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A Complete Guide To VR Game App Development With Cost Estimation

4388 Views | 1 min | Published On: May 29, 2021 Last Updated: September 15, 2022
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The virtual reality industry makes a lot of money every year, and 2019 was no different. According to the eMarketer estimate, 42.9 million individuals in the United States alone are expected to utilize virtual reality at least once a month.

The figures can’t help but motivate company owners and dreamers from all walks of life to enter the virtual reality sphere. Many of them were left wondering how to construct VR applications and produce VR content for these applications to attract potential consumers and make a profit as a result of the constant rise.

In this blog, you will find out what a VR game app is, the benefits of developing one for your business, steps of development and cost.

What Is A VR Game App?

The technology that creates a virtual or artificial environment as a stereoscopic and realistic interactive physical environment in 3D is known as virtual reality. Mobile apps for gaming, e-learning, etc. allow the audience to demand a fully virtual environment. People create their immersive world on a desktop whereas, with a smartphone, it can easily be available at any place.

How Is VR Immersive?

First, the visuals made on the computer are utilised to replicate the environment you are present in. Second, the 3D models of the environment are projected on a screen, which allows the spectator to move and rotate around the pictures, making them appear to float on the wall.

Third, the vision of the spectator has been distorted by a headset which allows the pictures to appear floating through spaces around you. Last, even when the visuals aren’t there, the combination of these two aspects gives the impression of being within a virtual environment.

VR Game App For Smartphones

Even as mobile VR for PC tablets and smartphones pushed the market’s boundaries, VR app for iPhone and Android devices signalled the leap to a consumer headset, incubating the next generation of VR products.

VR game apps for smartphones have a lot of potential to shine in the marketplace. Virtual reality gaming on mobile applications is gaining popularity as it allows users to experience an immersive environment on the go. 

Users find platforms like Google Daydream convenient as it needs a distinct VR game app ecosystem for launch. Apple, for example, has removed the headset wire and blocked your phone from the screen, allowing the iPhone VR game app to run. 

Furthermore, there are several limitations with phone-based VR that must be addressed before it can give comparably powerful physical experiences as desktop-based VR. 

VR Game App For PCs

Many VR game apps are compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems. Some of the popular devices that offer cinematic experience, mesmerizing gaming experience and VR explorations possible are Oculus, HTC Vive, etc. 

The immersive experience that the user gets from the VR game app can be used for educational purposes also. With the increase in the popularity of VR, developers are planning to help more people adapt to the design. 

The development of a VR game app requires a particular skill set. However, mobile app development companies are learning about the required constraints for an immersive gaming experience. This will allow them to design the VR game app for a PC or smartphone accordingly.

Benefits Of A VR Game App For Businesses

Before you start with the development process of the VR game app, you must understand how this mobile application integrated with virtual reality will benefit your business. Here are some benefits of making a VR game app:

benefits of VR game
  • New Experiences To Gain Customer Traction: VR technology allows businesses to connect with their customers before spending their money on the product being delivered. A VR game app will bring authenticity and engagement between both the companies, their brand and customers.
  • Effective VR Game App Development: Businesses that are aiming to build a real-life product like a VR game app must use virtual rooms. These rooms can be used to increase the effectiveness of the development team who will become more productive and adaptive to the technology. Hence, VR demos of the game app can be displayed to you to get an idea of the product.
  • Immersive Marketing: VR technology aims to immerse people in digital experiences which allow them to interact with businesses and brands effectively. With the help of VR technology, you will be able to understand the product better in comparison to the story-telling pitch. Hence, a VR game app will be the better choice to engage your customers.

Roadmap For VR Game App Development

For your VR game app to function successfully in the market, its foundation should be strong. You must ensure that the development fundamentals are modern and updated. The roadmap for the development of your VR game app is discussed below:

VR game development

Generate A Fresh Game Idea

The idea of your VR game app must be fresh and unique. You must know your target audience, exciting functionalities, emotions your game would trigger and why should people use your VR game app. 

This is the stage when you should exchange game ideas and scenarios with the mobile app development company you choose. This company should be having a game producer who should be able to design the documentation of the VR game app. 

Devices Targeted For Your VR Game App

Five popular VR devices that are mostly used by companies are –

Light Mobile VR
Google Cardboard is an example of light mobile VR devices, It appears to be a simple headset with a pair of lens and fasteners to grab the smartphone. Light mobile VR will be a good choice for your VR game app if it does not require head movements or motion sensors. 

Premium Mobile VR
Premium mobile VR devices like Samsung VR and Daydream use smartphones for user engagement in the VR world. Those gadgets, on the other hand, include an additional set of sensors (particularly for head motions), which enhance the user experience in comparison to less sophisticated viewers.

PC VR Headsets
Because of bigger PC screens and more powerful PC processors, PC-based VR headsets allow users to immerse themselves more thoroughly in virtual reality. It is feasible to create a more complex VR game app for those viewers.

