Bring The Taxi Booking Experience Your Audience Deserves

Why Build An Uber-Like App?

The popularity of taxi-service apps reached new heights with the launch of Uber. If you have a similar idea in mind, there’s no need to wait. The benefits of an Uber-like taxi booking app are almost certainly guaranteed. Apptunix can assist you in that. We can integrate features that are locally essential and in huge demand. Further with a larger database, we’d ensure more people are being catered to from the local front. Avail the perfect Uber like app solution within your budget fully customized to your requirements.

Uber Clone App – How It Works

Working Model of Uber Clone App

What we offer?

Fare estimate feature offered by best Taxi app development company

Fare Estimate

Provide users the ride-cost beforehand so they can book it without fears of being overcharged. Fare Estimate is a priceless feature in any taxi-booking or ride-sharing app. It imparts an authentic and trustworthy feel to your app.

Feedback and rating for Uber Clone App

Feedback and Ratings For User And Driver

The feedback and ratings of a ride from both the driver and the user can help improve the service in the future. This also helps other users get a hint about the kind of service they can expect during their ride.

Google map integration while creating an app like Uber

God’s eye view

With the integration of Google maps API and GPS tracking keeping tabs on all the rides and passengers is no more a difficult task. Know exactly where each ride is headed and stationed in a real-time view.

Commison tracking in Taxi app development

Easy Commission Tracking

As an admin you want to know what’s the actual commission and payout is due towards your various drivers. The commission tracking feature helps you do just that. It’s auto-updated all the time so nothing escapes your eye.

Uber Clone App Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Uber app is an on-demand transportation technology that connects drivers and riders. Using this simple mobile app, a user can request a ride easily. The app also has a feature through which the user is able to see the estimated cost along with the live location of the rider coming to pick him.

The cost of apps like uber development starts from $25,000 and goes up on the basis of the additional features you want your app to have.

With an efficient company like Apptunix behind your Uber clone app development, a minimum of 2 months of time is required to create apps like Uber. The timeframe, however, depends on the additional work you need.

The choice of opting for a single or separate app for drivers and customers depends on the individual requirements of the business and the environment it operates in.

Although both Native & Hybrid Platforms are perfect when it comes to Uber Clone development. Besides all this, if you want to go with the advanced features including emerging technologies like AI, we would suggest you go with the Native platform.