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Convert Your App Idea Into Reality With The Best App Developers

5710 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 11, 2019 Last Updated: January 18, 2022
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So you have an app idea, right, and looking for the best app developers? There must be hundreds of thoughts running into your mind. Will it work? Should I invest money in the same? And so on. It is a never-ending thought process. Apps like Uber, Zomato, GrubHub, Facebook and Instagram are so successful that you are afraid of jumping in the market. And believe me, you should;  because only then you will be able to fight and win against these competitors of yours.

You have a killer idea for an application, and you can’t put it to rest until you develop it. But, you don’t have any clue about programming and don’t know from where to start. Obviously, there are various things that you have to do before you really begin building up your application.

Let’s start with the most important ones.

Validate the Idea by Doing the Market Research

The initial step in changing your application idea into a purchasable product is to validate it by completely researching your target market. Find whether your application idea is:

  • Resolving issues of the people,
  • Targeting an issue which is typical and authentic,
  • Having a scope in future,
  • Will earn the money for you

Try not to make a hasty judgment, unless you validate your idea against previously mentioned factors. Here is how you can do this:

Figure out whether an appropriately substantial market demand exists for your application or not. It requires differentiation between the total available market (TAM), Useful Market (UM), and the Target Market (TM):

So as to find an answer to the question “If I develop it, will it work?” you have to gather information on:

  • The size of the whole market in which your particular niche is based (TAM)
  • The number of individuals you hope to have the capacity to reach through your advertising efforts (SAM)
  • The number of individuals well on the way to buy your item (TM)

These numbers will obviously get smaller as you proceed from your TAM to your TM. But, you have to guarantee that your TM is sufficiently huge to support the development, sales, advertising and continuous development of your application for its success.

Identify Your Value Proposition

Just like Uber’s USP is “Get a cab in a single tap”, Zomato’s USP is “Get food at your doorsteps in a single tap”, you have to discover your USP that makes you stand out. To get the success, there should be an edge that differentiates you. Find that edge and rock the market.

Identify Your Business Model

Keep in mind that, you’re not simply developing an application. You’re launching a business and a product. That implies a fruitful business model is principal to the procedure. If you’re simply starting your business, don’t stress over making an in-depth business strategy, you simply need to find out the basics and how should they work together.

Begin With Developing an MVP

When you investigate your idea by doing the best possible market research on it, find positive results and know what differentiates you, it is the time to take a move towards practicality. For building up an MVP, you can take help of a mobile application development company that can help you in developing and designing your dream app.

To start with, design a rough and practicable UI/UX of the application where you can include micro-behaviors like animations, gestures, scrolling, and transitions and so on to build up the main functionality of the application in it. When that is done, you will have your initial product to take feedback and present to the investors. You can also soft launch it in the market to get the initial traction and exposure.

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Get Funding

So you have developed an MVP. Now you will have to gradually add more features in it, you will have to market it. And the expenditure can go beyond your budget. So, if you don’t want to compromise your vision at this stage – make finding investors a priority. You can start your search by using the resources like AngelList, Crunchbase, Gust or Kickstarter.


Once you are successful in following the above steps, get the initial traction and find your early investors, believe me, no one can stop you from getting successful in the app market. The hardest part of starting up is execution. You can have the best application idea on the planet, however, it means nothing if it just remains in your mind. So take the first step, figure out how committed you are, and make a difference from there. Happy Developing 🙂

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