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Is COVID-19 Outbreak a Right Time To Launch an Alcohol Delivery App?

4088 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 4, 2020 Last Updated: October 7, 2022
Alcohol delivery applications

With the CoronaVirus Pandemic on a rise – the rhythm of daily life is losing its spark for every one of us. A number of countries are on lockdown, businesses are shutting down and people are not allowed to step out of their homes even for buying necessary things.

As a result, the entire economy is crashing and the world is facing a global crisis. But, amid these tough and unpleasant days – there are a few businesses that are experiencing a sudden rise in demand. One out of these businesses is Alcohol Delivery Business.

Because people are self isolating themselves and following social distancing rules issued by various governmental authorities – it is becoming too tough for them to cope with this chaotic situation. They can’t hang out with friends and there is no partying as all bars and pubs are closed in various states of the USA, UK and Canada.

So, the only solution they have is – stay indoors and chill with whatever they have. 

But, to chill, can people get alcohol at their doorsteps? The answer is YES. The online demand of alcohol is on spike at this point of time and you can take its maximum benefits. Here’s how:

Why Start an Alcohol Delivery Business Amid COVID-19 Outbreak?

After compulsory closures imposed by governments in various nations to slow the spread of the coronavirus, alcohol selling businesses may never be the same as they were before. The pedestrian traffic is zero to bars/pubs and these businesses may have to hustle hard for sustaining. 

But, there is also good news for them. If they switch their business from offline to online using an alcohol delivery app – they can take the benefits of increased alcohol demand and less supply. Here are some of the reasons that will definitely boost you to go online – if you own an alcohol business:

alcohol delivery app

1. The USA and Canada Is Loosening Rules On Alcohol Delivery

As per USNews, in various states of America where businesses have been compelled to close altogether or switch to a delivery model – the  liquor authorities are loosening up their guidelines permitting bars and pubs to do online alcohol delivery to the doorsteps of customers for the first time ever (however just with food). 

This move could assist businesses in lessening the effect of their losses. After all, alcohol is responsible for 20-30% of restaurant sales in the US. And, without it, if a restaurant shifts from dine in to delivery only model – it is not going to make any ends meet.

So, to help these businesses sustain – at the time of Corona Outbreak – the states authorities are loosening their rules. Almost all states of America have rolled out similar temporary changes to permit alcohol delivery services. They’ve loosened up a lot of laws, and rapidly, because of the potential economic harm to a huge number of businesses and millions of employees.

Not only in the USA, in Canada as well, bars and restaurants will temporarily be permitted to sell liquor with food takeout and delivery orders as a major aspect of new measures intended to support residents and businesses in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario declared last Thursday the new rule applies to bars and eateries that as of now have an alcohol selling permit, and takes effect immediately. It will stay unchanged until the year’s end. On March 26, 2020 Canadian Press published this report unveiling all these new amendments in rules.

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2. Americans are Drinking A Crazy Amount of Alcohol Amid Corona Lockdown

According to Nielsen Data, the sales of beverages having alcohol in the USA have risen 55% in the week ending 21st March. The data indicated that people in America are drinking a crazy amount of alcohol in their homes and the demand for the same is on rise.

But, do remember that people can’t leave their houses to buy the much-needed alcohol. So, what are they doing? They are heading to on-demand alcohol delivery apps. Here are the stats:

  • As per CNBC, On-demand liquor delivery application Drizly saw a 300% spike in sales in the month of March. Drizly serves 26 states in the USA including Washington, DC, and Alberta.
  • Minibar Delivery – another alcohol delivery platform serving 18 states also saw an increase in sales over the last two weeks as per the statement of the company’s CEO.
  • The average online alcohol orders are also up by 20%.

Therefore, the demand of alcohol delivery apps is high and the supply is low – there are just a few apps that are serving this domain and the number of people ordering it are increasing day by day. What better statistics or research do you need to start an alcohol delivery business today?

