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5 Tech Reasons To Be Excited About 2019

5011 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 9, 2019 Last Updated: October 4, 2019
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A useful servant but a dangerous master; technology is the future that makes human race happy. The year 2018 had been successful in giving a myriad of tech advancements. Technology has created endless wonders and there is still room for more.  Sharing is good, but with the help of tech growth, sharing has become easy.

The world has never experienced an era of such exponential technological changes. 2018 constantly experienced a rise of Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud-based Computing. Internet of Things (IoT) proved to be the core of technologies but the development of conversational platforms made it to the top of the list.

Another year has just begun and the world is expecting a technological mammoth of newer and improved technologies in the next 365 days. From great technologies like the Internet of “Everywhere” to printable organs, here are the predictions for 2019-

The Magic of AR-VR will Continue

technology trends 2019

Mobile app development is one of the biggest technological advancements since their inception. The world of Mobile apps has been growing leaps and bounds in terms of their functionalities to make life easier for the mob. Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) have eventually taken over the road to mobile app functionalities -be it be gaming, e-commerce or entertainment, AR-VR is steadily becoming the front-runner. The tech geeks are all set to weave more magic in the upcoming year by bringing these technologies into healthcare, B2C applications, education, and other endless directions. AR-VR technology is still in its infancy. The world has just scratched the surface of what AR-VR is capable of, so tighten your seat belts to witness these next-gen technologies on your phones, tablets and other gadgets.

1...2...3 and your Organ is Printed

3D modeling and printing have been the talk of the town by now. It’s time to bring 3D modeling & printing from the laboratories to real-time uses. Healthcare industry can make wonders from this cool piece of technology. Today, 3D “Bioprint” organ tissues (a process in which bio-ink is deposited to make cells in layers, resulting in living human tissues which can be used in the lab), has already become an integral part of our healthcare system. In the upcoming year, the techies and medical specialists are working to pave a way to “print human organs”, such as kidneys, livers, and hearts.

Going forward this breakthrough can be implemented in several other fields other than medicine and can bring about developments which we cannot fathom right now.


Supercomputing or Quantum computing as it’s named is one of the most worked upon technology researchers, governmental organizations and tech enthusiasts have been working on since long. The rat-race to build the world’s first fully functional quantum gadget is on. With spectacular computational features, a supercomputer will most likely be a cloud service than being an on-premise gadget. Tech giants like IBM are already providing cloud-based supercomputing services. This upcoming year will see an intensified competition among the tech leaders to get the supercomputer competency.

Instant Apps Will Hatch Out

span style=”font-weight: 400″>The tech industry is on the verge of a whole new paradigm. Apps are making it easy for the user to quickly navigate to the information they are seeking. In this league, “instant apps” are doing their bit. After their inception in 2016 by Google, they have become a techy favorite within no time.


In a layman’s language, instant apps are the native apps which the users don’t have to download in their phones. These apps are very small but they provide the basic functionalities of a website; Thereby delivering an amazing user experience without using any space in the user’s phone. Apart from being easy-to-use apps, these mobile solutions can easily be shared among your folks. Some major instant apps which the world looks up to are Red Bull TV, New York Times Crossword and Skyscanner.

It’s Time For Edgy IoT & Loads More


Tech Advancements 2019

Until last year, the major tech trends revolved around IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Edge. In 2019, they have merged into one because of the deep interconnection they have. IoT is growing at a tremendous momentum, this gives a drastic rise in the number of connected devices. This, in turn, is making way for the need for more space in order to capture and process the data. The ongoing concept of autonomous vehicles and smart cities have a negligible chance of being realized if the data is processed in the cloud. This leads to an inclination towards edge computing when it comes to choosing tech trend for 2019. Data and analytics cannot just be processed – they need to be processed in the real-time. Edge and cloud are not mutually unique, there surely is an interdependence. Therefore, this tech jargon like AI, IoT and Machine Learning may have a different definition, but they surely have a chain reaction that joins them all.

All the above tech trends will surely generate huge traction around the globe – Some of them promising to solve grave challenges and also enabling the efficiency in the work flowcharts. These trends also make a solid ground for an easy-to-live on ambiance.


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