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Apple iOS 13: All Set to Take User’s Security 5 Steps Ahead

4239 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 2, 2019 Last Updated: October 3, 2019
features of iOS 13 security updates

We all know, when it comes to security, Apple is the best known operating system. However, it had a tough time in August with a few security warnings and rumors that Siri requests are being listened to external contractors. 

While August was a tough one, September is surely going to be a good month for Apple. Along with new iPhone models, iOS 13 is said to be coming in the last days of September with top-notch security improvements.

Let’s have a look at all these security features that are likely to come in Apple for providing more privacy to the users:

5 Security Features Coming Soon in iOS 13

1. It Will Prevent Apps from Running VoIP in the Background

Apps like Facebook and Whatsapp keep running in the background of a phone. While these apps claim that they need to do so as they need to connect calls quickly, they also record information on what a user is doing on the device by being active in the background. So, iOS is all set to control it.

2. It Will Let You Know About Apps That Track Your Location

Location tracking is also a security infringement for iOS users, and iOS 13 will tell you which applications are doing this in the background. The OS will pop up with a reminder about which applications are tracking you and tell you how frequently this has occurred. It will even show on a map where you have been tracked, alongside the option to permit or restrict it. 

3. With iOS 13, You Can Prevent or Limit WiFi and Bluetooth Tracking

To take the security on the next level, Apple is also preventing the WiFi and Bluetooth tracking used by a few apps in iOS 13. Some applications, for example, those for tech watches, will need access to Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone. But, now they will have to ask for user’s permission for the same.

4. It Is Getting Stricter About User’s Location Sharing

For preventing the apps to track user’s location unnecessarily, Apple iOS 13 will have a feature that will just allow the apps to track the location just once. It will now also prevent apps from tracking your location without your permission. 

5. Sign in With Apple For More Security

And, the last update is the one that has gotten a lot of attention. Any application that needs you to sign in must offer this new option, which enables you to utilize a private email created by Apple for Sign-in to secure your privacy.

So, that was all about the security improvements Apple is likely to do in iOS 13. IOS lovers, excited for these new updates? Well, your wait is going to be over soon. Stay tuned with Apptunix for more tech updates. 

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