Standalone Solutions
Since the Oculus Go headset has its inbuilt CPU and memory, it does not require a PC or an external playstation to function. In addition to Unity and Unreal game engines, Oculus offers its software platform for VR game app development.

Console VR
The best example of Console VR is PlayStation VR which works with PlayStation Eye camera, PlayStation 4, move controllers and DualShock. For people interested in developing VR game apps for their PlayStation, Sony offers a cooperation programme and unique licencing that covers all legal issues of their VR game creation.

Graphics For Your VR Game App

The cost of the development of a VR game app depends on many things including the game’s design. The development company you choose should be able to determine which graphics would be suitable for your VR game app. Some of the designs and their advantages are mentioned below:

  • 2D Graphics: Even though 3D is now accessible, the 2D design still reigns supreme in virtual gaming. It has the potential to appear professional, detailed, and complicated, and to be on par with 3D.
  • 3D Graphics: Depending on the game conditions, 3D graphics may be easier to generate than 2D graphics. Furthermore, 3D has an entirely distinct appearance! The most popular and pleasant tools for 3D VR game app development are game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine.
  • Photorealistic Graphics: Photorealistic graphics, particularly those that imitate nature, usually need a large time and financial effort.
  • 360 Panoramic Video: A 360-degree panoramic picture may already be used as the backend for VR games. The cost of shooting a 360-degree video is low, but adding interactive components to your VR game app is difficult!

Development Platform For Your VR Game App

The next step is to pick a VR game creation software. Even though there is a wide range of software tools available, the major decision is between two well-known VR game engines: Unity and Unreal. The Unity engine is favoured by our development team for the following reasons:

  • Both 2D and 3D graphics are supported by Unity. 
  • C#, UnityScript, and Boo are just a few of the prominent programming languages supported by Unity. 
  • All mobile, desktop, web, and console platforms are supported by Unity.
  • Unity’s free version is compatible with Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Unity has the longest track record of games made for mobile platforms. 
  • The paid pro version supports Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and even Sony PlayStation 
  • Unity has the longest track record of games made for mobile platforms.
  • Call of Duty, now one of the most complicated and popular games, was created using Unity.
  • Unity has a large developer community.
  • There are several plugins and useful utilities available in Unity.
  • Unity accepts a variety of asset formats.
  • Unity allows you to rapidly and simply develop fully complete games.

Unity does not offer source code accessibility to its users. However, facts that should be considered about Unreal VR game development software are as follows:

  • It’s ideal for gaming on consoles.
  • Provides developers with open-source code that is easy to work with.
  • Appropriate for large-scale 3D graphics applications.

Choose The Right Mobile Application Development Company

Choosing the right development company is an important step for the success of your app. VR game development has its own set of obstacles and oddities. When a developer is familiar with them, he will be less likely to make mistakes in the new game.

You will save time and money by working with an experienced staff. They rapidly solve any technical problems, but a beginner becomes entangled in every technological issue. No one wants that to happen!

Game Research & Development

Game app development has its quirks. Testing the game early and regularly is an excellent idea. Begin using a simple prototype (MVP) to guarantee that it is engaging for players. Regular testing following each iteration of development also elicits input from players, which you may use later in the development process.

By incorporating game scenarios based on user feedback throughout development, such a seemingly lengthy, step-by-step strategy provides better clarity to move accurately from the start. This method is preferable to having to recreate the entire game from the ground up because you neglected to respect and solicit input from your target market before completing it.

A gaming scenario does need testing and functional implementation. Gaming technology needs rapid development. Various gaming platforms and VR gear constantly demonstrate their unique set of problems and limits. When creating a new game, creators must stay up with the newest VR game development advances to do this.

Launch & Maintenance

Another crucial step is to make your game available on the market so that gamers may locate it. Markets usually provide a set of conditions that a game must fulfil to be shown to the general audience.

You may self-publish your game. Choose a third-party agency that can assist you with this procedure.

After the launch, maintenance is a very important step. You must keep updating the app’s design and functionalities according to the market and users’ requirements.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A VR Game App?

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of development of a mobile application like features and functionalities included, platforms integrated, technology stack used, the cost of developers, etc. 

Some companies are unsure if the investment is worthwhile. Is it too expensive to produce a VR game app that pays off? And how much does virtual reality cost when it’s included in a mobile app or software programme? Well, depending on the size and complexity of the software, a VR software can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000+ to build.

Final Words

Virtual reality is a potential sector for corporations to invest in. We’ve spoken about the benefits and steps to develop a VR game app and how much it may cost in this article. Having said that, we believe that virtual reality is and will continue to be a popular issue among entrepreneurs.

Animation and 3D graphics may lead to an increase in app development costs as well as quick growth in popularity. You should take the chance, even if it will be difficult. Investigate the market for your company concept, put out an effort, and begin using virtual reality to engage your audience.

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