3. Alcoholic Beverages Market Is All Set to Expand Globally

Let’s talk numbers here!

  • As per Allied Market Research, The CAGR rate of the overall alcohol market is consistently increasing by 2.1 percent from 2017.
  • Also, it is estimated that after the year 2020 the same will grow at a rate of 6.1 percent which will prompt humongous benefits for the liquor businesses. 
  • Over the last 16 months, the web-based spirits market expanded more than 10 times quicker than the overall sales. Having reached over $1.7 billion in the year 2018, the market has no indications of slowing down. 
  • Gartner L2 found that online alcohol sales increased 61 percent year over year between  2018 and 2019 — at a much faster rate than the industry’s overall sales.

If we believe experts then they say that as opposed to offline alcohol shopping, switching on the web will soar the sales of alcohol in this current situation.

Because people are compelled to stay at home, they’ll adjust their lives accordingly and so should businesses around them. And once that changed routine becomes a habit – it will be difficult to change. So, the point is that if you switch your liquor business from offline to online – you will also reap its benefits once this COVID-19 pandemic ends.

But, What Do You Need to Start an Online Alcohol Delivery Business?

The simplest answer is – an on-demand alcohol delivery app. If you have a simple-to-use and engaging liquor delivery application – you can stand ahead of your competition and make extra profits. The app you need must-have the below-mentioned features:

liquor delivery app
  • Easy Login and Signup: Users must be able to register in your alcohol delivery app with the help of social media or email accounts for exploring the best quality beverages and deals
  • Listings of Liquors: Once the users are done with the registration process, they should be able to view all the listed beverages. For running your online alcohol delivery business in an easy manner – you should let your users see the costs and other essential details regarding brands and ingredients prior to making any order.
  • Order Placement Functionality: Under this section, users should be able to place the order of drinks that they select. The ordering process must be simple with just a few clicks. They should be able to check or set the estimated delivery time as well.
  • Cashless Payment: For all the drinks ordered, customers should be able to make the payments in-app hassle-free using various modes like Credit or Debit cards, paypal, paytm and others. 
  • No-Contact Delivery: COVID-19 spreads when one person comes in contact with another. So while developing or purchasing any type of app – you must ensure that the app has no-contact delivery option. During this lockdown, people desire to get their orders without coming in contact with the delivery guy. And, fulfilling your customers’ demand should be your first priority if you want your business to be successful.
  • Order Tracking Functionality: Using your alcohol delivery app, the customers should be able to track their orders as well. The application should give them the live status of their orders, for example, whether it is still in the line, processed or out for shipment in order to keep the customer engaged.
  • In-app notification: Push technology also plays a great role in keeping the customers engaged and also keeps them updated about the services being offered in-app. Using this technology, you can attract users by sending them push notifications at the right time about your new stock and offers.
  • Real-time tracking: The customers should be able to track the real-time location of the person who is on the way to deliver their orders. They should be able to check his location with the help of GPS and can even propose the optimal routes to be taken. 

Along with a customer app, you will also require an admin panel and a driver app to manage your services appropriately. If you partner with a reliable alcohol delivery app development company – you will get the complete package at affordable prices including 2 apps – one for customers and one for drivers – along with an admin panel. 

But, make sure to clear this before you get indulge in any deal as a few companies also charge extra if you ask for the complete solution.

How Apptunix Can Help You Take Your Alcohol Business Online?

Apptunix is a company known for developing on-demand apps for every niche or industry. Till date, we have developed more than 500 successful on-demand apps and we are still counting.

With COVID-19 pandemic on rise – we are experiencing a sudden rise in demand of on-demand apps. And, that’s why to help business, we are offering customizable and white-label solutions that can help you take your offline business online within a period of less than 3 days and that too at affordable prices.

Our solutions are equipped with best in class features and help businesses strengthen their user base by providing amazing experiences. Get in touch with us today so that we can take your on-demand alcohol delivery business to new heights!

alcohol delivery service

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