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Are You A Mobile App Owner? Here’s How Trending AI Technology Can Help You? 

3789 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 18, 2019 Last Updated: October 3, 2019

Although AI technology has established its grip on every industry, still most of the people think about “Artificial Intelligence” and picture “robots” that have the capability of reflecting the human-level consciousness and nothing more. Regardless, what you assume, AI has a wide range of applications that goes beyond robotics. In fact, AI has benefited almost every industry in one way or another especially the mobile app industry.

In this piece, we are going to share how AI technology is revolutionizing the software industry and then jump into explaining further the innovations AI technologies have introduced in different industry mobile applications. 

So, let’s start with – 

How AI Is Revolutionizing The Software?

AI, that is Artificial Intelligence is all about pattern recognition. Unable to understand how? Let’s say you want a software that differentiates between a picture of a dog and a cat. For this,  AI can use the pattern of lines to indicate the difference between a picture of a dog and a cat. This is just one example. AI is quite a powerful technology. It can also detect the pattern in data, words, images, as well as phrases.

What’s even more amazing is that this technology can also track human behavior on the basis of the data collected. You literally have come across this technology far many times unknowingly. Don’t believe us?

Well! Have you ever noticed how your smartphone displays the random message about the navigations? This is AI in action. The software studied your behavior and automatically activates the navigation. 

Not satisfied still, have you ever seen an automated reply on any customer service??? I am sure you have. This is Artificial Intelligence, friends. 

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How can this be possible?

It is all machine learning. Basically the technology forces the software to study the pattern on the basis of repetition of the same thing over time. In this AI technology, formulating the hypothesis is one of the major features. 

So, we hope you understand now that AI is not only about Robotics. It goes way beyond that. 

Below is the list of the advancements that AI technology has introduced in the world today.

Without any ado let’s jump right onto the list. 

1.Productivity Apps & AI Technologies

We are sure that you have heard Google’s “G Suite” as well as Microsoft Office 365. These two are perfect productivity apps examples of juicing out everything from AI technology. 

Auto-generated responses for emails, Office graphs, and Delve, are the few examples of how Google and Microsoft are using AI.

In the latest study, it was revealed that after the launch of “Smart Reply” last year, offering the auto-generated responses to emails around 10 percent of the replies on mobile are sent using Smart Reply. 

This was the statement by “Prabhakar Raghvan, VP Google Cloud”

Above you read how AI technology introduced “Smart Reply”. Now, let’s talk about the Office Graph and Delve, introduced AI technology in Microsoft. 

Office Graph and Delve is the underlying system that is responsible for gathering the data about the key interactions between the user as well as other objects such as documents as well as other content whereas Delve helps the user to cut through the clutter of information & filter the things that are most valuable. 

This all was possible only because of the AI technologies. 


Another advancement introduced in the market with the help of AI Technology is Chatbots. Since its introduction, almost every new mobile app today is welcoming this new Chatbot technology with open arms. IM apps have already captured a huge market, but now with the help of advancement, all thanks to AI, the chatbots have introduced the feature of messaging in the arena of customer support

Although the Chatbots are on fire, still they are much more successful in the areas where the application can be constrained. After all, it is run by AI and AI runs on the concept of machine learning & NLP (natural language processing). 

So, still there are some constraints in this technology, regardless, AI technologies have really developed the revolutionizing concept of Chatbots. 

So, if you are looking forward to adding efficient customer service to your mobile, introducing Chatbot is something you should go with. 

You may also check how Chatbots actually work here. 

3.Speech Recognition | The Ultimate AI Advancement


Who today is unaware of the speech recognition? Well! This actually is the work of AI technologies. This is the ability to automatically recognize human speech and that too accurately. This is not something new, but with the improvements, this is going to dominate in the near future.

With the advancements in AI technologies and speech recognition, the GUIs that are Graphical User Interface are being replaced by the CUIs, Conversational UI. 

To be more precise, are you aware that the Sensory Inc.s inner-core partnership, the enterprise that works with banks and financial enterprises provide face and voice biometric recognition to the most sensitive apps for security. 

Apart from these basic points, there are many other benefits of integrating artificial intelligence with mobile apps. Let’s discuss what those benefits are –

4.IoT & AI [Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things]

Although, artificial intelligence in itself is great technological bliss. But when AI is integrated with the IoT it brings forth the power of personalized user experience.

Where IoT reduces the time of app development, there, AI introduces the better utilization of the resources, delivering modified and efficient apps while strengthening the data security measures.

AI can analyze and deliver the enhanced personalized experience leveraging the real-time user data collected from the mobile app users.

5.Search Engine Enhancements Using Artificial Intelligence

Unlike the times before where text and voice were the only means to search something, visual search is now on the verge of dominating the market. Visual search helps you to find what you are looking for when you have no clue how to describe it in words.

One example of this is Google Lens. Not only it helps the user to find out the product but it also makes the search highly accurate and quick.

This indeed was made possible because of the integrated AI AI technology in mobile applications.

6.AI & Mobile App Authentication

With AI technology becoming readily available for commercial purposes, new developments are being introduced every now and then. Along with the organization, criminals have also got access to this revolutionizing technology, making the security of mobile apps a rising concern among the Android developers.

With the rising threat, the mobile industry needs a more sophisticated and reliable cyber defense system. This is where the enhanced AI with deep learning and machine learning jumped in. With the help of this enhanced AI technology, the users are able to enjoy high security without making any compromise on the usage.

With the help of AI, you can easily enable the alerts notifying the users about the possible threats. Sounds helpful! Right?

What’s this have to do with you?

Well! The above three innovations backed by AI technologies have been revolutionizing the mobile app industry. So, if you have an app, we are sure you might also take advantage of these innovations to either improve your customer service interface or simply your app’s UI. 

There are many benefits of using AI in mobile apps besides being techsavvy You can check what we are talking about here

Every app today is facing huge competition. And with more and more advanced apps being introduced in the market, it has become vital to catch up with the latest and trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence. So, don’t wait anymore and update your business mobile app with the latest AI technologies and engage more customers and generate more business.


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