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There are bucket-loads of video-sharing websites, yet very few come close to the success and popularity that Youtube commands. Since being founded, Youtube has just soared to popularity, capturing a global market that consists of some 3.25 billion users presently. Tens of thousands of videos are uploaded to it on daily basis. There’s hardly a match for it. No wonder, many people have tried to create Youtube clones but most have resulted in failure. It takes skills, a sound strategy and an excellent development team that can create something that matches the miracle that is Youtube. At Apptunix we have the mix of all that. We offer customized solutions according to our client’s needs. If you’re thinking where to head for your Youtube clone, Apptunix is the place to be.

Dive Into The Video Sharing Revolution

  • Create A Powerful Youtube Clone
  • Host A Staggering Global Audience
  • Take Your Business To The Dizzy Heights

Here’s What We Offer


Super Fast Conversion

In the age of technology, everybody likes to have the speed to get things done quickly. To ensure that speed doesn’t disappoint the end user, our Youtube clone is built to offer ultra-fast conversion speeds.


Flexible Input Format

One of the reasons why the users might consider an alternative to your service is the lack of option you have on offer. With a vast range of supported input format, we ensure that our Youtube clone won’t let your users down.


Admin Rich Features

The more regulation is at the top, the neater and organized the front-end is likely to be. Our Youtube clone will consist tons of Admin features to modify, change and control the end-users’ interface.


Support Multiple Languages

When you’re dealing with a worldwide audience, an international language proves insufficient. That’s why we offer multiple language support in our Youtube clone allowing people from places far and wide to tune into your service.


Convert To HD Video

The standard-definition formats are soon getting old and are being replaced with the ultra-edge and crystal clear HD, 4K video formats. Our solution will allow users to convert their SD files to HD for a better viewing experience.