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5 New Year Resolutions Every Entrepreneur Should Swear On

5364 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 4, 2019 Last Updated: November 18, 2019
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Three days of the New Year have already passed and you are still trying hard to follow your newest resolution of going to the gym ( just like you did last year and the year before it :-P) or making it a point to eat healthy (don’t count the cheesy pizza you just finished).

Shun them all…..Take business resolutions that you will follow, New Year Resolution that will help you be a go-getter.

New Year Resolutions

Many of us are skeptical about taking resolutions, fearing that we’ll not see them through. It’s never too take to take resolutions, resolutions which you will actually follow, resolutions that will favorably help your business grow. Make resolutions that you won’t abandon, things that you’ll religiously fulfill.

As entrepreneurs the urge to do better and the greed for success is never-ending. Questions like “Will my product work?” to “Should I hire more people?” keep haunting you the whole year round. Don’t let such thoughts govern your mind, make resolutions at the start of the year that never let such thoughts sprout.

New Year's Resolution List

There is still time, here’s a list of New Years Resolution ideas which you can not just try but follow-

Breathe, Get a life!!

The work mammoth can easily suck you in, drain away all your energy and leave you with no time to live a LIFE. Obligations and tasks from work will keep you glued to your gadgets round the clock. This year, learn to prioritize. Don’t let things like work from home ruin your leisure or family time. Break-free from this never-ending tug-of-war, be available for people around you and be rigid about it. Go out on family dinners, take a yoga class or take a walk without your phone.

This will help you work better, stay fresh and be a happier person.

Money Really Matters

Do you manage your money matter the right way? Frankly speaking, we don’t.

We are too busy putting our mind and soul into our businesses that we brutally neglect our financials.  Clean and healthy financials lead to a prosperous business, therefore as an entrepreneur you cannot afford to keep a deaf ear to money matters. This year, make it a point to get in constant touch with your CFO, know your cash flows. Don’t let it all be Hebrew to you invest in financial management software. Seeing your hard-earned money grow so closely will urge to perform better, grow more and faster.

Pay Heed To Feedback, even if you don’t like it

You are not always right. Take it down the throat.

Be passionate and adrenalized towards your goal but don’t always convince yourself that whatever you are doing is “right”. Don’t turn a blind eye to anyone giving you truthful feedback or a signal that might affect you otherwise.

This year I challenge you to be a good listener, collect everyone’s feedback be it be your friends, family, investors, colleagues or customers. There is always some value in what they are saying, take an accepting approach to everything and your road ahead will have less recurring obstacles.

Don’t Be Jack Of All Trades

The Battle Cry of managing every task smoothly is to delegate, delegate and delegate more. Still, most of us don’t do it.

Don’t try to be Superman, I know your product/service is your baby and you want everything to be perfect. Handing off tasks to someone may be difficult, you may think what if something goes wrong? What if they just forget and drop the ball? Or do something wrong? But because of such doubts you cannot just keep everything to yourself, delegation is not a choice but a necessity.

Hire dependable folks, train them to understand the task and beat all the expectations so that you can delegate more and more to them. Delegate more, prosper more!!

Let Bygones Be Bygones

For  successful entrepreneurs failures are inevitable for us. You will always end up hiring the wrong people, miss deadlines, have displeased customers and loads more. Every pitch you send will not bring in investors or every product you make will not surpass the best sales record.

Since childhood we are preached that failures are stepping stones to success, we still see ourselves dwelling on our failures and let them rule our future decisions. Let 2019 be different, look forward. Take lessons from every failure, don’t repeat them but don’t linger around it.

I know its lot easier said than done. As an entrepreneur, every minute of your life is important to dedicate every ounce of your energy to work better.

The Crux

Make Things Happen

You can never achieve your goals if you don’t take out time to set them. There are no silver steps to the ladder of success. But you can always start early and pave your own path, dream bigger and work towards it. Take along your team, be a good leader-lead like a lion and rule the kingdom in style.

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