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Williamson Fit - Towards a Healthier and Fitter Lifestyle

Williamson Fit is an online health & fitness platform that offers workout instructions, exercise sessions, meal plans, and more to its users. It is available on Android, iOS, and the web.

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What is Williamson Fit?

Williamson Fit is a fitness and health platform that provides users with a plethora of relevant features to achieve their fitness goals. For doing so, it offers mobile apps for Android and iOS and is also available in the form of a website.

About the Project

Project Idea

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Williamson Fit is an online platform that allows users to meet their fitness goals by means of recommended diet plans, personalized workout programs, progress tracking, and more. It is a health and wellness service that provides users the ability to better track their fitness goals. The service relies on a mobile app that also features multiple payment options to allow users to make payments according to the services availed.

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Project Challenges

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Our fitness app developers were required to come up with a mobile app that resonates with the customers and offers the utmost level of convenience and comfort while opting for fitness services. Also, the app must be available for both iOS and Android. The required mobile apps must also be performant. They should also ensure security as they will feature payment options and hence, demand entering sensitive financial information.

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We are able to develop a fully-functional and performant mobile app for both Android and iOS. The apps can be downloaded by directly going to App Store or Play Store or from the official website of Williamson Fit. The user can connect with the service provider to opt for bespoke meal plans and customized training programs. They can also track calorie intake and the progress made so far.

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How does Williamson Fit Work?

The health and fitness project - on mobile - features an admin panel, a customer app, and a website.

Admin Panel

The admin panel allows the fitness business to manage the services offered via the platform. This includes adding meal plans and training programs, setting the pricing, adding products, and more.

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Customer-facing App and Website

This module is intended for the users through which they can opt for the health and fitness services available on the platform and make payments accordingly. To facilitate a smooth payment experience, Williamson Fit provides support for a number of payment gateways and methods.

Main Features of The Project

Williamson Fit follows a simple business model. It provides fitness enthusiasts with comprehensive health and fitness services. Clients opt for one or more of the available services, including customized training programs, consultation, and meal plans, and then make the payment based on the services availed.

  • Customized exercise and meal plans.

  • Calory and progress tracking.

  • Fitness training consultation.

  • Socializing with other Williamson Fit users with messages.

Services We Provided

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    Market understanding localization

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    Product Design

    User flow Designing

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    Android app IOS app

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    Play Store publishing App Store publishing

Tech Stack

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    Node JS

We deliver results that matter

  • Total Visits

  • 4.4

  • Conversion Rate

  • 5X

  • Downloads

  • 4K

  • Reviews

  • 74%

  • Boost overall users

  • 500+

Audience Growth by Leaps and Bounds

The online fitness market is expected to hit $59 billion by 2027, making it a preferable moneymaking avenue for fitness-based businesses. We provide app development services to clientele across the globe. Our tech experts are versed in working with a wide range of trending and new technologies. We helped Williamson Fit to expand its audience by reaching out to mobile users via an interactive and intuitive mobile app. Apptunix is an experienced fitness app development company with almost a decade of experience. In addition to mobile application development, we provide web development, blockchain development, marketing, and other services.

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