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10 Successful Apps Built with Flutter Framework

13547 Views | 1 min | Published On: November 19, 2019 Last Updated: May 4, 2020
Apps built with Flutter

Can you judge a framework by its name? Well, if that name’s Flutter, you definitely can! Google’s much-celebrated UI developmental software has been creating a real flutter on the mobile app scene for the past few years, with apps built with Flutter winning accolades all around!

Flutter is widely hailed as one of the best and easiest cross-platform app development platforms around. While the framework is still pretty new, it offers features like a super-fast renderer (reportedly 120 frames per second), Google support for framework ecosystem and excellent utility for creating native UI for both Android and iOS apps. 

All these features have played a big role in making Flutter the hottest trend in the mobile app development industry today. But, should you use flutter for developing your business app? The question haunts a number of budding entrepreneurs and developers who are planning to make an app to accelerate their business. 

The best way to find an answer to this question comes by doing a bit of research on apps built with the Flutter framework. Are they successful? What features do they have? The answer to these questions will help you decide whether it is a good idea to make your business app using flutter or not. So, let’s dig in and find answers to all the queries we have.

To start with, let’s get our hands on a quick introduction about Flutter:

Flutter – A Quick Introduction

Flutter is an open-source UI development framework created by Google in the year 2015. Initially dubbed “Sky”, the framework acts as a cross-platform app development solution, which means developers can use one codebase for creating an app that runs on different platforms using Flutter. 

One of the biggest reasons behind Flutter’s popularity is its simple functionality. Also, Google has been constantly working to make it better. Flutter 1.0, the framework’s first stable version was released on December 4, 2018. 

Flutter is also the primary framework for Fuchsia – Google’s ambitious new operating system that’s expected to replace Android in the near future. Now that we know what Flutter is and why it is creating a revolution in the app development industry, let’s have a look at mobile apps built with flutter.

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Top 10 Apps Built with Flutter Framework

Some of the most loved and acclaimed apps in recent years are apps built with Flutter framework. And it has become something of a trend – you try an app for the first time and are impressed by how gorgeous the UI looks or how smooth the navigation is – you look up the platform it was created on – and you see the name Flutter. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful apps built with Flutter across different categories.  

Business Apps Built with Flutter:

1. Google Ads

A brilliant example of business apps built with flutter is Google Ads. It is an advertising app that allows users to create, manage, track and optimize their ad campaigns. 

Users can seek help and advice from Google’s in-house marketing experts and perform tasks such as updating bids, editing keywords and accessing stats about the campaign. 
The app’s biggest strength lies in the simplicity of carrying out complex activities from a UI that’s been brilliantly optimized for smartphone screens.


An excellent award-winning app that helps users find the perfect home, the official app of offers real-time listings of available properties along with estimated prices and mortgage calculators.

Some of the app’s best features are its ease of use, excellent search and filter tools, image recognition and virtual 3D tours of properties. And all this was made possible using the Flutter Framework!

Lifestyle Apps Built with Flutter:

3. Reflectly

Reflectly is an AI-powered personal journal app that helps users deal with the negative thoughts they come across in daily lives. The app helps users maintain a journal of their day to day life, offers insights about their thought process and helps them lead a more self-aware, thoughtful existence. 

Reflectly is known for its beautiful interface and pleasing overall user experience as well as its ability to guide users towards a more positive way of life. 

4. Watermaniac

Watermaniac’s functionality is simple – it helps you keep track of your daily water intake, ensuring you drink enough of it to meet your lifestyle and fitness goals. Users can set their own daily water intake goals and set reminders with customized notifications. The log feature helps keep track of daily water intake history. 

Watermaniac is a lightweight app with a pleasing and convenient UI/UX developed using Flutter Framework.

Shopping  Apps Built with Flutter:

5. Xianyu (Alibaba)

When you’re talking of apps built with Flutter, you have to talk about Xianyu. Alibaba’s cross-platform mobile app is one of the world’s largest, most successful eCommerce stores that boasts over 50 million downloads to date. 

Alibaba doesn’t really need an introduction, but those who don’t know about it, it’s an online B2B (Business to Business) trade marketplace where small to large scale businesses can shop products in small or bulk quantities from suppliers across the world. 

Xianyu is a clear example of Flutter’s utility as a development tool for large scale apps capable of managing high volumes of transactions. The app’s user-friendly experience, easy search, and navigation across hundreds of categories, too, make it a perfect example of Flutter’s dexterity.

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6. Huyu

Huyu isn’t a traditional marketplace. The app allows users to trade their shopping data for earning points that they can redeem as vouchers and gift cards. You make a purchase, scan the receipt and share your shopping experience – it’s that simple! 

With Flutter, Huyu has created an app that thrives on simplicity to deliver a visually pleasing UI and satisfying user experience. 

Social Networking  Apps Built with Flutter:

7. Meeve

Meeve is a social networking app that connects people through events. People with shared interests can create real-life events where they can meet and connect, partake in group activities, socialize as they used to in the good old days. 

No matter what your interest, making comic books, cooking, yoga – if there are other people in your neighborhood who are interested in the same activity, you can create an event!

Meeve is lauded for its innovative idea, simple, beautiful and highly intuitive UI. One of Flutter’s most appreciated creations!

8. KlasterMe

KlasterMe is an app that allows users to create their own pages to showcase their creations – anything from photographs of sketches and other artworks. Users with shared interests are categorized into communities where they can draw feedback and gain recognition. 

The web version of KlasterMe was launched in December 2018. The Android version came out in January 2019 while the iOS app was released in January 2019. KalsterMe’s USP is its attractive and easy to follow UI and features such as creating polls and personal portfolios. 

Music Apps Built with Flutter:

9. Music Tutor

An app for musicians both budding and experienced, Music Tutor helps users learn how to read sheet music. Experienced musicians can use the app to work on their speed and accuracy at sight-reading. The app’s timed sessions are a great way of testing your knowledge of music notes through timed or limitless duration practice sessions. 

The app’s amazing customization options, its fast, straightforward interface are some of its most favored attributes. 

10. Hamilton

The official app of iconic Broadway musical Hamilton has been crafted with Flutter and the results are there for all to see! Hamilton app is known for its simplicity and attractiveness. Also, it includes some incredibly useful features like Hamilton Today (all the latest news about Hamilton, along with exclusive slideshows and videos), a daily Trivia game, Karaoke, and the official Hamilton Lottery.

Features like HamCam (which allows users to click and share photographs with unique show-themed overlays) and show related Stickers are also highly popular with the users.

So, the above-mentioned apps that you have just seen are all developed using the Flutter framework and are successful in the market today. If your business app or its features resemble any of the applications mentioned above, it will be a good idea to consider Flutter for developing your own app.

Wrapping Up

So, what do we think of Flutter now? 

Being a flutter app development company, we think it is a highly promising framework with a number of potentials. However, there are also a few areas that it needs to improve in – The Flutter community is still rather small and the libraries aren’t really extensive so developers sometimes have to write some additional codes.  Since Flutter is still a newbie to the world of cross-platform app development, these issues are understandable and likely to be resolved in the near future.

Flutter is certainly the fastest evolving app development platforms of the day, both in terms of popularity and utility. Given the growing success of apps built with Flutter in recent times and the framework’s acceptance by global developers, the future of Flutter looks brilliant.

Apps developed in Flutter


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