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Relief Play - An Endless Runner for Students

Relief Play is a state-of-the-art competitive endless runner game that also features elements of adventure games. The dynamics of the game are adjusted in accordance with the mobile hardware of the user for delivering optimal performance.

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What is Relief Play?

Relief Play is an endless runner game where the player accumulates points by collecting gems. These points can be used to upgrade items and unlock levels.

It promotes competitive gaming where the player can see their performance compared to other players. The leaderboard resets every month. Students get the chance to earn a payment on their loan if they make it to the top 100 winners.

About the Project

Project Idea

Project Idea

Relief Play is an endless runner game where players can compete to get student loan relief. Every month, the game subscribers will get the chance to earn a payment on their loan by staying in the top 100 winners. The list resets every month.


Project Challenges

Project Challenges

The game was developed for mobile platforms. Thus, it was essential to strike a good balance between performance, graphics, and features

Moreover, the game required regular content updates so it was important to make it easy to add content to the game over time.




We leveraged Unity Profiler and adopted desirable design patterns to improve the game’s performance on older mobile devices. The Addressable Asset System feature in Unity helped us to make it easier to add content to the game every month.


How does Relief Play Work?

Following in the footsteps of popular endless runner mobile games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, Relief Play challenges the player to run as far as possible. While doing so, the player must avoid obstacles by ducking, dodging, and jumping at the right moment.

The game has two parts. In game 1, the player collects points from gems, which are used in game 2 for upgrading game items. In game 1, the character runs while throwing stones at the gems, which are of different colors and values. The game ends once the player runs out of stones. The total points accumulated are used in game 2.

In game 2, the player uses points earned from game 1 to upgrade 4 items 5 times. After this, the level is complete and the player earns money. Earnings are paid at the end of every month.

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Main Features of The Project

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    2 different games

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    3 characters to choose from

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    Buy power-ups

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    Different types of challenges and missions

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    New levels available every month


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    Product Design

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