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Business Model of India’s Biggest Fantasy Game: Dream 11

8916 Views | 1 min | Published On: May 8, 2019 Last Updated: January 20, 2020
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Years back when someone had to play games, the option was to either play in the local grounds or on the slogged bylines adjacent to their houses. Traveling a decade, modernization opened new gateways for the sports enthusiasts. Though the medium changed, the craze and the love for games remains the same. Games ruled the online world and after the advent of gaming apps, sports apps have found its place in every Smartphone.

And now, it’s the era of fantasy games.  Of all the fantasy game apps, Dream 11 with a user count of 50 million has emerged as India’s biggest sports gaming platform. Whether you are looking for a cricket League or a football game, Dream 11 app has all. It is a gaming platform where you can form your own team comprising of real-life players, choose an opponent and there you go. Choose your players, track the scoreboard and see your cricket fantasy go live.

The app is sought to have a compound annual growth rate of 230% in around 3 years. Where in 2016, this fantasy cricket app had 2 million users, today the number has multiplied ten times witnessing a growth of around 900%. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, yes it is. Years of turmoil and massive strokes to unending challenges, truly the app has played an excellent inning.

Let’s unbox the power-packed model of the Dream 11 app hitting records.

Dream 11 Stats and Facts: Funding and Spectacular Strokes

  • Launch Date: January 2012
  • Founders: Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth
  • Funding received: $100m (Till April 2019)
  • Actively used across the nation, Dream 11 app is a cricket fantasy game with more than 20 billion users.
  • Company valuation: $1 billion (as of April 2019)
  • Average Visit Each Month: 52,667,066 (as of April 2019)
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, INDIA
Dream 11 user base

How Cricket Fantasy Apps Like Dream 11 Works?

An online sports gaming app, Dream 11 is the new platform connecting the cricket fans with their favorite players. The app is more of a fantasy where fans can pick their team and choose their players. The game is played utilizing skills and knowledge. The team could have players of cricket, kabaddi, hockey, and football.  Users can create a team with 100 credits as the maximum budget. The game team earns a point on the basis of the player’s performance in real time.

So, let’s see how to play the Dream11 fantasy cricket

 Step 1: Select a match

 When users log in to the app, they need to do an OTP verification after which a window opens that requires them to select a match. There is a list of ongoing and upcoming matches which the user can select.

Step 2: Form a team

The next step that the user is entitled to do is create a team. A user gets a total of 100 credits to form a team. A total of 11 players need to be chosen that comprises of the following four categories:

  • WK-Wicket-keeper(1)
  • BAT-Batsmen(3-5)
  • BWL-Bowlers(3-5)
  • AR – All-Rounders (1-3)

Information on each player can be noted by clicking on the respective names. The credits required, their specialty and total points, all are preferred in the game. Based on each player’s statistics and winning probability, users can add them to their team. Users can add each player on the basis of his team, credit points and score. These help users pick the, best ones to form the team.

Additionally, users have to track all the players added and keep an eye on the credits available.

Step 3: Choose Captain & Vice Captain

 Now, after creating the Dream 11 team, users need to pick a captain and a vice-captain for the team.

Captain – User gets 2x points scored by the player in the actual game

Vice Captain – User gets 1.5x points scored by the player in the actual game.

Step 4: Form Multiple Teams

 A user can create a maximum of six teams and choose to join the game with any one of the teams above.

Team Management

Users can at any point of time modify the created team until the match deadline is reached.  Also, the captain and the vice-captain can be changed within the deadline. Keeping track of the players helps users make the most from the match.

Revenue Model Of Dream 11- The Fantasy Gaming App

How The App Generates Money

 Being one of the most popular fantasy game apps,  dream 11 app has been successful in driving traffic and helping people earn loads of money. However, the major question that arises here is what backs the revenue model of dream 11 fantasy cricket app.

Dream 11 app monetizes by charging users an entry fee when they join a contest.

  • Of the entire fee charged by the app, 20% is deducted as the commission and the remaining 80% gets distributed among the winner of the match.
  • Suppose there are a total of 20 users and the fee charged is 480. So the total fee sums up to 20*480= 9600.
  • So 20% of 9600 that is 1600 adds to the revenue of the app owner and the rest is then given to the league winners.

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Top 5 Freshly Brewed Features that you can Include in your app like Dream 11

No doubt, you too would have been moved by the fantasy created so far and so do our players. It is seen that 90 lakh users joined the fantasy game app during 2013-2015. And the majority of them are of age 18-34 years. All of this turns fantasy sports app one of the best business investment today.  If you too are interested in venturing such an app, be sure of the features you are about to stuff the app with.

  • Prediction Of Key Players

With the rise in competition, it is important to design your app in such a way that helps stand out in the crowd.  One of the trending features seen today is providing an instant prediction on the key players that would be part of your team.

  • Merge Points As Game Fee

One of the best ways to gain user trust is basing their earnings. Points earned in the game can be used for playing the next contest.

  • Conducting Quizzes

Sport fantasy apps have the highest engagement at the time of major leagues held across the globe. Organizing quiz based on leagues or sports players not only enhance user knowledge but also leverage user usage.

  • Score Prediction

Organize a contest where users can predict runs in an over or the match and the ones that guess right can be awarded.

  • Modify Players Even After The Match Begins

The current app allows you to alter player before a said deadline. To give users real-time access, allow them to modify players while the match is being played.

Final Word

A number of people worldwide know about fantasy apps and every year more and more companies are finding ways to adopt such apps.

Dream 11 app is not just about cricket but it also has fantasy football leagues and for games as well. And don’t worry; Dream 11 is legit as it recently emerged out of the legal wrangle turning the biggest fantasy game nationwide. Yes, the company has faced a lot of issues, lost a bundle of money but now it has surpassed all and is rising as the fantasy game enticing the Indian fans.

Also, after the last funding received from Tencent, Dream 11 now aims to enhance the engagement of sports enthusiasts in the game. The fact that the app is user-centric, its primary goal is to instill an everlasting fantasy gaming experience among all the sports fans. The growth of the company has been impressive till date and owing to the rising popularity of gaming apps, it is expected to render more googlies with the anticipated revenue to double by the end of 2019.

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