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5 Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

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5461 Views | 3 min | Published On: August 23, 2018 Last Updated: January 21, 2020
artificial intelligance

How can we make our smartphones better? The answer is by using Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps.

A couple of years back, Artificial Intelligence was only the stuff of science fiction? Then, it became a cool innovation that appeared to take new heights in the future. However, today, it is the mark of the standard, with its innovations incorporated in almost every industry.

Starting from the Predictive Modeling to Chatbots, developers are researching inventive ways to deal with AI to provide better client services and reconsider business processes. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps, both are causing a phenomenal change in the way that companies, developers and customers think about designing algorithms and communication in an intelligent way with applications.

In mobile application development, there are many classifications of AI. It can be categorized into weak and strong. Strong AI is the programming that is capable of doing anything a human can do. And, weak AI is in which programming does what a human can do, but within narrow bounds. There is also general and restricted AI, this characterization relies upon the extent of the limit of the programming in terms of what it can do. Here is how it is making our smartphones even smarter.

It helps in automation of reasoning

Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps allow them to reason completely or almost completely, automatically. It incorporates automated reasoning to solve problems quickly. For example, taxi apps like Ola and Uber make use of it for finding the shortest routes quickly to reach the desired destination. These apps utilize insights collected from millions of drivers who have gone through the same routes and use the information accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

It helps with recommendation service

A lot of apps fail post-launch because they fail in engaging their customers. So the most basic and imperative use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps is observing the decisions and behavioral pattern of the clients, forming them into a learning algorithm and make the suggestions those clients are probably going to make. It then permits the application to send planned notifications that subsequently improve the utility of the application. So, it is entirely valuable for every business application that wants to upsell its products.

It can teach itself how to code

Yes, AI is able to write the code itself. Isn’t it amazing?

Neural networks can now learn by themselves a couple of abilities. One such ability is writing code. Though the accomplishment itself is splendid, companies have developed AIs with this functionality. Google and Microsoft both have their own AIs that use ML to learn how to write code.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps helps in Predictions

One can say after using mobile applications that there are consistent notifications about offers, products and discount from time to time to draw in the client. These are as a result of AI algorithms which utilize a client’s search history and predict what a client may wish to purchase. The main reason to make predictive AI is that it will increase the sales of the business.

Pattern detecting Artificial Intelligence algorithms are created for a few mobile applications like credit cards. These mobile applications learn the patterns in the card utilization and grasp the user’s behavior through past bank purchases and statements. It will detect when a strange payment is made and informs the client.

It can help in providing valuable content to users

A lot of mobile applications lose on holding clients as a result of the absence of fresh, exciting and important content to draw in the clients. One method of giving the right content is to send in proposals to the client. The Artificial Intelligence algorithms gather information from the client’s behavior pattern through their purchase or search history and make reasonable proposals accordingly. For example, a sports mobile application can utilize AI to understand the sort of tutorials a client is purchasing and make proposals when a new lesson related to it comes up.

With the needs of customers changing every day, Artificial Intelligence will help in serving customers in a better way either by analyzing customer’s behavior or by providing them useful content. Organizations that will not embrace AI will certainly lack something very important to be successful in the modern market. So, if you wish to consider Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps for your Business Mobile Application Development, feel free to contact us at

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