6.

    Review-and-rating system

  • 7.

    Separate app modules for admins, service providers, and users

Services We Provided

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    Product Design

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Tech Stack

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    SMS Gateway

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    SMTP Gateway

Dating for Everyone

The online fitness market is expected to hit $59 billion by 2027, making it a preferable moneymaking avenue for fitness-based businesses.

The dating industry is only meant to grow bigger and better in the future, with more and more users relying on the web to find their perfect matches. To captivate users, like HiViibe Connect, a dating business needs to be something more than just a plain dating app.

Apptunix has collaborated with businesses across the globe to churn out unique dating app solutions. In one of our earlier projects, we paired dating features with gaming functionality. Get in touch with us today to know more about dating app development.

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